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  1. Day 6 Sadanoumi (Shohozan)
  2. Day 5 Shohozan (Myogiryu)
  3. Day 4 Sadanoumi (Kaisei)
  4. Day 3 Ichinojo (Aoiyama)
  5. Day 2 Tochinoshin (Ichinojo)
  6. Gaijingai

    Can anybody inform me of Osu's status?

    I posted an article about his health on the sumo listserve a couple weeks ago. He and his oyakata fully expect him to be back on the dohyo come March. It will be interesting if he stays in Makuuchi on the new banzuke. Go enter your best guess in Moti's Guess the Banzuke contest. :)
  7. I coinsider it an honor lose get pipped by someone with such sumo game credentials as Gernobono! The first Bench Sumo Yokozuna!
  8. Day 14 - Shohozan (Takayasu)
  9. I had coffee last week while I was in Japan with someone who is a big sumo fan. She postulates that Hakuho was giving away matches for sumo's popularity.
  10. Gaijingai

    New game offered: THE UNDERDOG GAME

    Now why didn't I think of this game? You bet I'm in! But I usually don't frequent the forum, so how can I play? Gaijingai
  11. Gaijingai

    I am looking for a match

    I am not sure if this is the match you want, but it was a playoff basho. I was there on Day 14 when Musoyama upset Takanohana in May 2001, injuring Takanohana's knee. The next day, day 15, Musashimaru and Takanohana met. Musashimaru did a "sort of henka", shifting aside at the tachiai and easily pushing a charging Takanohana down and out. It set up a playoff. Takanohana got a double mawashi grip on the back of Musashimaru's mawashi and backed him over the tawara. I really gained respect for Takanohana for that as his knee was really ripped up.
  12. Gaijingai

    Hawaii 5-0 Sumotori; DB question

    From Wikipedia: In March 1987, Tuli was recruited by former sekiwake Takamiyama, another Hawaiian, and joined Azumazeki stable, which Takamiyama had founded the previous year. He was given the sumo name of Takamishu. He was unbeaten in his first 14 official bouts, winning two consecutive yūshō or tournament championships. Weighing nearly 200 kg (440 lb), he was one of the largest wrestlers in sumo. In March 1988, he was promoted to the third highest makushita division, and became the first foreign born wrestler to ever win the championship in that division. In the same month, future yokozuna Akebono, also from Hawaii, joined Azumazeki stable. As the highest ranking wrestler in the stable, Takamishu was a mentor to Akebono and gave him advice on how to adjust to life in Japan.[1] In March 1989 Takamishu reached his highest ever rank of makushita 2, and even fought two bouts with elite jūryō ranked wrestlers. However, Takamishu was never to reach sekitori status himself. He did not compete in the following tournament, and retired from sumo in July 1989.
  13. Gaijingai

    Demise of Sumo Mailing List?

    Then get in touch with Joe Klemmer at He has a lot going on in his life right now that is not good, so it may be several days before you may hear from him. You may need to e-mail him 2 or 3 times. Ask how he is doing.
  14. Gaijingai

    Which are your fondest Sumo bouts?

    I was working in the Shibuya section of Tokyo in 1988. Above the Shibuya train station was a SONY Jumbotron - Huge! It was day 12 of the autumn basho. I was passing by after work and looked up. There about to start was Konishiki and Onokuni...two Ozeki's who were the largest men in sumo. At trhe tachiai I could almost see the Jumbotron move. Everyone in Hachiko Park stood still watching, entranced at the screen and the bout. When it ended 5 seconds later, it was like someone waved a magic wand and we all turned, came back to life, and walked on our ways. Gaijingai
  15. Gaijingai

    FINAL RotoSumo Standings (Natsu 2010)

    I see I am listed as 0-0-15. I had applied to kosho by pressing the Will Be Absent button. I hope I am not penailzed by dropping down the banzuke. Gaijingai
  16. Gaijingai

    Education Ministry punishes

    COme on, everyone! Look at the calendar! April Fools! Gaijingai
  17. Gaijingai

    Are there any Black Rikishi?

    Wasn't Sentoryu black?
  18. Gaijingai

    Sekitori-Toto commentary Haru 2009

    This is an oxymoron ... every one knows Gaijingai is the jun-yusho king! He must have been tied for yusho and lost the tiebreaker ;) (Not sure if Gai reads this so the trolling may be pointless ...) Hey - I resemble that remark! where's my cattle prod? ZAP!
  19. Gaijingai

    Haru Juryo Promotions

    Hey, this was the name of my adopted rikishi from Tokitsukaze-beya! About three years back he then changed it to Tokinoumi with a T. He retired last year after the beating death at the stable and allegedly was the prosecution's star witness in the trial of the three rikishi who did the beating. I'm proud of my boy and am glad that his name is going to live on. Gaijingai