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    Got the e-mail from Tiberius on the boxing forum. No.I'm afraid I haven't been in any contact with Paul for a few months now.I have no idea what happened to him >Whether he's fallen ill or something else.
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    Really? Hmm. He doesn't look it. I guess it was just that physique that made Chiyonofuji look bigger. He was taller maybe? Well, if that's the case, I take it back. Maybe he can be a very consistent yusho contender without any added weight. Checking my, erm, sources, it says Haruama is one kg lighter than Chiyonofuji. But it could be out of date, and it really doesn't change your argument any. Harumafuji's calves and forearms are less muscled and more delicately boned than Chiyonofuji's.
  3. hidenohana

    YMY breaks Japanese rikishi weight record

    Has YMY expressed any desire to 'gambarize' and go for Konishiki's record? (Sign of disapproval...)
  4. hidenohana

    Doping tests to start!

    My understanding is that the wrestler do not get large with keiko,but rather with the vast amount of chanko nabe they take after practice.Steroids and human growth hormone help with the recovery after workout.You still need to train hard and have a proper diet,if you are to make proper use of these supplements.Steroids and HGH in fact,by reducing recovery time from a workout,allows a committed athlete to train with greater intensity and volume. Haha.Why would he say that? If he has nothing to hide,why would he question the reliability of a WADA approved laboratory.IMO he's definitely on something.With regards to these drugs sumo had a level playing field. If reports about the new strict testing is reliable,get ready for the kind of circumvention of these test you see in the modern Olympics.
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    New Bulgarian rikishi in Tagonoura beya

    Her's the English translation of the page from google. Surprisingly intelligible actually. http://translate.google.com/translate?prev...sl=bg&tl=en
  6. hidenohana

    Doping tests to start!

    ...... Following the full WADA regulations is apparently out, but the use of drugs with "muscle build-up effects" will be tested for and sanctioned. Furthermore, the plan is to put the suspension business into the hands of a 10-man commission to consist of one representative of each ichimon as well as 5 medical people, among them anti-doping prof Onishi and the head of the Kyokai's medical office Yoshida. At least that's the word now... (sigh) I don't see this as a good thing,personally.
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    Sumo Documentary on BBC Four 2 Apr 2009

    Yes.BBC 4 seem to be doing a japan season.There have been a couple of doumentaries concerning sumo wrestling.One involving the BRitish amateuir sumo contingent from 1992 and one concerning the hairdressers in sumo.Both are on iplayer.(only for UK viewers) http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b007b..._for_Wrestlers/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00jq..._Three_Big_Men/
  8. hidenohana

    Youtube users posting this basho's bouts

    I realise that. I assume they will last for the next couple of days at least. I guess it's not that hard to find them on youtube,anyway.... Besides,I'm supposing some people wanted a quick heads-up to the daily events in the basho. That was for them....
  9. hidenohana

    Quotes from Day 12 - Haru 2009

    Am I misreading this quote, or does it imply that people who do normally follow sumo think that yaocho exists? Yes the "even" in the quote seems slightly troubling. (Holiday feeling...)
  10. hidenohana

    Day 10 results and day 11 pairings

    Here are some of the matches http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o_FdwWzldc...re=channel_page Asashoryu-Harumafuji http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU2zMPqe1uc
  11. hidenohana

    Quotes from Day 2 - Haru 2009

    Are you being sarcastic,Jonosuke? :-O
  12. hidenohana

    Asashouryuu preparations- Haru 2009

    :-O Pics or it didn't happen! ;-) Didn't happen - yet. It was scheduled for 8th of March. Ah..yes.Sorry. :-)
  13. hidenohana

    Asashouryuu preparations- Haru 2009

    Not missing much,I guess....
  14. hidenohana

    Asashouryuu preparations- Haru 2009

    :-) Pics or it didn't happen! ;-)
  15. hidenohana

    Asashouryuu preparations- Haru 2009

    Looks like leg curls. 3 sets of 10 reps. That would make much more sense.I guess he feels he needs to strengthen his legs.
  16. hidenohana

    Asashouryuu preparations- Haru 2009

    160 pounds right???? :-) Do you have any idea what kind of feat a curl of 160 kilograms is? (Eh?)I've seen him doing hammer curls with a pair of 80 pound dumbells,which is impressive in itself. The leg press number sounds OK..... :-/
  17. hidenohana

    Run, Forest, run!

    Good luck! I did a half marathon 5 years ago,no training and finished about 1 hour 46 mins. I was never any good at getting down and training for these things but it didn't stop me running it. You're shi**ting me,Paul???!! :-O I mean wow! (Showing respect...)
  18. hidenohana

    Run, Forest, run!

    From where do the Japanese broadcasters get this insatiable appetite to see Chad fall repeatedly on his face? (Showing respect...)
  19. hidenohana

    Sleeping beauties

    Nice pic. (Showing respect...) Who's the rikishi? It's not Yamamotoyama,is it?
  20. hidenohana

    Run, Forest, run!

    I guess he's going to try to walk the distance. Still, with what seems to be a couple of months preparation this is a another very foolish enterprise on his part.
  21. hidenohana

    CNN stole my video!

    I don't think Kintamayama could sue them for infringement. Embedding a video on another website-like I just did-is not that far removed from a media outlet using the video in one of their broadcasts.
  22. hidenohana

    CNN stole my video!

    See for yourself...it's 2:00 into the clip. I've seen that video before.(Showing respect...) Video Did CNN ask for permission? (Showing respect...)
  23. hidenohana

    Reefer Madness engulfs Ozumo

    When in Rome......etc etc
  24. hidenohana

    Reefer Madness engulfs Ozumo

    And, of course, there is the possibility that he is addicted. Marijuana can be addictive, just like coffee, alcohol, sex and chocolate. I know a few people who cannot let a day go by without it. and when you are an addict, you don't really think too much. I'm learning about addictions, as they are directly touching my family at the moment. I believe they can be overcome with sufficient willpower. People do it all the time. And anybody in sumo who is currently addicted to marijuana needs to gather up the appropriate willpower in a serious hurry. (On a scientific note, recent research suggests that marijuana is one of the least addictive of the illegal drugs, and less addictive than alcohol or tobacco, which of course, are both legal.) I understand that Wakakirin had suffered a knee injury a few years ago.Maybe the marijuana helped ease the pain. (Sign of disapproval...) Maybe on one level I'm trying to excuse his stupidity.That is one possibility however....