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    The legs have it

    Is this because the Mongolians tend to be smaller, and thus focus more on proper technique (being unable to rely as much on raw strength)? Or because Mongolian wrestling uses similar footwork? How can the difference be accounted for...? Kokkai is tall (but not too tall), heavy (but still with good speed), and strong as a bull (he could smash through a brick wall when his tachiai is on). He seems to lose all these advantages if his opponent can just take the initial blast. Not all deashi, I think, but that's a lot of it. I think the European guys don't have a lot of grounding in throwing sports. Judo, mainly. Boxing too. there's a lot of power in the legs of a boxer, and how they use their legs means more than how they use their arms, in a way. Ever wonder how an open hand can KO someone, like in that video we've been seeing lately. The power of that open hand came from the chain of events leading from the ball of the foot on up. By the time the hand made contact, it was a tsunami coming ashore. Maybe they do have it though, and I'm wrong. But Kokkai, especially, just doesn't seem to ever have firm grip on the ground when he is pushing. Mongolian wrestling is all about throwing, so they seem to come into sumo with a ton of traction for throws, like they have spikes on their feet and also a ton of torque already inherent in their core muscles. Asa was a Judo guy, wasn't he? His core strength is off the charts. I think his secret weapon is that he does about 10,000 russian twists and crunches a month. anyway, the Europeans are wicked strong physically, but none of them seem to have the core strength, or the sense of the dirt pressing them up into, and through, their techniques, the way the Mongolians do.
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    Early to bed and early to rise. Work like hell and advertise.

    I'm not so sure marketing/advertising is "good" work. Hasn't consumption for the sake of consumption gone far enough? I wonder if it has, in this country anyway. Marketing in particular has gotten almost predatory, I sometimes think. Capitalizing on people's insecurities or inabilities and stuff, didn't that used to be the domain of "low" products? now it is standard fare. I mean, fair marketing, or marketing that exposes a worthwhile product to a consuming public that can benefit is fine. But this insane Walmart marketing, where inferior and unnecessary products are marketed to a consumer who is filling a cultural and emotional void is predatory. And wrong. Not to mention the negative impact that predatory companies, (who trample basic human rights, and use vicious labor practices in countries where the people are desperate and poor enough to work in near slave conditions, ie china, indonesia ....) have on the human condition. So, maybe to market the inferior and unnecessary products that desperate people are forced to produce for consumers that don't need them, isn't such a valiant and noble calling. Fire at will.....
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    Asashoryu will go undefeated this Basho

    so, I guess the servers over at sherdog were too busy???
  4. Iwagakki


    boring basho? in fact, one of the most interesting basho in ages. Kaio is wicked strong, and showing his power. 7-0 with very good looking wins so far. Asashoryu is Asashoryu. It is boring that he's so good, and so dominant. I wish there were 4 yokozuna again. Chiyotaikai and Tochiazuma 6-1. Very nice that they are still in contact with the lead. Kokkai's problem is that most of his power is from his arms, rather than his legs, which makes his thrusts useless. Same old story. Osh will never look as powerful as a real ozeki. Ama has an identity crisis or something. He thinks he's Musashimaru. Maybe they have one of those funny mirrors in his room at the beya, so he thinks he's bigger than he really is? Futeno looks great. 3-4 isn't a good indicator of just how solid his sumo is so far. losses to the likes of Asashoryu and a surging Kotomitsuki aren't bad. Kotomitsuki looks like a whole different man. WOW!!! Roho's record doesn't show how good his sumo actually is either. His losses to yokozuna and ozeki's have been close. Homasho for yokozuna. Terao's boy is solid. Hakurozan looks like crap. Taking the express elevator, I suppose. Baruto seems ok, if a little cautious. Not total freak-power sumo, which is good. Discretion being what it is.... Kisenosato's loss to Roho is a little disturbing. I predict a long time Komosubi/Sekiwake regular, ala his stable mate. I miss Hakuho this basho. Stupid toe. I think Asashoryu is better than we know. I mean, he's like "sold his soul to the devil" good. Sumo is in an age where none of the contenders can seriously challenge his dominance. Hakuho is no rival to Asashoryu. none of the Ozeki's are. Perhaps for a basho, or a match one of them can beat him. But as for longer term than that? Not a chance. I can't envision any of the others in sumo having 2 in a row, or even 2 in a year. Maybe Asashoryu will have a bad cold, or something, and Hakuho can win a basho here and there. There just isn't that same sense of "DESTINY" with any other wrestler, that there is when Asashoryu steps on to the dohyo. Next year, Homasho and Asashoryu will be playing king of the hill with each other, on a pile of Ozeki's.
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    strange things day 2

    I noticed some things on day two. What is the deal with Osh? that was just foolish. Did anyone else notice Kisenosato's reaction after his loss? He jerked his arm away from Tochiazuma, quite dramatically and quite rudely. and hardly bowed at all. lame (Annoyed...) bad form. surly boy has some karma headed his way... What was going on between Asashoryu and Futeno? good match, bad ending.
  6. Iwagakki

    Day 2 results and day 3 pairings

    I agree - they've all shown strong sumo, it's really been a while since I had strong hopes for so many of our Ozeki in a single basho. Kaio's win today, arguably, was maybe more of a slipup from Kokkai, but we've seen Kaio pull this kind of win before. His victory yesterday, against Iwakiyama, was quite nice to watch... Kaio seemed rather disappointed by the win today. he kinda patted Kokkai on the back, and had this kind of "sorry, man...." look on his face right after.
  7. Iwagakki

