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  1. ryafuji

    Sumo obituaries

    New York Times obituary here. Interesting bit of trivia that he was the first foreigner to win the makushita division yusho.
  2. ryafuji

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2024

    1. Hoshoryu 10-5 2. Kotozakura 11-4 3. Daiseizan MK 4. Wakaikari KK 5. Onosato 9-6 6. Haruyama MK 7. Tokihayate MK 8. Anosho KK 9. Takashoki KK TB 10
  3. ryafuji

    The Great Sandstorm- God of Sumo

    His self-styled moniker. An updated version of this article was on the front page of the New Jersey Star Ledger today and a picture of him wearing a hoodie with that nickname emblazoned on the back was inside the paper. Headline was "Clifton sumo wrestler takes on a heavy lift: Win over America."
  4. And yet Tamagaki has just been saying, "Nothing is decided yet...the number of people other heya can take on is limited." I'm confused.
  5. ryafuji

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2024

    1. Hoshoryu 8-7 2. Kotonowaka 12-3 3. Shirokuma KK 4. Oshoumi MK 5. Takerufuji KK 6. Daieisho 10-5 7. Daiseizan MK 8. Wakaikari KK 9. Onosato KK 10. Haruyama KK 11. Awanokuni MK 12. Tokihayate KK TB 14
  6. Wasn't Hakuho specifically warned to be on his best behaviour when the Magaki kabu was approved? I'm sure they will throw the book at both him and Hokuseiho. Obviously there must be no tolerance of bullying and yet I can't help feeling disappointed at a career wasted. I'm sure it will be intai for Hokuseiho.
  7. ryafuji

    World Championship Sumo

    Fairly decent article in the North Jersey regional paper The Record today, featuring an interview with Osunaarashi. Apparently he's been living in NJ with his wife and kids since 2021. Noah Goldman is promising more shows, including the Theater at Madison Square Garden on April 13.
  8. ryafuji

    World Championship Sumo

    I'm not that far from Newark so I might take myself along to the Prudential Center on the 18th. I don't normally follow the amateur scene (not that these events seem to have much connection to anything the USSF are doing) but if there was a chance to see ex-pros like Osunaarashi and Wakanoho I might be tempted.
  9. ryafuji

    Tate Gyoji retirement?

    I think I remember reading that wasn't always the case, and that you wouldn't be allowed to begin officiating in a tournament if you turned 65 during it. The current system seems much more fair.
  10. ryafuji

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Terunofuji very unconvincing. I hope it's just ring-rustiness and that he does have at least one more yusho in him, but it's not looking like it will be this tournament on that evidence.
  11. ryafuji

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Hatsu 2024

    1. Hoshoryu 11-4 2. Kotonowaka 9-6 3. Shirokuma KK 4. Oshoumi MK 5. Gonoyama MK 6. Takerufuji KK 7. Daieisho 8-7 8. Daiseizan MK 9. Atamifuji MK 10. Satorufuji KK 11. Wakaikari MK 12. Onosato KK TB 12
  12. ryafuji

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Maybe if Tamawashi does break the record he can have "most consecutive bouts" and Aobajo can keep "most matches without a withdrawal for any reason."
  13. ryafuji

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    For me the fact that the tournament went ahead and he withdrew from it is a fundamental difference. I just find it difficult to pretend that the fusen on Day 13 in July 2022 didn't happen.
  14. ryafuji

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Except that Aobajo's 1630 were actually consecutive, unlike Tamawashi who has sat out because of COVID protocols. Whatever the JSA have said it's still a massive asterisk for me.
  15. ryafuji

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    I thought he deserved a prize back in May as well. He won six in a row to go from 3-3 to 9-3 and was looking very good, although he only finished 9-6 in the end.
  16. ryafuji

    Videos Kyushu Basho 2023- Days 1-15

    First injured that knee back in November 2012, according to Wikipedia.
  17. ryafuji

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2023

    1. Hoshoryu 11-4 2. Kotonowaka 10-5 3. Roga KK 4. Takahashi MK 5. Oshoumi KK 6. Wakamotoharu 8-7 7. Gonoyama KK 8. Tomokaze KK 9. Tenshoho MK 10. Takerufuji KK 11. Kyokutaisei MK 12. Daieisho 13-2 13. Shishi KK 14. Daiseizan KK 15. Kotosato KK 16. Atamifuji MK 17. Kitanowaka MK  TB: 16
  18. ryafuji

    Terunofuji situation - Kyushu 2023

    Or it might be after this tournament.
  19. ryafuji

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    Yeah that really confused me for a moment... First time since November 2019 that there have been six demotions from makuuchi. Tomokaze was one of those going down then, this is his first tournament back.
  20. ryafuji

    New recruits Kyushu 2023

    The Musashigawa beya post says he graduated from high school this summer, so 18 presumably.
  21. ryafuji

    New Musashigawa Hawaiian

    Good luck to him. Hopefully he will have fewer injuries than his brother did.
  22. ryafuji

    Kimarite Statistics - 2023 Aki

    Midorifuji responsible for a quarter of all the katasukashi seen this tournament!
  23. ryafuji

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Kyokai English site also has Kumagaya? https://www.sumo.or.jp/EnSumoDataRikishi/profile/94
  24. I don't think that's necessarily true. If you make a lot of errors, you get passed over for promotion. They've managed without a Shonosuke for a long time now.
  25. I don't take much interest in who the gyoji are to be honest, but hasn't this Shikimori Insoke made rather a lot of high profile errors lately? Why would they reward him with a promotion?