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  1. Height requirements are also overlooked in some cases eg. if they have a certain level of attainment in university sumo.
  2. ryafuji

    Keiko mawashi stolen!!

    He's 5'5" (165cm). All the more remarkable that he kept fighting until he was nearly 47.
  3. ryafuji

    Rikishi identification

    @Kirinoumi I watched a lot of Hokutenyu's bouts in the 1980s and I'm almost certain that isn't him. It doesn't look anything like him to me.
  4. ryafuji

    Shikihide beya troubles

    The ties between heya within an ichimon are a lot looser than they used to be, I think. Maybe in the past the Dewanoumi ichimon would have intervened before things got out of hand, but that doesn't seem to happen these days.
  5. ryafuji

    Ex-Makuuchi rikishi Zaonishiki passes away

    Wakajishi may have gone through more but Zaonishiki was borrowing for over 30 years before he finally got hold of the Takekuma kabu. That must be a record.
  6. ryafuji

    Ex-Makuuchi rikishi Zaonishiki passes away

    There is a Sumo obituaries thread but it's not used that much. Most of the bigger names get their own thread.
  7. This was from last month, looking at 50 year-old Hanakaze, also features Ichinoya: http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13523950
  8. ryafuji

    Future basho schedule

    Also on the English JSA site.
  9. ryafuji

    Are Abi's days numbered?

    Gokushindo was actually the only rikishi who fit the "ex-sekitori, different heya, kyujo last basho, not Tomokaze" description that John Gunning gave earlier.
  10. ryafuji

    Terunofuji Watch

    @John Gunning called it: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2020/07/16/sumo/basho-reports/upcoming-july-basho-fascinating-unpredictable-affair/
  11. It's interesting to compare Hakuho with Kitanoumi as the cases are quite similar. Both put together extraordinary streaks of never missing a single bout as a yokozuna - 43 straight tournaments, Hakuho 46 tournaments, but their accumulated injuries finally caught up with them. I think both earned the right towards the end of their careers to sit out tournaments as they wished to avoid doing themselves any more damage.
  12. I think they would spare Ikioi and Nishikigi rather than overpromote Ichinoj┼Ź.
  13. ryafuji

    Are Abi's days numbered?

    I wonder if this will lead to an extra spot in makuuchi being available for the Aki banzuke.
  14. ryafuji

    Are Abi's days numbered?

    I think he would not hand them in unless he had been told he had no other option. The article says they will not be acted upon until the JSA meeting on the 6th, but clearly he had a good idea as to what the likely outcome of that meeting was.
  15. ryafuji

    Videos July 2020- All days

    I cannot access any of the videos in this thread and when I go to YouTube, of his 61 videos I can only see one. I guess the problem is at my end.
  16. ryafuji

    Lower division celebs results

    Glad to see Chiyonokuni back in juryo as he's had awfully bad luck with injuries.
  17. ryafuji

    Videos July 2020- All days

    Looks like all of SumoNatto's stuff has disappeared again.
  18. ryafuji

    Yokozuna Intai Photos

    Interesting. I wonder why, as in theory both Taiho and Kashiwado would have been available.
  19. Never been the same since his twin brother was kicked out. I'm sure that can't be coincidental.
  20. So Ikioi, Chiyomaru, Kotonowaka and Kotoyuki are down by the numbers. (Nishikigi survives because he's Nishikigi.) Meisei, Tobizaru and Kyokutaisei are relatively easy, but who gets the fourth? Hoshoryu?
  21. ryafuji

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Not using cheap moves like ashitori Seriously though, the ginosho is not just awarded to those who can pull off spectacular techniques, but those who do their "brand of sumo" (for want of a better phrase) most effectively. I've also heard it described as simply a more prestigious version of the kantosho.
  22. ryafuji

    Sansho July 2020

    Heh, didn't Kaisei make a quip about that when Tokushoryu won? I don't think beating the tournament winner counts if it's a maegashira.
  23. ryafuji

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    I think that embarrassing loss has killed any tsuna run for now.
  24. ryafuji

    Videos July 2020- All days

    I'd like to thank Kintamayama for keeping his videos to around 12 minutes as opposed to the 25 minutes of Sumonattu's for the same number of matches. Being with two young kids all day such time-saving is much appreciated!