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    Old news, probably

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    Akebono's next match

    I call putting novices up against experienced fighters "scripted" (Blinking...) I call having a lack of any kind of transparent/clearly defined ranking system "scripted" (Shaking head...) I call rules that favour kickboxers (under the guise of no-holds-barred fighting) "scripted" (Sigh...) I call the costumes, music, hype, mystery opponents, etc. "scripted" (Nodding yes...) But that's just me! :-D I'll feel much better when Santa comes (Christmas time...) I think "sideshow" is actually the word you are looking for. How anyone can, with a straight face, go from being the 64th Yokozuna (and not a bad Yokozuna either) to being that orange haired, classless oaf in such a short time is beyond me. I imagine his next career will be as a bearded fat lady.... True colors, maybe. After that "featurette" about him before the Bob Sapp fight I can only think of him as a lowlife. The Kyokai ought to put an asterisk next to his name....as in: Akebono Taro, 64th Yokozuna* *and future pathetic sideshow, and embarassment to anyone who knew him
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    Hakuho defeated Asashoryu!

    And... (Eating...) ...Hakuho took the kensho with his right hand.... (Neener, neener...)
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    Asashoryu 2001 vs Hakuho 2004

    As of today, Hakuho is better than Asashoryu was after day 11 of this basho in 2001. Oh, wait...after day 11 of this basho, Hakuho is... (Neener, neener...) ...maybe I won't go there.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    (Sign of approval) Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Whitney. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone else too. And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, which I assume most of you don't, I hope you have a really nice Thursday, too.
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    another off the deep end rant

    I just noticed a race accusation in one recent topic. And I thought I would toss in my two cents. That accusation is the most ridiculous, asinine, overly sensitive thing I have heard in a long time, and I would say it comes from someone with a fractured sensibility when it comes to things like racism. (Before I continue on this rant, let me just say this...I am an American Indian, and I grew up on an Indian reservation in Minnesota. Not one of the big time Casino/Indian type reservations, but an extremely poor one. Per capita, income was under $500 a month, unemployment historically ran upwards of 75%, drugs violence, alcoholism, and the like were rampant, and in fact, still are. The surrounding communities and cities, the state, and the federal government all had an institutional hand in creating this situation. For example, in the neighboring towns and cities, it was virtually taboo to hire an indian. People from my tribe had to travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from here to find work. The federal government has a laundry list of Acts, and laws and statutes which for many years prevented things from changing. And this was not in the "old days", when active genocide was considered normal. This was in the late 70's, 80's and 90's. Even somewhat today, though certainly not what it was like 10 years ago. I have grown up in a part of United States more akin to the 3rd world, than the American dream. I have watched oppression at it's finest. In many ways, even still, and in some pockets of this country, Indians are considered to be subhuman, below contempt. In some places Indians are considered to be a nuisance, and there are people calling, in this country, in 2004, for the eradication of indians altogether. Not just some crazy right wing militia people, or neo-Nazi types, but in fact, senators, congresspeople, governors. In this area, until not so long ago, Indians were considered to be the lowest rung of the social order of the country. Right under convicted felons and illegal immigrants. This, I might forward, gives me an unusual, but maybe useful perspective on race.) OK, where was I? Oh yes, asinine. The plain fact is that there are races. And there are members of those races that have biases toward members of other races. I do, and so does everyone else. It's true. In unfamiliar social situations, I might be slightly more likely to talk to another Indian first. Not always, of course, but maybe just a leaning that way. Another plain fact is that color is real. Like it or not. It is. As much as we aspire to claim "colorblindness" and all that new age, "I'm so compassionate, and egalitarian" type of stuff, the plain fact is that it's not real. Get used to it. People are so beautiful in their difference. The fact that I will never understand a damn thing about my Japanese wife, as long as we live, doesn't scare me, or make me resent the fact that I am not Japanese. It gives me a great deal of wonder that there are so many beliefs, and so many thoughts, and ideas, that I am just in awe of the beauty of it all. I once heard if we combined the thoughts, ideas, experience and insights of all the different people, all 7 billion of us,that we might approach something closer to the truth, but if we don't allow for difference, and embrace it, we will forever be stuck with our tiny fragment of it. Isn't that inspiring? Why try to impose ideas of about sameness, and non-race/non-difference on everyone, when the loss is so great. That doesn't automatically mean that its racism, though. I think that recognizing that someone is different than you is a great first step to equalizing races. And then acknowledging that their difference from you is OK is the great second step. Instead of trying to stir everyone into the same homogeniety, and wondering why the mix doesn't come out a nice light golden honey color, why can't we just think, "OK, so that dark skinned guy over there is different than me..." That is a perfectly appropriate thing to think. It is the utmost in degrading and dehumanizing to suggest that I am not dark skinned, and maybe even strange looking to some people. I know that when I am at my house in Japan, people are fascinated by my strangeness. But it's not offensive at all. It is in fact, quite the opposite. The fact that they are interested, and comfortable enough to confront my race, and difference in such a frontal way, is a very nice thing to me. In virtually every country I have been to, except the United States, it has been the same. In Europe, people were interested in my long hair, and my dark skin, and my bizarre, half-minnesota/half Ojibwe accent. But at least they had the decency to ask, and be interested. Same in Asia. Even in friggin' South Africa for god's sake. But not in the US. Here, people have the AUDACITY to claim racial sensitivity, and equality, and all that happy crap. But even while they are calling it all those things, they are looking out of the corners of their eyes, hemming and hawing about why they can't hire you, and not wanting their daughters to date you. Reality. But that isn't racism either. It's just a bunch of uninformed people, who don't like Indians, (you can fit any moniker, ethnic group, or race in place there) not racism. That is the racial bias of an individual, or small group of people. But there is a funny thing about racial bias, it pops up in funny places, like in that post that Cavewoman made about racism. If you ask me, she is the one who is being racist. Kind of a reverse racism thing going on there. It has been my personal experience that the person who is shouting "Racism" the loudest, is the one who is harboring the most racial bias and hate. In my case, I have noticed that, even though indians have been the victims of some pretty strong institutional racism, we often harbor a lot of anger about it, and it turns into a hatred of other races. I think, just because you are a member an oppressed minority, doesn't make you free of racial hatred. And that is the ugliest thing there is. If I were to say something like "I hate white people!!!" that is no less ugly and racially biased than if some white person said "They ought to shoot Indians on sight, and just get rid of them." Either way it goes, it's ugly. It's particularly ugly though, when it comes from someone who has been on the recieving end, and ought to know better. As for that ugly post, about racism for not liking Asashoryu, I think that is just twisted. Like I said, in my experience, I have never met anyone who is completely without a racial bias. But when someone starts slinging the racial accusations around, I would immediately think that the person is either harboring their own bias, against the person or people they are accusing, or even more strangely, against the very thing that they are "protecting" with the accusation. Using that post as an example: It could be that the person has a racially motivated bias against, say large Japanese men, and so anything that they do can be perceived as oppressive to, say, a foreign yokozuna. And the accusation would be directed at anyone who disagrees. On the other hand, it could be that the person holds an unrequited (for lack of a better word) racial bias against, say, foreign yokozunas in general, but is sort of unaware of it. And so the call of racism is more of a deflecting tool, in order to not have to examine or even acknowledge, that such a thing could exist. finally, it could be that the person lives in a fantasy that persons in this world don't exist in difference. It could be that difference in general is not acceptable to that person. So in a quixotic attempt to quell their fears, they bandy about words like equality, and colorblind. They make accusations of racism in any available direction. All the while, revealing their own racial tensions, to anyone with the vision to see it.
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    remaining matchups

