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  1. In this time of 'sumo uncertainty' (should be one word) and social isolation (the Japanese would abbreviate it 'soshiiso'?), I have been reviewing photographs and videos of recent Tokyo Sumo outings and started to load some of the videos on youTube. For Makunouchi, camera play ends after the opening ceremony as my attention is taken up entirely with sumo and serving myself sake. (The 'A' seat table is a gods sent!). In the earlier hours, I am enamored with the liturgical announcements of the yobidashi. As the Kokugikan fills up, the prebout declaration of the rikishi on each side becomes inaudible on the second floor over the hubbub of people serving sake to each other. But until the early afternoon, it is possible to hear the melody, cadence and vocal flourishes & ornamentation employed by the lowly dung beetles of Grand Sumo. To me, many of the yobidashi announcements have the feel of the Gregorian Latin Roman Catholic mass as it used to be sung/chanted by the celebrants. There are also the times when a surreptitious glance at a scrap of paper in their non-fan hand is necessary to remember the shikona they are about to announce to the crowd. If not discouraged, I will likely start uploading these soon. I thought I would start a thread and inform interested parties when I have uploaded new content. (If I am in the wrong section of the forum, I hope someone will swiftly notify me.) This lot is from 2015 Natsu Basho, when Asahisho was 'Big Salt'. (Although, this is like a light snow in an ukiyo-e print.) What happened to the beer lassies? I had hoped for tengu with casks of sake but I ordered a beer just to encourage the activity. Alas, I have not seen them since. Day 4 Ōsumo Natsu Basho 2015 Day 9 Day 13
  2. I'm going to soldier on for now with some photos from the 2016 Natsu Basho. It was Ura's sekitori debut. (day 3) Juryo West dohyo-iri. Ura with no knee wraps. For comparison, Ura's bout on day 9 of the last basho held before a live crowd (Hatsu 2020). Major knee bandages/supports. Followed by Yobidashi Hiromasa's announcement of the next bout (after consulting notes in his free hand). Day 3 Makunouchi West dohyo-iri. East Makuuchi Day 6 Makuuchi dohyo-iri Egyptian with Kintaro keshomawashi. When I look at Terunofuji's keshomawashi, I am reminded of the Ruler of Ankh-Morpork in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books whose family "coat of arms is a plain, simple sable shield, and therefore does not show up against the black coach in which Lord Vetinari travels – black on black". Day 11 The crowd and red tassle at 11:00 AM. 3 PM 4 PM Juryo dohyo-iri Makuuchi dohyo iri. Ura. I wonder if they all agreed on the color palette?
  3. Obana

    Day 4 pics overview Hatsu 2020

    A few pictures from day 4 of the 2020 Hatsu Basho. B seats (although shomen, which is good), so not my best effort. The last basho held before a crowd. East Juryo dohyo-iri; Sokokurai (in his last basho?) entering bottom left. East Juryo Dohyo-iri. West Makuuchi Dohyo-iri. East Makuuchi. A rare photo capturing everyone doing the "Y" of YMCA. (OK, Takakeisho is lagging a bit.)
  4. Obana

    Day 13 pics overview Hatsu 2020

    I realize my pilgrimage to Hatsu Basho this past January was the last basho held in front of a crowd. I thought I would post some pictures of the sekitori dohyo iri and the sell out crowd on day 13. East Juryo West Juryo Makuuchi East Makuuchi West The crowd. The crowd/Sadanoumi-Kaisei Sold out. The crowd/(eventual yusho winner) Tokushoryu-Yutakayama.
  5. Obana

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    I am disappointed in Hakuho's post bout swipe at Takarafuji. Not yokozuna like behavior.
  6. Obana

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2019

    I hope his nick name is "Tom".
  7. Obana

    Sumo Art

    I ran across a copy of the French cartoonist Zabo's Kamikaze". While the sumo situations are trite, I found myself smiling.
  8. Obana

    Banzuke for Aki 2019

    "Where have all the flowers gone?" (Cue Pete Seeger.) Since the middle of the 20th Century, there always seemed to be sekitori with the kanji for flower 花 (ka/hana) in their shikona. My sampling in the second half of the 20th Century was a bit sparse but in the mid-60's there were seven flowers in Makuuchi/Juryo. When Takanohana retired in Jan. 2003, it left only Tochinohana as a flower child. He fell to makushita for six basho (2004-3 to 2005-1) but climbed back to makuuchi before dropping to Juryo in 2007-7 and retiring in 2008-1. Since then, there have been no sekitori with flower in their shikona for 69 basho and since Terunohana changed his shikona for the Nagoya basho this year, the banzuke has been flowerless (all rikishi) for two basho. The flower is used in many Japanese mon (crests) and is a common theme in Japanese art. There is still Hanakago oyakata. And there are four oyakata who could give a worthy deshi their hana-shikona. I hope we don't have to wait long for a resurgence of shikona with flower. "If you go to Ryogoku, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."
  9. Obana

