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  1. Tanahashi will be out for quite some time I guess! He is in a hospital in Osaka because of the oyakata's connections but how lonely he is.... He said he will be in the hospital a long time! His heya mets can't go see him, his parents and friends are all in Gifu, so he has nobody! A side trip to Osaka on my way back home is not at all within my budget but I am thinking of it.....

  2. I was lucky enough to be out with him Wednesday night before his Goeido match. He seemed down about being zenpai however was all fun and smiles! He is not deliberately losing but he is of course above his current level.....

    The other problem I think is that there was too much celebration after the yusho until this basho started that he may not be rested enough, etc. the trip to Mongolia just After the basho and hasnt stopped yet. Everyone waned a chance to congratulate him! I think it's must be tiring!

  3. Tanahashi also had to be rolled off the dohyo and they made him hop half way down the Hanamichi! I have never seen such crap in professional sports! The wheelchair should have been at the dohyo in seconds but they want to get them out of the Hanamichi so the next match can go on! Crappy system!

    I will see if I can find out what is up with Takaisamu!

  4. Well, the word right now is Kyokushuho will probably be out for half a year... ???? A good friend of mine was having dinner with some of the oyakata tonight and that was the sad talk... would be nice if this wasn't the case.

    Tosayutaka is really in bad shape too. I misunderstood from the koenkai lady today, that he has already had surgery and still can't recover from it.. another surgery is an option but maybe not necessary. Was sad to see two fusenshos today!

    Lots of people get injured in Nagoya every year.. lets hope the rest of the basho stays injury free!!

  5. Kyokushuho's are is broken, I can't explain exactly but the elbow bone... So he is kyujo from today

    My friend went with him to the hospital last night!

    One more kyujo from today is tosayutaka! His knee is out.....he probably will have surgery! In a strange turn of events Kotoyuki gets the fusensho today after Kyokushuho got injured in the match with him yesterday. Some Oshima friends are really upset about that.....

    I hope we don't lose more juryo boys this basho.

  6. Actually the injury Chiyozakura got in the Basho was not his career ender, he suffered a broken neck in keiko later....

    Now here is a mystery, why has everyone in that heya just about had a broken neck at least once?

    Chiyoshuho and Mori recently as well.....

    I am really wondering what goes on there when I am not watching practice!