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  1. Mikiro

    Video Stream - Natsu 12

    Thanks so much for your link and posting this for us.
  2. Mikiro

    Rikishi Talk - Day 13, Natsu 2012

    Thanks so much for your work throughout the basho, it really adds to the enjoyment.
  3. Mikiro

    Baruto Pic Gallery

    Thanks so much for your pictures during the basho.
  4. Mikiro

    Hatsu 2012 - Absences/Withdrawals/Returns

    Thanks so much for your postings during the basho.
  5. Mikiro

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 15 Hatsu Basho 2012

    Thanks so much for posting this for members.
  6. Mikiro

    Day 4 Pics - Hatsu 11

    Thanks so much for providing these wonderful pictures.
  7. Mikiro

    Rikishi Talk Day 3 Hatsu Basho 2011

    I oft think I need to thank you each time you provide Rikishi Talk for us. Without you doing this I would have exactly ZERO chance of ever knowing any of the information you provide. During any basho the first thing I look for on this wonderful website every day is Rikishi Talk.
  8. Mikiro

    Rikishi Talk Day 1 Hatsu Basho 2011

    Thanks so much for doing this for us.
  9. Mikiro

    Mrs. Kaio sez: "I'm an Urakata"

    I really appreciate your posting this interview.
  10. Mikiro

    Smoking rikishi

    Quitting smoking is way overrated, if we are going to be concerned about rikishi health maybe we should be encouraging them to quit drinking alcohol. It seems to me the biggest health problem in Sumo is diabetes and I am willing to bet consuming prodigious amounts of alcohol over the years of a career is a really bad idea and really aids in developing diabetes.
  11. Mikiro

    Mitoizumi yusho

    Thanks so much for finding and posting these.
  12. Mikiro

    Futabayama - lest we forget

    Thanks, I look forward to more.
  13. Mikiro

    Day 15 Pics - Kyu 10

    Thanks for these great photos.
  14. Mikiro

    Rikishi Talk Day 8 Kyushu Basho

    Thanks so much for your contributions to this forum.
  15. Mikiro

    Top 10 Rikishi to Challenge Hakuho?

    Thanks to both for posting the videos.