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    first time ever

    I played a sumo game for the first time on day one. I picked roto-sumo and bench sumo to play actually. 98 points in roto sumo. I don't know if that is good, but it seems pretty good to me. I won my first match(?) in bench sumo, I think? I don't really understand what is going on, but it's fun. I noticed one game in the links, called "salarycap sumo" which looks really interesting. I think I might try that next time. Probably nobody wants to hear about it, but i thought it is quite fun, and I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who run the games.
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    German TV: Asashoryu Documentary

    (Nodding yes...) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Me Too! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (Nodding yes...) hey, I think we might be related, where are you from?
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    Akebono these days

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    pronunciation question

    I know quite little about the subject, but I have always wondered about the whole "o", "Oh", "oo" & "ou" thing around here. Kaiou, reads to me pretty much like, say "Calliou" (the cartoon), or maybe Kai-oo, or even Kai-you. But as I have understood the pronunciation, it should be more like Kai-O, like in "gO" But, then a different one like Tosanoumi, seems a pretty good translation, because it sounds to me when spoken like Tosa-no-OOmi, as in "rOOt" Anyway, what's the deal with this spelling things that sound like "Oh" to read like "Ooooo..." (like "you") maybe that's just dragging up an old something that everyone else already talked about... anyway...
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    Mitsuko Nishiwaki (Kaio's wife)

    ok, I couldn't resist....but now I feel kinda bad....
  6. Iwagakki

    Mitsuko Nishiwaki (Kaio's wife)

    Marriage really changes a woman.....
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    New Juryo Masatsukasa-the secret is revealed..

    This is certainly one of the MOST idiotic aspects of sumo culture, right alongside with the women-on-the-dohyo issue. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I beg to differ. I for one would loathe to see these limitations lifted, for they contravene the austere and strict maintenance of sumo. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Strangely enough, "loathe" seems to pop up coincidentally near "Lucius Flavonious" an awful lot....
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    Is Sumoudou - Bushidou real?

    gee, that was longer than I expected. sorry
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    Is Sumoudou - Bushidou real?

    This is perhaps one of the loftiest, (and best) questions I have run across in my sumo adventures. In my limited perspective, I think this: Japan is a mixture of many ingredients. As much as some people make suggestions otherwise, I have always had the feeling that Japan itself is an assimilation machine. (In a good way, not the evil "Borg" slur that I have also heard a person or two fling about in my travels.) Back to the story...Japanese history is chock full of things that were adopted, adapted, and made "Japanese." Sumo is one of those things. The Japanese, at least by the contemporary definition of the name, did not invent hand to hand combat. Modern sumo must certainly have its deepest roots in other Asian models of hand to hand combat/sport. SSirum, and bayrildax (?) come to mind. China also has some evidence of a sumo-like sport dating back to before the earliest appearance of sumo in Japan. The anthropological view of Japan suggests that Japan is the result of a series of waves of colonization and conglomeration from all parts of Asia, particularly Mongolia, China, Russia and Korea. I would say maybe that Sumo is not necessarily a Japanese creation. Perhaps it came in a later wave of migration. Previous to the "samurai" era, Japan was really just a collection of territories, and was relatively un-sophisticated in its wars. Border disputes over specific tribal territories, mainly. I doubt the ideas of sumo-do entered into the minds of people at that point. Later on though in the times of the "Warring States" a spectacularly refined military machine started to develop. After a near miss by a predecessor, Tokugawa Ieyasu unified Japan and established the Shogunate system. That is what eventually set the stage for the descendancy of sumo as we know it. As I read it, once the country was unified, there was less reason to go to war. But there was not necessarily less need to defend the peace. So there was still a need for a military, and still a need to keep them well trained. Training in Hand to hand combat was certainly still necessary. Well over the generations, the memory of actual war faded, and the samurai became, uhhh, complacent. Hand to hand combat skills became less useful, less lethal, and less necessary to everyday survival. Perhaps Jiu-Jutsu is the closest we have to the previously necessary survival skills after 400 years of dulling. Jiu-jutsu distilled into Judo, and Judo distilled into an Olympic sport for points. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...) Sumo is a different thing. I wonder if there must be some kind of ritual "game" related to Judo that Sumo is founded in. I think Sumo is incredibly similar to a practice routine called Randori that we do in Judo. (No locks, not chokes, no strikes, just throws) Only much more intensely and heavily contested. I wonder if somewhere back in time, randori is a branch of specialization that eventually developed into sumo. Or perhaps, as I referred to earlier, Sumo is an import that was melded into a randori-type need and was specialized from there. Either way, Sumo evolved as something completely different. It did evolve from something resembling that point though, I am sure. Sumo was not a thing that would be useful in the company of the hardest, most lethal warriors in history. But several generations removed from that, and the ritual of sumo would be an evolved and refined connection to that time. So after the need to kill, but during the time to maintain the appearance of readiness, sumo could take root. I think that once it started to develop as a sporting contest, the rituals started to pile on. It is natural that way. I think there was a code of conduct among honorable warriors. Perhaps not as poetic as "The Art of War" would have us understand. But there was certainly a code of Samurai justice, so to speak. That code too, evolved after the unification, along side sumo. It began to serve a different purpose than battlefield control, just as sumo was also. It is natural that these two things would evolve together, intertwined. With less to do with sharpening the ability to kill in battle, and control the troops, and more to do with maintaining the ability to kill, and control the troops. Finally less to do with even that, and more to do with preserving the spirit of maintaining the ability... That's what sumo is in my opinion. But. That doesn't mean anything. What actually means something is that the spirit of the ability is still alive, and is harnessed for good. Does that make sense? I think sumo is to each man, what it needs to be. That is the real spirit of the warrior then isn't it? For Shiroikuma, I think that Sumo is all to do with the lofty questions about himself, his honor, his courage, his perseverance and his willingness to reach deep down, and examine his own heart. For Takanohana, the same. For some people, Sumo appears to be an entertainment, they like to watch powerful humans battle spectacularly. For some, it is a path to fame and fortune. It is a comfortable existence in some ways, to a man who works for it. For some it is a spiritual re-enactment of titans battling for light and dark, and it reminds them to take note of that struggle within themselves. For some people it is a meditation. It is a meditation on the past, on the present, and the future. Or maybe it is a meditation on the nature of our souls. Or maybe it is a meditation on the notions that struggle, loss and triumph are all within the man. That's basically what I think it is.... Not everyone agrees on what it all means. That is the true beauty of distilling something to it's purest form, from it's deepest roots. It is a room of requirement. It is what you need it to be.
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    "No Blondes Allowed"?

