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    John Tenta Story includes 34-year-old video interview!
  2. Gaijingai

    AR Sumo Game - Sort Of
  3. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo
  5. Hanakaze Turns 50. What Now?
  6. Wow! Another big change coming up for sumo?
  7. Gaijingai

    The History of the Best Rikishi of All Times (Video)

    This needs to be submitted to the sumo museum and have it keep going all day.
  8. Gaijingai

    What’s For Dinner Tonight?

    My wife made chicken tandoori and rice.
  9. Gaijingai

    Sumo Rikishi Were Thin Back In 1885

    With photo
  10. Gaijingai

    Foreigner with Japanese shusshin

    “Sumo is good to make money quick.” Riiiiight! Ask all the guys in Makushita and below who have been at it for several years.
  11. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo youce beard it all before
  12. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo john Gunning
  13. excellent video on what the rikishi are doing.
  14. Terunofuji
  15. Gaijingai

    Locating/Preserving Rare Sumo Vids?

    I won’t tell on anyone, despite the reward offered by Interpol.
  16. good story and video.
  17. Gaijingai

    Locating/Preserving Rare Sumo Vids?

    Can’t you save them by being a YouTube Premium member? That allows you to downloads them and save hem.
  19. Gaijingai

    3 Scary. Festivals excellent background!
  20. Gaijingai

    Fight of the Week Gaijingai
  21. Gaijingai

    New Casino Sumo Game

    And it looks like you have the advantage of losing everything right from your home!
  22. Gaijingai

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    Musashimaru. He always seemed to have a laid-back attitude and created no scandal nor, do I remember, being lectured by the YDC nor the NSK.
  23. Gaijingai

    This Day In Sumo History

    The picture is at the top; the story at the bottom.
  24. Gaijingai

    Corona and sumo

    Here’s the whole story