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  1. Interesting. Chiganoura's Masutoo is similar. He can speak Japanese quite well now but writes only in katakana. You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to understand but when you are used to seeing Japanese written "normally" it can really throw you off. Every time I get an email from him I'm like a beginner again reading the message aloud from the keitai to understand it.

    Thanks for telling me about him. I googled around & checked him out last night.. he's cute! :-P I seem to have something for the cute ones.. (I am not worthy...)

    I'll keep my eye on him!!! I couldn't find any really decent photos to put on my computer but I'll keep looking (Sign of approval...)

  2. Ama: "Whee..this invisible tricycle you bought me for my birthday is way cool, Uncle Asa!!"

    Asa: "Sit straight, lest you fall and injure yourself!!"


    Thanks for always posting wonderful pictures! I LOVE the quote on this one. I was sure sad to see Ama fly off the dohyo but at least your quote gave me a little laugh here after the fact!

  3. there is a certain driver I hate who thinks he is the world.

    (Chucking salt...) Petter Solberg ?

    I love Petter! I work for his secretary! I even have a Subaru Legacy WRBlue "Rally Replica".. Petter... IS the world for me!!! (A brave rikishi...) (Sigh...) (Applauding...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...)

  4. Warm welcome aboard my fellow human being. It is of importance that you shall do a sphinx maneuve to treat your lower back. Thanks for the interesting info about Tochinoshin. I will now proceed by asking a question of social relationships between Kimurayama and Tochinoshin. They have ascended the ranks with similar pace in many ways and also were up there at high makushita at the same time. Also they have obviously done a lot of keiko with each other and now both are even in yusho race in juryo. What kind of dynamics there are in their relationship? Does Kimurayama teach him a lot of Japanese by talking with him and do they do the most intense keiko together? Of course now they also train with other Kasugano sekitori.

    My favourite Kasugano fellow is Tochiouzan ie Ozone or O3. Have you had interactions with him? He has had health problems with shoulder and lower back too but seems genkier now.

    Hi & thanks for the welcome!

    As for the relationship between Tochi and Kimurayama, they are quite good friends. Tochi enjoys teaching Kimurayama Georgian and Kimura teaches him Japanese though everyone in the heya has taught him & continue to do so as a joint effort! When they are together they seem to have a great time.. I think they do equal keiko among everyone there at least as I have watched in the past.

    As for Tochiozan, I haven't talked with him that much. I sat across from him once during a chanko lunch but was sitting next to Tochinonada and spent the entire time chatting him up. He's a pretty quiet fellow but seems to open up a bit more every time I see him. I like Ozan though, he's a cutie! I'm really impressed with his sumo this basho! I imagine he's pretty impressed with himself as well. I sure hope he can keep it up.

    As for Tochinoshin, I was happy for his win today. He's not going to back off even with his back pain, that isn't his style. All or nothing for him. I thought he looked a bit less in pain today but I was sorry to see the big scab on his nose.. You know... I just don't want anything at all to happen to him.. nobody is allowed to hurt my guy! However, knowing what back pain is about I just don't know how he does it. He's a strong guy! He did most of the Hatsubasho with a broken big toe and was in excruciating pain every day. Yet he pressed on!

    Then again at the one day tournament sponsored by Fuji TV in February, his toe was still broken, he had the flu and then had cold for that tournament and said something to me like "don't expect my Yusho!" So you can imagine my friend and I thinking "oh, we're only going to see his match once.. what a shame..." and then he made it through 4 matches. He may have been in pain and sick but he wasn't going to just give up either!

    Better get going it is again 0330 and I'm still up! I'm a true vampire because I love midnight time and I HATE mornings! (A brave rikishi...) I would say on average when it isn't a morning I've got work early I am going to bed when Tochi is waking up! (Chucking salt...)

  5. I just couldn't pretend something that wasn't.

    You must be a very strong lady, living in Japan thinking like that. (Applauding...)

    You make a good point.. maybe I am!!

    I do bow down a lot in Japan and play the games, I admit.. I'm not as strong as I appear!

    However, it is easier for foreigners to speak their minds and still stay in bounds as long as you don't go too far.

    The above race driver situation was easier maybe.. he's from Europe so I could be very American! (Applauding...)

    Now this "strong" lady has to go to bed to face all the little devils.. I mean Hoikuen (Kinder and pre-K) students in just 7 hours time.. The last devil dealings of the year (Help me...) and then a few weeks off from devil land!!! (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...)

    See everyone tomorrow night.. after the tax man!! Oh that is the real devil tomorrow!

  6. I thought Wakanoho looked pretty cool before that bout!!!

    He really looked like he could take Asa... I wished he had!!!

