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    Sumo and Sento-Themed Airbnb
  2. Gaijingai

    Wall of Boxes!

  3. Excellent article on Sokokurai.
  4. way off-topic, but an excellent read and old photos.
  5. Gaijingai

    Former rikishi activities Forrmer Osunaarashi makes his MMA debut. Full fight video.
  6. Gaijingai

    Oonokuni Discussion

    His cake/ cookbook is on in Japanese
  7. Gaijingai

    Spanish Flu in Japan 1918-1920

    First victims were three sumo wrestlers.
  9. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo
  10. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo

    May basho in doubt.
  11. Gaijingai

    Banzuke for Natsu(?) 2020 Banzuke reflections and interviews
  13. Gaijingai

    Too Fight Venues
  14. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo

    Great article with Moti Dichne and John Gunning giving comments.
  15. Gaijingai

    Manny Yarbrough v MMA Fighter

    Nicely edited video.
  16. Gaijingai

    Indian Movie Sumo’s-silver-screen-retired-wrestler-puts-comic-spin-on-japan’s-national-spo.html
  17. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo Another story.
  18. This is very off-topic, but a fun look with two videos of the gaijin who give the train announcements. i have a friend who used to be the voice of the Hong Kong transit system.
  20. Gaijingai

    New ozeki Asanoyama

    Thanks, John. I Enjoy Chris Gould’s comments.
  21. Gaijingai

    New ozeki Asanoyama
  22. Gaijingai

    Standing Tachiai? Let the debate begin!
  23. Gaijingai

    John Gunning Bio and Sumo Thoughts
  24. Gaijingai

    John Gunning Bio and Sumo Thoughts

  25. Basho review by Hiro Morita