    Weights and sumo strats

    exactly the same height and weight as Ama. pretty much the same general shape too
  8. Iwagakki

    day one

    Kaio hasn't looked so good in years. Likely it was just because it was Iwakiyama, Kaio's favorite whipping boy, but Kaio looked strong, and the little bouncing around thing he did after the match was just like Kaio...8 years ago... Tochiazuma's throw of Ama was absolutely beautiful. There have rarely been such gorgeous throws in sumo. ;-) Kokkai looked ridiculous. Kotooshu made him look weak and impotent. Good for Kotooshu. Asofuji and Ami-chan both lost.... :'-( Kisenosato looks pretty good. rather good rhythm and flow. Asashoryu spun around like a tiger with a clothespin on his tail. That was bad-ass. (In a state of confusion...) Roho deserves a little respect after making Asashoryu look almost human...for about 1.5 seconds.... Takamisakari splattered salt everywhere, and went down hard on the corner of the dohyo. (Eh?) Ouch. That must have knocked the wind out of him, cuz he looked even weirder than usual after that. Baruto looked to be rather, uh....un-Baruto-like. I hope he's not too shaken up. The commentators talked about speed and Tosanoumi in the same sentence....really?....Actually that was a pretty nifty move to get behind Asofuji like that. Who put a quarter in Chiyotaikai????
  9. Iwagakki


    looks very strong. good legs. Anyone have the scouting report on him? He looks like a younger, lighter , stronger Tochiazuma. (hopefully, though not made of such brittle material) What's his game? pusher, thruster? throws? belt fighter? I haven't seen him in action, but I've heard a lot about him. j11 at 129.5kg/182 cm/20 years. seems a good foundation. Next year we will see him and Kissy battling for Ozeki.
  10. Iwagakki

    Mark Buckton is ATTACKING Le Monde du Sumo !

    Sorry, yeah, your right. I had it backwards. too early in the morning. The bold part is simply wrong, and I am astonished to see that from an artist. Here a quotation from Wikipedia: Because of the deliberate ambiguity of fair use, it is commonly misunderstood. Here are some of the more common misunderstandings with explanations of why they are wrong: * It's copyrighted, so it can't be fair use. Fair use describes conditions under which copyrighted material may be used without permission. If a work is not copyrighted, it's in the public domain and can legally be used without regard to fair use law. Fair use only applies to copyrighted material, exactly the other way than you are thinking.
  11. Iwagakki

    For the Finlanders out there

    You are? Me too.
  12. Iwagakki

    Mark Buckton is ATTACKING Le Monde du Sumo !

    Using other people's images without permission is theft. Fair use only applies to public domain images, which does not include images you lifted off other's websites. Any organization that owns the rights to the image could charge you a usage fee. That's how it works in real life. The internet isn't really so different.
  13. Iwagakki

    Hakuhou preparations Kyushu 2006

    Hakuho suffers from crossed stars, I think.
  14. Iwagakki

    Baruto's state/plans?

    I noticed Baruto fall strangely in his match against Chiyotaikai. Kind of a straight down, on one leg collapse. I thought it was a pretty dangerous way to take a fall. IIRC, his injury occurred when he went down the same way. If he doesn't learn how to fall, and right soon, his career is going to be very short. perhaps he just hasn't had any time to learn that yet, and now he will be forced to change his ways. Which reminds me, his "freak power" moves, like dead-lifting 150kg wrestlers, is going to catch up to him. Still, he's the most fun to watch.
  15. Iwagakki

    KaioU preparations for Kyushu 2006

    Kaio has lost a lot of weight around his hips in the last couple years.
  16. Iwagakki

    Kisenosato preparations- Kyushu 2006

    60? Really? that's amazing. I hope he does well this basho. Kissy is really starting to show his stuff lately, and even though he has mediocre records for the last couple basho's, he's not losing in a bad way too often. More just a lack of "dohyo savvy" than anything. He's still young, and he's got some time to mature and hit his peak. have to admire his work ethic, and his intensity, if nothing else.
  17. Iwagakki

    Japanese wife and mobylettes

    An excellent horror flick. Maybe TOO excellent. ;-) But all Japanese women can't be like that, right? ;-) Goddamn the Japanese horror movies are really out there to scar you for life. (In jonokuchi...) I saw that movie in the theatre with my wife, and really didn't expect it to be like THAT.... I slept with one eye open for 3 months after that. :-D
  18. Iwagakki

    Match fixing?!

    that made me snort out loud at work. Thanks Jak, I needed a laugh
  19. Iwagakki

    A different angle on Roho

    just a little fun, no harm intended
  20. Iwagakki

    Day 11 pics

    ...your wish is my command...
  21. Iwagakki

    Baruto in Makuuchi Version 2

    I think Baruto showed that he has enough sense to not stand in front of 'Taikai and get his face smashed in. If you ask me, (which nobody did) maybe it also shows that discretion is the better part of valor? Tochiazuma was having a fine basho until he decided to play the "punching bag" for 'Taikai.
  22. Iwagakki

    Day 8 pics Nagoya 2006

    Ama: ROFLMAO
  23. Iwagakki

    Extraordinary happening

    Don't I, as the Brigadier General of the Foreign Fans Gang Brigade, merit a mention? I feel left out. :'-( (Sign of approval)
  24. Iwagakki

    Extraordinary happening

    I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" last night, but this is much better. The plot twists are fantastic. The character development is top notch. All in all, a very good story. My only complaint is that the character played by Ossetian Yokozuna is too one dimensional. A bad guy is supposed to have more depth. However, Kintamayama again provides us with a fine performance as the antagonistic goodie-two-shoes that you mostly agree with, but who you can't help but want to throttle at some juncture. Quite a well developed character. I give it 4 stars.