    I'm new here, don't want to offend anyone but I just can't stand Asashoryu at all!!!!!!

    What little respect I could have had left for him went out the window last Tuesday (Was it Tuesday?) when he gave that unneeded super shove after winning to show his strength! That really made me mad and kept me mad.. I think I'm still mad. How unsportsmanlike he is!!!

    I love World Rally Car racing too and there is a certain driver I hate who thinks he is the world. Arrogant as they come. Last October I came face to face with him. I didn't know what to say, I just said "hello" and I know he was shocked as I was the only person who wasn't fawning all over him. Even people I knew didn't like him got his autograph because he's famous. I just said hello and walked off. I just couldn't pretend something that wasn't.

  7. Thanks Harry, I do too!!

    I never knew what back pain was till this happened about 4 years ago..

    By the way, this is a funny story...

    I wrote a "congratulations & get well card" to Tochi when he had the flu after the Hatsubasho. I knew he couldn't read the English so I had a friend translate it. She got done, we thought we were cool.. mailed it off. He got it the next day (fast postal delivery since I only used regular post!) and he called me immediately.

    T: "Thanks for the card, what does it say?"

    ME: "I included a paper with Japanese.."

    T: "I can't read the kanji!"

    ME: "Duh! I forgot to only use kana..."

    Then I just told him everything that was in the card! My hoikuen students had sent him messages as did my elementary kids, etc.. that was long letter.. an hour later... I could have just called him originally I thought!

    When I talked to Okami-san last month she told me "Tochi really enjoys your letters even though he can't read them.." I thought that was good since I had felt pretty stupid with that last one!

    I just sent him a get well card in Osaka tonight and I was sure to only use kana!!! (Applauding...)

  8. Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome! (Applauding...)

    I'll try to share some insider info if I can... don't want to bounce any borders though...

    Let me share one thing with you... those boys will NOT give up their secret Miso recipe for their chanko... I've been trying over two years now. They have the most delicious miso paste and everyone's lips are sealed.. hmmmmm well that is fine!

    Tochinoshin refuses to learn English...YET! (Applauding...) Even though I started trying to learn some Georgian his reply was that we should just speak Japanese.. When I went to his promotion party Kimurayama asked me to teach him English... he suggested that he and Tochi should study together... Tochi's reply was to role his eyes and say "iranai..."

    To his credit though I understand, he's still trying to get the Japanese down and the Sumo and everything else. That's a lot for a young guy!!! But he's learned a few things.. (Applauding...)

    I'd also like to say that Oyakata & Okami-san are two of the kindest people in the world. Especially her, she is just the sweetest woman I've met!

    Oh, and for those of you who are not happy with Tochinoshin's lackluster performance the past few days, I'd like to let you know that he's lucky to be walking! The announcer said he was having back pain, which is an understatement! His back pain is excruciating! When we talked yesterday I could almost hear the pain in his voice! Trust me, he's trying to give you all the show you want to see... but he's doing the best he can right now. Please don't be disappointed!!!!! I'm really worried about him. I myself am suffering from my spring attack of my herniated disk and sciatica so I know back pain.. well two nights ago I prayed and asked God to take away Tochi's back pain.. the next morning I couldn't get out of my futon for three hours due to the extreme back pain. Well, you should be careful what you wish for.. I supposed he gave some of it to me!! (Applauding...)

    But I don't mind, if it would help Tochi I'd stay in bed till the basho was over and not move my back!

    I better get busy doing some reading so I can get to bed at a decent hour!!!

  9. Since I've been reading the forum for quite some time now and love Sumo as much as I do I figured I should sign up and maybe join some discussions when I have time. I was feeling guilty just dropping in as a guest!! (Shaking head...)

    Anyway just to introduce myself.. I'm Viki living in Saitama, north of Tokyo. I've been in Japan going on 19 years now and plan to retire here. Getting permanent residency some years ago helped that decision!

    Although I love Tochinoshin (have known him for awhile, long before he moved up to Juryo) I do have many other favorite guys. I am a member of Kasugano's Iruma Koenkai so I am behind the Kasugano boys 100% but I also love Ama, Baruto, Kotooshu, Kotomitsuki, Takamisakari, Goeido, Wakanoho & my bad boy Kisenosato. Not sure if he's so bad but he's got that intriguing bad boy look! (Applauding...)

    My favorite guys down the line a bit are Aran, Amuru, Gagamaru, Takanoyama & Tochinokuni.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone here! But for now... better get some sleep since it is 3:20am. Oh, Tochinoshin has a match in about 24 hours! (yes, recently he is the only thing on my mind.... (Neener, neener...) )

    Oyasuminasai..... :-(