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  1. Gaijingai

    Break the Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2017

    VERY fun and easy game! Okinoumi Aoiyama Osunaarashi
  2. Gaijingai

    Break the Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2017

    Sorry I'm last-minute. I'm up in New Hampshire in a snowstorm at an airbnb. Was speaking at a friend's funeral today. Hope my flight can take off tomorrow. Takayasu Tamawashi Daishomaru
  3. Gaijingai

    Idea for a new game

    I presume this is a daily game. I had thought of an East/West Game over a decade ago, but never had the automation skills to set it up. If the game has enough players, let's do it.
  4. Gaijingai

    Break the Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2017

    Interesting game. At first I thought the premise was a lot like The Maegashira Game. Reading through it, I like it and will play if it goes forward. This will only be sumo game #21 for me. :) And to think that my boss sees me coming to work thinking I am there to work for him. :) When do I have time???
  5. Gaijingai

    Sumo Game Banzuke !

    I suppose my reason for advancing more than others with a better record is due to my good looks. :)
  6. Gaijingai

    Help needed with Sumo pocket watch

    Hi Joe. If you are interested in selling it, I would be interested in buying it. I wear pocket watches. Haven't worn a wristwatch in 44 years. Best, Jeff Anderson
  7. I play about 20 games. Pre-basho it takes about 2 hours to sign up in all the games and enter the pre-basho games. Then daily it takes about an hour to enter least 15 minutes of that time is spent posting and commenting upon the Fighting Spirit Prize Standings in Bench Sumo. When I enter daily, I always start with Sekitori-toto. Before hitting the entry button, I print off the entry form. Then I have a torikumi to look at with head-to-heads to use for entering all the other games. I have a daily 4x6 piece of paper with all the games I enter on it. Each day I go down the written list, writing down my pre-basho standings so far, and checking off each daily game as I enter. I never miss an entry that way. Bench Sumo is by far the most enjoyable game. Due to registration problems, you will have to contact Jejima to get yourself registered for the game.
  8. Gaijingai

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    He got bullied at the heya and quit.
  9. Gaijingai

    Training question

    Several years ago Doreen Simmons would take me to many heyas for morning keiko. At one I saw an "assistant coach" pull aside a junior rikishi and show him proper technique on an arm throw. But that is the only time in all my heya visits that I saw instruction.. Always the oyakata sat there smoking, drinking coffee, and grunting instructions to the rikishi.
  10. No big loss for me missing Day 11. The real world intervened for me and I only had 90 minutes to enter all the games yesterday morning. Thus I missed three games as the real world intervened for the game masters who did not have their entry forms ready. Anyway, I would have entered Endo, who lost anyway. No crying in my beer for not entering.
  11. Gaijingai

    Rikishi Health Checks pics

    Buncha wimpy babies these rikishi. I've given blood 130 times to the Red Cross. Here's a hint - just look away when the needle goes in. :)
  12. Gaijingai


    It's a tremendous game and I thank you for running it!
  13. Don't be down on yourself. This is the second best sumo game there is. Bench Sumo is #1, so thank you for an excellent diversion every six weeks. And I know we all say a big THANK YOU for your hard work!
  14. I should have 182 points. I was at 164 going into day 15 and got an 18-point winner with Ikioi.
  15. Gaijingai


    Wow, that's a big drop I took for a simple 7-8! Was yaocho involved? :-)
  16. Gaijingai

    Natsu 2016 Masters

    Got a question. Why am I not listed as scoring and participating in the Natsu Masters list of over 100 rikishi? I played in something like 18 games.
  17. Sheesh, I Knew I was in a rush yesterday, but to have forgotten to enter the TUG is inexcusable! Riyo Ohta needs to get her cattle prod out!
  18. Excellent entry form! Thanks, Achiyama!
  19. The mighty Gaijingai steps forward to once again dominate! Er - please?
  20. Day 14 No brainer: Mitakeumi (Daieisho)
  21. Day 13 Let's go for the sure points instead of the iffy big score Kotoyuki (Tokushoryu)
  22. Day 12 Ichinojo (Kitataiki)
  23. Day 11 Kotoyuki (Takanoiwa)
  24. Day 10 Tochinoshin (Mitakeumi)
  25. Day 9 Myogiryu (Tamawashi)