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  1. Hakubobo


    Wie gehts? :-O
  2. Hakubobo


    It's not a real shikona... It just sounds funny.
  3. Hakubobo


    Holy cow! How many different meaning does it have? Hahaha!
  4. Hakubobo


    Comes up as an error.
  5. Hakubobo


    Two seperate computers but yeah, we share the internet.
  6. Hakubobo


    I wouldn't mind a more proper Shikona. Isn't there somebody here that gives people them?
  7. Hakubobo

    ...The most beautiful thing in the world

    That's pretty special. Congratulaions.
  8. Hakubobo


    I have no idea what Hakubobo means. ;-) Haku is from Hakuho and my name is Beau. So I thought, Hakubo but that's too plain. Hakubobo sounded better. I live in Melbourne.
  9. Hakubobo


    LOL! OKAY! Well thanks for the welcomes guys.
  10. Hakubobo

    Puroresu and Rikidozan story

    Interesting read. I did not know that. I'm a biggish fan of Puroresu. What's the movie called?
  11. Hakubobo

    PRIDE Disappears from Japan

    It has been known for a while that Pride were going to be discontinued. Even though I liked Pride very much this makes the UFC a lot more exciting as we get to see fights we may never have been able to see before. It's good to see K-1 get more well known fighters aswell.
  12. Hakubobo


    Hello everybody. I've been interested in sumo for a while now and I have been wanting to get into it for a good amount of time. I like to watch Sumo matches on YouTube before my brother downloads too much and I can no longer watch videos. I think it's a very exciting sport and I think it would be even more exciting to get into it ~ That's why I joined here. I live in Australia and I speak English goodly. I have read about sumo on Wikipedia and I have a fair understanding of things. Well, probably not but you guys can help me. ;-) Yeah~!