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  1. Let's take Harumafuji during current Aki basho as an example. Watch all his bouts during current basho and count how many times he manages to hit with his head the face or chin of his opponent at the tachiai. In most martial art such head strikes are prohibited! Isn't it dangerous? Isn't it intended to hurt and even broke nose, chin or teeth of his opponents? (There are not mouth guards in sumo as far as I know) Isn't there high risk of brain or neck injury with such head strikes? Yet they are perfectly legal in sumo so yes it "isn't really like other contact sports", but it is definitely not more mild or something. Even more - such head-first tachi-ai is considered something to be respected.

    FWIW some do wear mouth guards.

  2. Just heard that Chiyonoshin will retire, that today was his last match... I didn't see any flowers though just some koenkai next to me... But it is official that Onoe beya Hamaoubu is retiring, already left the heya, but how long before it is announced so money keeps coming in....