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    Harumafuji's blog

    I may go and do some backfilling but for the moment I thought I'd start with the senshuraku entry. Unfortunately it seems the pictures are iffy as usual. Senshuraku 千秋楽 January 25th, 2009 2009年1月 / 2009年01月25日 Thanks a lot for 15 days of support. 15日間応援ありがとうございました。 I'm a new ozeki so 8 wins is pathetic but it's really turned into a good lesson. 新大関として8勝はちょっとなさけないけど本当にいい勉強になりました。 From the first I've gone and fixed it. いちからやりなおします。 Ozumo is really hard. 相撲は本当にむずかしい。 But finally I held out to the end and got kachikoshi and that was really good. でも最後まで粘って勝ち越せたのはやっぱりよかったです。 It was a long 15 days. 長い15日間だった。 Today Asofuji won and it was really good! 今日安壮富士関勝ってよかったな! Here we are together with the anideshi, carrying his son. 兄弟子の息子のせなくんと一緒に。 Cute kid eh! 子供はかわいいなぁ So, today I drink! さあ、今日は飲むぞ!
  2. Harry

    21 Har Har 17, The Results

    1. A 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. B 9. B 10. X 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. A 15. B 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. B 21. A
  3. Harry

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2017 (12th Wave)

    Sd20e Daishoiwa
  4. Harry

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2017 (13th Wave)

    Jd36e Ezuka
  5. Harry

    Preparations of the Y/O - Haru 2017

    How did I miss that? Thanks. Slinking away for a bit...
  6. Harry

    Preparations of the Y/O - Haru 2017

    I'm pretty sure they will soldier on as always as long as they can but... I'm wanting to pick Goeido, I guess I will. Sounds like a better chance than Teru but of course once I pick Goeido it will be all over for him. Anyone know how Teru is coming along?
  7. Harry

    Preparations of the Y/O - Haru 2017

    So... who's more injured at this point, Goeido or Terunofuji? LOL, they're making it tough to make picks right now...
  8. Harry

    New tachi for yokozuna

    Thanks for confirming. And thanks. This second article helps it to make more sense to me.
  9. Harry

    New tachi for yokozuna

    I checked the original Japanese because I just couldn't believe it. Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist but... wow that sounds like a setup, doesn't it? The plan hatched in the middle of 2016 to get Kisenosato the best record and a yusho so he could become Yokozuna. Someone please tell me I'm crazy for thinking this.
  10. Harry

    New tachi for yokozuna

    Wait, what? How could they have met before the Nagoya basho in June of 2016 to begin preparations for a tachi for a man who would not become Yokozuna for another 6 months? What secret??? What? Saying "Gambara na akan" was enough for them to start on the sword for a possible future Yokozuna? Now that... now that sounds suspicious! Has this happened before? Is it common for ozeki to get tachi made ahead of time, just in case they get the rope?
  11. 31 and 10-5, that must be one of my best results. Cool! Thanks as always for running the game.
  12. Well, I start a new job next month which is good for me but... bad for my sumo trip. Not going to happen. Enjoy it, everyone! As for foreigners in box seats, it can be done! 4 or 3 of them plus 1 native worked well in the past. I always watched from the start of the day when you could pick any box you liked. We could usually sit in other nearby boxes until juryo, some days early in the basho or on weekdays we could use an extra box the whole day! However, on popular days people often arrived early to get their seats before makuuchi and we had to retreat to our own box. So it usually meant 1-2 hours of setting seiza, cross legged or in cozy seating arrangements, which can be fun if you're close friends or more... if some want to wander, meet&greet, take pictures from the aisles before being accosted, etc. then it helps as 3 in a box is generally fine as one person can stretch out while two sit seiza/cross and you can take turns stretching out.
  13. John going to do a group order for us? LOL
  14. Harry

    Rikishi check-up after Hatsu 2017

    This bit on Reddit contains the same thing I heard years ago, that he has diabetes and is in sumo mainly for the health insurance but I don't know if it is true or not.
  15. Harry

    The next Ozeki/Yokozuna

    What percentage of college guys flame out and leave sumo before they could get a kabu? Still a fairly high percentage I imagine, without knowing how to do a query like that. What do people who don't go to college do when they have to leave sumo? Only a few get high enough to stay in sumo for the rest of their lives and those that bow out are quite young, lots of years ahead of them. College should give you more options but if it means cutting short your true dream of doing well in sumo then it might not be worth it to get the degree and come in at makushita years late.
  16. I agree, I don't think Asashoryuu was going to stick around for much longer anyway. If he'd stuck around, a big if, then I think 1-2 yushos were those most he had. He wasn't that old but already Hakuho was dominating and this took Asashoryuu's heart out of it. He was already looking forward to other things.
  17. Harry

    Did these ozeki have yokozuna potential?

    Even with a shortened career I agree that Kaio should have got the rope. His long ozeki career was good too but I thought he deserved the promotion.
  18. Harry

    A gripping Tamawashi story

    You're just grasping at straws now.
  19. Harry

    PawnSums Sumo Questions Thread

    Rankings decided by committee? Where else have I seen this crazy notion? Oh right...
  20. Harry

    Rikishi extra activities

    Ohime sama dakko needs to become an official kimarite.
  21. A few uninvited guests at that wedding! They should have stayed for Kisenosato LOL Sorry if it was already mentioned, which sword was borrowed for this event? Will that one be used until the new one is available or will another be used during bashos?
  22. Harry

    Questions For Kintamayama

    Thanks! I did try to search for it, both here and on the web in general but my attempts failed completely. As I suspected they only bring out the furnishings with the bamboo insert to keep it held together.
  23. Harry

    Retirees after Hatsu 2017

    I'm not sure about the ordering there. He probably needs some weight and muscle to get some confidence but I assume he just can't eat enough. There must be something dense enough that he could eat to put some weight on! If not normal rikishi diet then have him eat a few buckets of ice cream a day if he has a sweet tooth, buckets of KFC, jars of peanut butter, something! As someone who overeats regularly I am perplexed by the inability of others to gain weight. But I digress... Perhaps if Hattori does go until he's 50, or let's say 30, his metabolism will change and he'll actually be able to put some weight on and muscle too if he actually trains. Or perhaps not. --- Completely separate I guess we really will see the Geek give sekiwake 10 wins a try.
  24. Harry

    Questions For Kintamayama

    A related (and possibly stupid) question if I may ask: Is there a blade in there or is it just furnishings? Even a dull iaito is dangerous. A real blade would require maintenance as well if it were an heirloom. If there is a real blade are there any pictures of them? Any pictures of them in general?