    I agree wholeheartedly with Kinta for details, a previous post
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    Who will break Asas Yusho streak?

    I think it will be this guy....
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    Miscellaneous Quotes IV

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    Where's the love?

    Where's the love??? Everywhere I turn, there's some argument going on...Kinta is a monstrous dictator, Zentoryu has no tact, Asashosakari is "THE HAMMER" blackmailing and just generally abusing the forum members? Really now. The only thing we need now is for me and Adachi to get into it about smoking or some such nonsense. Anyway, the comments have gotten a little snippy overall, and everyone seems to be on edge and quick to jump. That is exactly enough of that. No more. Well, on to something more interesting. My favorite sumo, Kaio. See, now there is something worth a smile don't you all think? Poor old Kaio, all beat up, decrepit and falling apart. But, he has a 10-3 at the moment. Even if it's been ugly, and lacking in style, you have to smile to think that he's still pulling it off, even in the pathetic condition he's been in for the last couple years. So Asa is human after all? hmmm. maybe not. He's just toying with us, to keep it interesting. Seriously. It isn't his athleticism, or his strength, or his speed that makes him so incredible. It is that he has sustained one of the longest runs of perfectly intense concentration, and mental power. That's all it is. The real talent he has in bundles over everyone else is that he is "in the zone" and he has reached the point where the game is all in his head. What's more, he has mastered the internal game like no other, and it shows. Unfortunately, there are cracks in his armor, for some reason. Not to take anything away from those that beat him, but he seems to be losing his grip on that state of mind. (just the tiniest, tiniest bit....but still) what got into Futeno? Good man. did I ever tell you that my wife knows him? He has gone to her school for the last several years, and did sumo with the kids, for the summer festival or something. She is the coach or PE teacher or something, and so she ends up hanging out with him and Kinkai-san sometimes. Some people.... (Laughing...) Anyway. It is good to see that he is doing ok at m-3. Maybe we can see him in sanyaku sometimes? That would be nice. He is a very nice person. Kotooshu is not bad, eh? He seems to be doing pretty good for such a gangly, scrawny, oafish....uh....I mean such a tall...uh... handsome fellow. ;-) No seriously. After watching him for the past year, I would not have expected such a good showing at this level. BUT, he sure does get it done, somehow, some way. I hope it doesn't go to his head (more). I am starting to respect old Tochiazuma a little more these days. He might be cut out for something a little gentler, really. He seems to break sort of easy. Another one that just keeps going, and getting it done. Talk about maximizing what you are dealt, I'd say. Unhappy to see Hakuho finding a seat on the injury bandwagon. He's too young, and too promising to be sucked into that black hole already. "fingers crossed" I always thought that Asashoryu stomped through that terrain so fast and so hard that he never had time to suffer the injuries that come from being in the meat grinder for more than a few bashos. By the time the meat grinder noticed him, he was already past it, and was the one doing the grinding. Well, that and he didn't have time to get plagued with worry over it. He just waltzed on through and was all of a sudden the top dog. No fretting over it, and missed chances. Hakuho, unfortunately, has now gotten caught by the toe,(or ankle, rather) in that grinder, and now he will have time to fret over it, and worrying about the missed promotion to Ozeki, and so on. Let's hope it doesn't get him by the short hairs. 10-ho's match with Kotonowaka, his reaction immediately afterward, and his subsequent comments, showed what kind of man he really is. Class, and substance there. It's a little hard to watch Iwaki-san struggle so futilely since he came back. I hope he wins just one more. Just so it isn't so futile. Showing emotion on the dohyo is poor form, whether it be 'Skary, and his little dance, or 'Zakura and his pounding the ground and snarling when he loses. It's just bad form. Same goes for that little outburst by Hakurozan. But that thing with Roho was a little bit more, for some reason. Oh, yeah, I think it was because he did it to Kaio. Not cool. Kaio might be my favorite, but even so, he deserves a lot of respect. As the saying goes "He's forgotten for about Sumo than Roho will ever know." For all the piss and vinegar that Asashoryu is full of, and all the looks and sparks that fly on the dohyo when he is around, even he just smiles and nods, then bows respectfully when he loses. He got dumped on his face, and it was close, but when it was decided he lost, Asa's face told the story. It said "I lost that Match, Fair enough." There was nothing in him that said, "He didn't win, I won" The game is inside for him, and he only sees it that way now. Quite graceful and elegant, isn't it? Roho and Hakurozan haven't reached that point yet. But maybe, I think, they will. It's all ok. They are entitled to feel however they feel about it. I think it would be nicer if they were graceful and elegant. Kokkai still doesn't seem to be fully in control of his body. Kind of impressed with Yoshikaze. Sort of a small guy. 176.5 cm, 129kg. His career record 54-15? moving up fast, I guess. Anyway. He is like a little pitbull or something. always on the offensive, always slamming away at the opponent with everything he's got. relentless too. I think he's going to do well for the next couple of basho's but he's too small to deal effectively with the upper maegashira, I think. Maybe I'm wrong though. He's not so much smaller than Chiyotaikai, Tochiazuma or Kakizoe, and they seem to do ok. Maybe he'll grow into it a bit. Wakanosato...something is changed. Hard to say, exactly, but he doesn't give off the same impression of being a very tame, chubby bunny rabbit, this basho. His whole bearing is changed to something more like... a very tame, chubby bunny rabbit...that might bite if you poke it with a stick a couple of times. It's the full moon, so everyone be careful. The jeebee's come out and make you do things you wouldn't normally do. Like argue with other members of the forum over small things, that are not worth as much as the friendships you break trying to get your point across.
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    Yoshikaze injured