    Sumo goods

    A one off 'sumo goods'; not for sale. A bi-lingual dai-tenugui for Endo in the style of Robert Indiana.
  10. Obana

    Kokugikan specials for the Natsu basho

    Is there also a queue for the tote bags on the waso (Japanese clothing) days?
  11. Obana

    Sumo Art

    I have just updated my Sumo Graphics web page with Haru basho origami menko of the makuuchi rikishi. http://www.tommycrouch.com/sumo.htm
  12. Obana

    From Sumo to Puroresu

    From my father's hometown, St. Louis ... Sentoryu.
  13. Obana

    Rikishi extra activities

    TV Japan will be showing both Thermae Romae I & II at 2:30 PM (EDST) and 8:00 PM on Sat. 25th April. With English subtitles. An earlier post in this series mentioned that Fujiazuma is in the second in the series. The first movie makes me think of a Roman Max Danger caught in a Japanese bath house.
  14. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    Alaktorn > Thank you for the valuable tip. Here is a link to the Yoshitoshi print: http://imgur.com/BR8tUkF And here are three more female sumo pictures (the link is the third set on the page). Different but some of the same women as the postcard I posted. http://lenaambrose.tumblr.com/page/31
  15. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    土俵入 士力總出 渡米歸朝石山女角力 Here is a slightly larger scan http://i.imgur.com/BiG8Ok7.jpg
  16. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    The lantern slide of Umegatani's dohyo iri is the basis for Yoshitoshi's wood block print from the series, Kinsei jinbutsu shi (Lives of Modern People), a supplement of the Yamato shimbun published in 1887.
  17. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    A torikumi. larger image http://i.imgur.com/OQvBPk0.jpg
  18. Obana

    Historical Sumo

    I just purchased a scanner to scan many carousels of slides from my parent's home. The device was also able to scan a couple of sumo lantern slides that I received a number of years ago. The first is Yokozuna Umegatani's dohyo iri. larger image http://i.imgur.com/Ws3mhAN.jpg
  19. Obana

    Takanoyama Retires

    The sunglasses in his lapel pocket do not help the draping of the coat.
  20. Obana

    Masunoyama special

    Regarding the TV Japan broadcast: Is this the 4:15AM EDST/1:15AM PDST broadcast Sunday morning called "Dash! At home."?
  21. Obana

    Bout-length Haru 2014

    Day 1 bout durations 10 Satoyama (1-0) shitatehineri Kyokushuho (0-1) 2.4 Takanoiwa (1-0) oshitaoshi Kagamio (0-1) 8.4 Masunoyama (1-0) oshidashi Tenkaiho (0-1) 29.9 Azumaryu (1-0) kirikaeshi Jokoryu (0-1) 4 Chiyomaru (1-0) oshidashi Sadanofuji (0-1) 7.3 Osunaarashi (1-0) yorikiri Tokushoryu (0-1) 9.6 Terunofuji (1-0) kimedashi Myogiryu (0-1) 9 Kitataiki (1-0) uwatenage Gagamaru (0-1) 8.7 Kyokutenho (1-0) uwatenage Takarafuji (0-1) 4 Chiyotairyu (1-0) tsukidashi Toyohibiki (0-1) 6.2 Takekaze (1-0) okuridashi Aminishiki (0-1) 11 Chiyootori (1-0) hikiotoshi Aoiyama (0-1) 2.5 Ikioi (1-0) oshidashi Yoshikaze (0-1) 4.2 Tochiozan (1-0) yorikiri Takayasu (0-1) 6.2 Kotooshu (1-0) uwatenage Kaisei (0-1) 7.2 Goeido (1-0) uwatenage Tochinowaka (0-1) 18.6 Kisenosato (1-0) uwatenage Okinoumi (0-1) 9.8 Kotoshogiku (1-0) yorikiri Tamawashi (0-1) 4.5 Kakuryu (1-0) hatakikomi Endo (0-1) 5.2 Harumafuji (1-0) kubinage Toyonoshima (0-1) 4.5 Hakuho (1-0) oshidashi Shohozan (0-1)
  22. Obana

    Preparations of the masses Haru 2013

    I hope I don't get into trouble for a frivolous post. Ragarding my snack preparation for the upcoming basho, I found these at my local grocer's. Thanks to Kintaro who gave me the gyoji figurine. Makes them look even tastier!