    Wishful thinking maybe, I hope Kaio wins the rest of his, and Asa only loses to Kaio. The rest doesn't matter. In fact, that is a nice scenario. I'm picking it.
  8. Iwagakki

    Hakuho defeated Asashoryu!

    I agree. Maybe it wasn't a luck. But, Asa and Kaio were both miscalculated their timing and were way too much in hurry....and gave nice and easy fodder for Hakuho. They should've handled Hakuho like Tochiazuma handles his opponents. Low, firm, constant and "slow" moving gradual push. By the way, now Hakuho's biggest challenge would be Chyotaikai. Taikai's lighting fast slap and pull down is something he should try to avoid. Actually, it looked like Kaio came out HARD, and knocked Hakuho back a couple of feet at the tachiai. That was solid. Maybe too solid. What impressed me is that Hakuho didn't back down there, he got backed down, and he still held himself together, and won. He tried to hit hard too, but Kaio is really strong. In the match with Asa, he got backed up again, and was nearly done right away, but he kept it together, and did what needed to be done. Beating Asa by Okuridashi is nothing that anyone could call "dishonorable" sumo. He didn't bait him and then jump out of the way and watch Asa run himself out of the dohyo, he caught his hand, used balance and momentum to spin him off, and pushed him out from behind. That is just as much the essence of sumo as a crushing tachiai is. If Asa had done exactly the same move, we would be celebrating his agility and creativity right now. Beating Kaio by Yoritaoshi is nothing to turn your nose up at either. A "frontal crush out" speaks for itself. Beating Kaio by Yoritaoshi is something like beating Musashimaru by Tsuriotoshi. And oxymoron, almost. But, that's why it's impressive. Kaio is still my favorite, ever. But you have to give the devil his due...
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    2 of his wins he faced noone though - IIRC And he almost put a hand down in the first one.... just teasing (Punk rocker...)
  11. Iwagakki


