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  1. arcus

    Asashoryu photo at gallery

    Asa, Kotooshu and Kaio in Central (Sukhe Bator) Square, Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Behind Chinggis Khan monument and government palace. (Sign of disapproval...)
  2. arcus

    Some more pictures

    These pictures taken from the Mongolian wall calendar (Laughing...) .
  3. arcus

    Some more pictures

    In 1992, six mongolian boys arrived in Japan. But three boys returned in Mongolia. Kyokushuzan, Kyokutenho and Kyokutenzan left in Japan. Mongolian pioneers. Oshima beya's wrestlers. Asa and future yokozuna Ama. Four mighty ozeki
  4. arcus

    Some more pictures

    Thanks, Fay! Kakuryu pics again! Kakuryu's Sandanme Yusho in 2004, Nagoya basho. He's juryo debut
  5. arcus

    Some more pictures

    Some Kakuryu pics. Enjoy!
  6. arcus

    Some more pictures

    No, I'm not. But I met his mother Purevbadam and interview with her. Some pictures placed Asa's school wall, some pictures took from Asa's teacher. And Mrs. Purevbadam gave me few pics.
  7. arcus

    Some more pictures

    Asashoryu working with PC. Asashoryu in his 8th graduate's memorial collage photo. This art is drew in whole wall of Asashoryu's old school. Asashoryu with Mongolian champion, brother Sumiyabazar. If any mistake in this post, please spell it (Sign of approval...) .
  8. arcus

    Some more pictures

    Thanks for all (Sign of approval...) . Some new pics. Four brothers. From left hand, clockwise: older brother Sugarragchaa, Sumyabazar (Mongolian national wrestling's champion), little brother Dagvadorj (future Yokozuna in Grand Ozumo (Clapping wildly...) ) and Serjbudee (Japan's K1's fighter. His ring name 'Blue Wolf'). Asashoryu and his classmates. Asashoryu with school friends. Asashoryu's family. His father is famous wrestler Dolgorsuren. His rank 'Elephant'.
  9. arcus

    Some more pictures

    Hi all (Clapping wildly...) . I'm from Mongolia. There is some Asashoryu pics (Clapping wildly...) . Asashoryu was a boyscout. Asashoryu and his beautifil wife Tamiraa. Asahoryu is dancing. Sorry, my English is very bad. I'm just beginner (Sign of approval...) .