    uh...wow <{POST_SNAPBACK}> oh, yeah, and darn it. I hope he's ok. looked like a twisted ankle.
  15. Iwagakki

    Yoshikaze injured

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    Day 12 pics Nagoya 2005

    Takanohana is thinking: "no way my butt was ever THAT big?"
  17. Iwagakki

    bob sapp

    mdn poll MDN's scientific research says that "the Beast" is the next yokozuna hmmmm which of you smart-alecks voted for him?
  18. Iwagakki

    European Sumo Manners

    Best thing I've read on sumoforum in a long time
  19. Iwagakki

    Futagoyama Oyakata

    Takanohana's behavior and attitude is really disgusting. Some example of dignity and honor he is turning out to be. Can't he even pretend to be a decent and civilized human being out of respect for his family, and their grief? Oh, that's right... Takanohana cares only for the kind respect that is so righteously his entitlement, not the kind of "simple" respect for other people that he is supposedly the embodiment of.
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    Akebono first round opponent decided

    In an interesting side note, K-1 announced that they have signed a pack of Japanese schoolgirls to fight Akebono at the New Years Eve 2005 K-1 Dynamite show, in Tokyo.
  21. Iwagakki

    Akebono first round opponent decided

    in case anyone is still interested....
  22. Iwagakki


    and failed. I needed to shoot a score of 76 twice in a row to qualify, and I managed to shoot only 83 and 79. well, that is only the first attempt this season. hopefully I will manage it by fall time, and my (sort of)dream of being a golf pro in Japan will come true.
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    Japanese movies

    How about "Audition"? that kind of hurt my feelings. I was somewhat afraid of my wife for months after seeing it. my ankles hurt just thinking about it....
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    Akebono Anniversary

    I hope we are all around to say "12 years ago" "sigh" about Asashoryu, and Hakuho? and Takanohana III? and Kaio II? It's nice to know that there is always a next Yokozuna, and a next "Favorite Rikishi", just as it is bittersweet to think of our old favorites, and former Yokozuna
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    Going easy on Kaiou?

    Actually, I thought he looked ok. He met the tachiai of Iwakiyama head on, then started moving back. then when his back foot hit the bales, he did a really crisp bit of footwork, and turned it around quite well. He never looked off balance, to me anyway. a lot of the times he loses, especially on day one, I have noticed that his balance seemed to be totally gone. Anyway, I for one, thought he looked pretty good that match.