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  1. Ryunokaze

    Expected New Banzuke

    I have never understood this line, in this forum?... Doesn't the fun start after the Banzuke is posted?...
  2. Ryunokaze


    Mage has nothing to do with it. It's the size of your cock, and not the size of your hair, that counts... Trust me... P.S. I know.My post is in bad taste and should be banned or something,right?... Sumoforum,for the Puritans only...
  3. Ryunokaze

    Japanese Baseball in big trouble

    It's Baseball,so only two or three species/countries on Earth care... Basball is dull and is doomed!!!!...
  4. As the header implies...
  5. Ryunokaze

    What's wrong with Sumo these days?

    The biggest problem is that the Japanese know nothing and the gaijin know everything... Gaijin are so strong...
  6. Ryunokaze

    Japanese Language Acquisition

    Taiwhatever, Nice avatar... Pity it is not sharp...
  7. Ryunokaze

    Subscriber's surprise

    No doubt...It's a very poor publication,now. I hope somebody can pull it together,but I doubt Newton has enough respect or ability to pull a shoe-lace. Enjoy it while it lasts... P.S. I haven't received a single copy since December 1999.Nor have I received any explanation.I think that Newton has realized that the subscription money has dried-up.So now a issue or two has come out... Be skepetical(very)...
  8. Ryunokaze

    Asashouryuu goes on drunken spree

    Bloody hell...A drunk rikishi... Ignore/disregard everything,I say...
  9. Ryunokaze

    Manekineko -

    Haven't posts been deleted from this thread?... Come on...get some BALLS and BRAINS...
  10. Ryunokaze

    Homosexuality in Ozumo

    Oh come on! Don't be stupid... There is is a fairly constant number of homosexuals in all walks of life. In Sumo, and indeed Japan,it is not a big deal as people are not bound by Biblical ideals. You do or you don't, and nobody cares much,and why the fuck would you?... What a stupid waste of space(whoever started this thread should be ashamed).
  11. Ryunokaze

    I want out

    I am not surprised. The politics in this place suck. It's one shit fight after the other. People really think that this forum makes them something. What a great joke!!! The Sumo still goes on,though...
  12. Ryunokaze

    Kokkai interview - part three

    Jap's today are followers more than ever. I work with Japanese every day,except weekends,right! Most of my work friends know I am into sumo and only the relatively old except it.Most of my Japanese friends can not get their heads around the fact that I enjoy Sumo. They ask "don't you like Baseball and/or Soccer?" The young Jap's can not appreciate Sumo because they have been forced away from it all their lives.They do not think as individuals at all. If a school group goes to the Sumo on an excursion then they scream and yell but if you ask them after then most would say that they do not like it. They act and react as they are expected to; a bunch of robots, for the most. Young Japanese do not like Sumo at all.They are conditioned to think like this. To the young Japanese, Sumo is like synchronized swimming. So why would there be a strong Japanese wave about to crash upon Sumo's shore? For the most, only poor gaijin care enough to feed the lower ranks. ps This post is only for the impartial and if it isn't to late according to the twits who know.
  13. Ryunokaze

    Kokkai interview -part two

    In Australia we say "it's all Japanese to me". PS This post is only for the impartial.
  14. Ryunokaze

    Old topics

    Piss-off Asashosakari, like you had anything better to do with the ten minutes anyway... We are all able to discern old from new information.For buggery sake just scroll or tab to the end if you are in the least bit interested.Otherwise leave it alone. What is with this need to stop people posting ? It's all info even if YOU don't think so. The point of a forum is for as many people to contribute to as many topics as possible, isn't it? Post in any bloody thread from any bloody time you like and don't allow yourself to be muzzled. This isn't a club with tight entry, its a forum on the web for fuuck sake.
  15. Ryunokaze

    Manekineko -

    Sakari, Is that it.--That little piss-fart.--It's no wonder that you desire to keep it "clean",because you know, you just couldn't cut it if discussion turned to more serious matters. Let me point out why your posts above are pure drivel:You say that this place is private property and so anything goes.WRONG! Peoples rights are never negated by ownership and are the premise of the individual and not of a country as a whole.If this place where a country then which one would it be? Look into what Democracy really means before you post such guff,again. Your most recent post in relation to me seems to be building "straw men" and Freudian projection for the most part and there really isn't much there. In relation to this Mod thing--You didn't put your hand up because your delicate,populist character could barely handle the rejection,when it came. If your Australian friend says things like that , in front of you often,then he is probably trying to give you a hint--Get it! This "week old post" nonsense,is just that, nonsense.I can understand the etiquette if it was buried three pages back,but it wasn't.It was top page.Even so ,I strongly believe that if a person has an opinion and they wish to air it then pulling up a post from five years ago would be OK.I am sure you choose to have a different view on that.Until it suit you otherwise. Unfortunately,I see problems like we have on this forum,at times,all over the net.Probably 1 in 10 forums have more than their fair share of fascist like participants.I think it is sad and not in the least profound.--Hang on! My true thoughts do not suit your purpose,do they? Tis true that I do have a tendency to point out the obvious,though.--Your post here are pure crap(at the risk of repeating myself). You really think that you are some type of authority,here.In-fact,you are just a regular punter like the rest of us.Except you are more willing to try to bully and belittle others in some crazed hope of elevating your self. You really think this is some type of popularity contest.Grow up. Get over yourself...