    I still think he isn't the naturally best equipped guy for sumo. Everything he done, and has achieved, has been because he worked his butt off, not because he is a naturally gifted sumo wrestler. Like I said, he worked hard, and maximized what he does have. He wasn't born with it, I think. Ossetian Yokozuna...welcome to the board. My thoughts on Roho are that he is naturally gifted, and that he has a lot of skill. In my post, I made some unkind remarks, but only in fun. He is one of my favorites, and I am very impressed by him. I think he will struggle a bit until he grows into it, and puts on some weight. Not Akebono, type putting on weight, but at his height, he does need to gain another 20kg or so. Unless Kaio's lost his mind for the game though, Roho won't beat him. He isn't nearly as strong as Kaio, just yet. But, maybe he can pull it out. Either way, he will be there soon enough. I think 'Scary is "special". "Takami-Scary"....I like it. (Punk rocker...) Maybe Kokkai doesn't need any more weight. He's close to 160 already. Man, he is damn solid....Actually, I think it is a "leverage" thing for him. His center of gravity is too high, or something, so he seems to be susceptible to "coming under." Plus, his density center seems to be at about chest height, where some others is about hip level. His long legs and arms might be a detriment to him. I guess if he figures out how to use it to his advantage, he's fine. Don't see that he has, this basho. Not thinking Wakanosato always wins against lower, and loses against higher, at all. Sometimes he just inexplicably loses it, and looks like a tomato can himself later in the basho. Hope it doesn't happen.
  12. Iwagakki


    I'm hurt, I really am... :-/
  13. Iwagakki


    going off topic... Soccer. Football. It isn't that I dislike football, or that I think it's boring, necessarily. To be Honest, I just don't understand the attraction. It doesn't make any sense to me. Sorry. (I am not worthy...)
  14. Iwagakki

    Hakuho won!

    I was really quite disappointed when Kaio lost this one. But on further review, I think he has nothing to be ashamed of at all. That was a really good match. Hakuho just won, that's all. Kaio didn't do anything wrong, he just got bumped out of position for a split second by Hakuho, and went down. Great match. I am officially on the Hakuho bandwagon. And, just to poke a sleeping dog with a sharp stick.... Maybe I cannot comprehend the power of the Blue Dragon....But Hakuho can, and he scoffs at the power of the Blue Dragon.... (I am not worthy...) Have fun.....
  15. Iwagakki

    Kaio & losing streaks

    poor Kaio. I bet he has a lump in his throat that could choke a horse. He puts so much pressure on himself, and expects so much, that when he doesn't live up to it, he's devastated. Anyway, I hope he gets over it quickly, and gets on with winning the rest. He's beat everyone he has left before, so if he can keep his head, he can still do it.
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    The only thing worse than a bunch of irresponsible, spoiled rotten thugs, who are paid such an absurd amount of money to do something that ultimately, contributes so little to society, is a bunch of maniacal, and violent fans who take it so personally that they are willing to hurt anyone who doesn't conform to their psychotic ideas. And the only thing that is worse than a bunch of maniacal, and violent fans who take it so personally that they are willing to hurt anyone who doesn't conform to their psychotic ideas, is a bunch of irresponsible, spoiled rotten thugs who are paid such an absurd amount of money to do something that ultimately, contributes so little to society.
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    Most awsome kimarite you have seen?

    ipponzeoi that is
  18. Iwagakki

    Most awsome kimarite you have seen?

    That was last year at nagoya, I think Kaio did one against Musashimaru, (I think) which was pretty exciting, but I can't remember when.
  19. Iwagakki

    Toilets (Japanese and others too)

    Here's the thing about squatties...for me at least. I am slightly upwards of 105 kg, and to be honest, it's kinda hard on my knees to use them. on a side note, the one at our house in Japan, is what you might call "an old-fashioned" type. You, know, a hole in the floor, over a large, deep hole in the ground? Anyway, at my size, the sounds that the floor makes when I try to use it, pretty much makes it impossible to continue.... (No, no, no...)
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    Why you "DON'T" support Asashoryu

    I just happen to have both sticks, and dead horses for sale on my website... (In a state of confusion...)
  21. Iwagakki

    Why you "DON'T" support Asashoryu

    Not that I wish to contradict Otokonoyama. I do in fact agree that Asashoryu's behavior has in many instances, seemed to go directly against what he is supposed to aspire to as a yokozuna. I have been kind of on the fence about him. I like that he is, uhh, "assertive" on the dohyo, and that he is spectacularly talented. I dislike that I get the feeling he is in it for the money, or for some other, less than "pure" reason, occasionally. Revenge isn't a good color for a mawashi, I guess. But all in all, he seems to be a good guy overall. Not perfect, by any stretch, but pretty good. I think he didn't come up as a member of a sumo society, or as an "insider" of sorts in the sumo world. He started sumo as a somewhat fully developed person, from a different background than, say, Takanohana, who probably got a kesho-mawashi for his second birthday. None of that excuses Asashoryu's behavior, but then, he's just a guy, you know.
  22. Iwagakki

    Why you "DON'T" support Asashoryu

    Has there ever been a Yokozuna who fulfilled the requirements to perfection? I don't think, really there ever has been. Some drank, some were bossy, some had problems with women, some tended to get into fights. Some were "brainwashed" some were too passive....so on and so on. Maybe the real meaning behind this hinkaku thing is in the journey, not in the destination?
  23. Iwagakki

    Why you "DON'T" support Asashoryu

    seems kind of unfair to deny other members of the forum a conversation, or topic because you have already had the conversation. Maybe you should make a rule that only "senior" members should be allowed to start threads, since they would be the best informed about what has, or has not been talked about before.
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    Most awsome kimarite you have seen?

    nope, sorry it wasn't http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1513