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  1. kame

    Kaio retires

    I have a huge respect for Kaio, I'm so happy I got to see his rise to Ozeki and all his yusho. He's a pain enduring mountain and had the perfect body for Sumo.
  2. kame

    Kaio's new record

    (Sign of disapproval...)
  3. kame

    Kaio: first 0-15 ozeki?

    Nice prediction powers... You shouldn't have removed the original post, Peterao, let ppl have a smile.
  4. kame

    Futeno intai

    I'll just leave this here.
  5. The bulk of the oyakata running the NSK were active rikishi during the 70s, apparently a very productive era for yaocho. I don't agree you spot yaocho watching the hands. It's definitely the feet that tell the story.
  6. kame

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    Gachinko rikishi are much more prone to suffer injuries. As we've seen, yaocho lends itself beautifully to a safe flow and safe falls. It's not just the fact that a good chunk of the audience is getting cheated but it's awfully unfair to top makushita guys and gachinko sekitori. I bet yaocho suffered a transformation for the worse after the number of basho per year was changed to 6.
  7. kame

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    Not surprised by any of this. I just hope the makuuchi portion of yaocho doesn't get this kind of proof/exposure or Sumo as we know it is done. Still waiting for the sex scandal, though!
  8. kame

    Tosanoumi intai

    He had one the most brutal tachiai at his peak. He took every match seriously, evidenced by him drenched in pre-bout warm up sweat. A warrior.
  9. kame

    Gambling Scandal: Hidden Background

    Mr. Adelstein is as knowledgeable and measured a source as we're going to get. He was a serious crime reporter in Japan for a good number of years and Tokyo Vice has been very well received. Never mind this, please don't cover your ears, don't be blind, some stuff is just undeniable. There are threads, there are links, there are leaks, and leaks do not happen unintended. This story blew up in 2010 for a reason, do you think there wasn't gambling within the sumo world in the 90s? The 80s and 70s? Ha. I love sumo but I know there's a lot of goings on behind the curtain.
  10. kame

    NO live broadcast of Nagoya basho

    NHK is going with what its voting viewers decided, they want to save face by not siding with the Kyokai and this is a good way to do it. I would say the Japanese general public is sick with the way the Kyokai is run, led by a bunch of hypocrites.
  11. I really feel for old Tokitsuumi. He's been paying for other people's mistakes/crimes the past few years. He was such a clean rikishi, practically forced to retire after the haze killing to take over the heya, not at his prime for sure, but he was still in good shape and wanted to keep doing sumo. And now this...
  12. kame

    Have admitted publicly to baseball gambling

    Scott & I talked about this before and I agree with this idea!! Or if it made things less complicated give them kyujo half and half. half for the first 7 days and half for the 2nd week that way there are less torikumi complications! This looks like an idea, on paper. In real life it'd be brutal: pitting fresh, strong rikishi against others already beaten up from a week of bouts? :-(
  13. kame

    29 kyokai people admit to baseball gambling

    Yup. Open your eyes, people, of course they knew yakuza had to be involved at some point down the chain. Gambling is one of the main historical yakuza trades (specially on hanafuda, dice, baseball), and millions were being gambled, this is widely known in Japan. AFAIK, rikishi have keitai, play video games, have free access to the net, etc.
  14. kame

    The intriguing story of one gambler

    I thought the whole problem started when Kotomitsuki actually won big?
  15. kame

    Have admitted publicly to baseball gambling

    For me the only surprise came from the fact this was finally reported. Sumo ties with the yakuza are historical, they go way back, at least 55 years, and have been documented on and off. Considering the yakuza (and before them their bakuto roots) have controlled most forms of gambling in Japan for well over 200 years, it's not far fetched to assume they have been directly responsible for many match outcomes and forced some intai. In this matter, I don't fault the rikishi at all, this was a simple custom their elders partook in way before the media grew balls. Blame the media or Sumo's detachment from modern society.
  16. Too bad they only published the top 5 athletes in the age group breakdown. I haven't met a single Japanese person under 30 with the slightest interest in sumo for quite a few years.
  17. kame

    Kotooshu to undergo a surgery on his knee

    Thanks for taking the time to translate this info, Achiyama. Disregard the nitpicker, the mistake was neither funny nor did it cripple the meaning.
  18. kame


    Sad to see him go. So much fighting spirit, some might call his style scrappy but imagine Kaiho in a sumo world where the average weight is 120 kg... He would be a beast.
  19. kame


    Ha. That's awesome, grats! It was a nice piece, it showed good resources and they were actually very respectful towards you and the subject (they didn't give your Japanese any of that patronizing katakana jimaku, for example). (Sign of approval...)
  20. kame

    Day 9 Rikishi speakishi

    As usual, thankishi! Tenhou already has 1400 bouts... wow. Kaiou "tried too hard"? And then (off the dohyo too) he's all *nudge nudge* *wink wink* Baruto's ozeki material!
  21. kame

    Asashouryuu in Mongolia after intai

    I can't believe not a single Japanese journalist had even the basest of knowledge about the Mongolian language to even ask one simple question. I'm sure some of them have been over to Mongolia on several occasions (and/or had to interview Mongolian rikishi) and the rule of thumb for polite interviewing dictates some knowledge of the interviewee's native tongue goes a long way. Yes, Asashoryu was a jerk to them, but he proved a point and the journalists didn't do their job.
  22. kame

    Kaio's 100 makuuchi basho

    Thanks for this great post and the link. It puts Kaio's sumo longevity in perspective. He's gotta be the most respected rikishi within the sumo world, and with good reason, he's fought several generations of wrestlers, many of whom are oyakata now, and exchanged a good deal of rub-my-back matches with some of them (jk, I think). He seemed driven in that match vs Mainoumi, laying his fist down on the dohyo like he still does now and then.
  23. If they're as good as Asashoryu, yes please. If they're clowns on the dohyo like Wakanoho, no thanks.
  24. kame

    Ozumo - sport or not?

    Dozens of sports around the world began as rituals of some religion or other, but they were and still are considered sports. Take ulama, the most widely known Mesoamerican ballgame: in origin 100% religious ritual. Still played competitively today, still somewhat ceremonial. Hell, even in ancient times there was gambling too and not unlike sumo, had its own form of yaocho, and heads rolled (albeit literally). That's just one example, don't make me hit the internets for the rest... In the hundreds maybe? Fact: you can trace gestures in many sports to religious rituals. Yes, sumo has stood the test of time (relatively) unchanged and (relatively) more popular than most other such sports. Yes, it's more aesthetically pleasing than human sacrifice. And yes, you can consider some of its converts to be more fervent, specially on this forum, but a sport it remains in the eyes of other people. I'd pay good money to see the results of a poll: what do the rikishi have to say about this subject? Not the salaried sekitori, but the mute majority. Because I've already heard a few say it's just a sport, another way to make a living. Yes, Nishi, it's a lifestyle too. It can be a lifestyle, a sport, and a job without exploding.