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    Featured rikishi - Yamamotoyama

    5-2 for YMY in Haru 2008! Still not enough for juryo I think (he's in makushita 6), but maybe a KK in natsu basho will do the trick. I didn't see any of his bouts but it seems one of his wins was by kimetaoshi or arm barring force down. Here's the official description: kimetaoshi (arm barring force down) - The attacker will bar his opponent's arm or arms from the outside. He will than force the opponent down by throwing his weight into and on top of him. It is most often seen today after the opponent has a achieved a double inside grip. I would have like to have seen that one.
  2. Kakkerlek

    Featured rikishi - Yamamotoyama

    Yamamotoyama did bounce back! 7-0 and the makushita championship! I don't think that will boost him up to juryo, but he'll make a big leap up the banzuke from his current place at #58.