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  1. Mainokaze

    How many do you know and follow ?

    I think how long someone's been following sumo, and how much coverage they get where they live plays a part in that. Any rikishi I know below Makuuchi are basically people who have been up in Makuuchi and fallen down to the lower ranks some time in the 7+ years I've been a fan. I don't get any sumo coverage at all here. Back when I first got into sumo, my sports channels squeezed all 15 days of the basho into a 30-60 minute show, basically only covering makuuchi bouts. Now-a-days I can't even find that, so my only source of info is NSK's stream and the forum. So you're definately not the only one who's blown away by how many rikishi in the lower ranks other forum members know. (I am not worthy...)
  2. Mainokaze


    Ama injured his left foot in his match with Kise on day 5. He has been favoring it strongly ever since. Ah, okay - I've only managed to watch about half the days' streams, so I completely missed that Ama had injured his foot previously.
  3. Mainokaze

    Unbelievable! What a night!

    Both Yokozuna losing? Been a long time since we've seen such an upset. I'm glad I stayed up to watch the stream! But, was it me, or were the shikiri really short tonight?
  4. Mainokaze


    Thought I'd hijack this thread instead of take up forum space with a new one. LOL I swear I only looked away for a moment - but I totally missed Ama and Asasekiryu's bout. But Ama looked like he was limping pretty badly. What happened?
  5. Mainokaze

    KaioU - dai-ozeki?

    Reaching Makuuchi in 4 basho, including winning Makushita Yusho twice in a row? 31 bashos ranked at Sekiwake or Komusubi? Winning 5 Shukun-sho, 4 Kanto-sho, and 4 Gino-sho? Let's also not forget that he was Jun-Yusho 3 other times during Makuuchi, and he won his one yusho during a basho both Takanohana and Akebono fought in. Some of the earliest Yokozuna only have one yusho, so I don't see how Musoyama only having one is a small achievement by any means. I guess Jakusotsu and Aderechelsea are right that he was a great rikishi, but didn't really prove himself a great ozeki. Still, he was one of my favorites when I first started watching Sumo. He did struggle during the end of his career - but really, what rikishi hasn't? (Chiyonofuji notwithstanding! :-) ) I think Jejima's got the best idea with 3 Yushos making a Dai-Ozeki, though. Without going by statistics like that, it all falls on personal opinion.
  6. Mainokaze

    KaioU - dai-ozeki?

    I think you should add Musoyama to that list as well. Though part of it was spent on the sekiwake and komsubi level, he was around in the upper ranks a long time, and was a strong opponent to those above him. (Holiday feeling...)
  7. Mainokaze

    Kaio: I'm going kyujo

    I haven't been able to watch the daily stream, and I've been worried about Kaio. This injury really seems to be affecting his performance this time. But I'm going to keep cheering him one, and hope he can turn his win number around. Thank-you for posting that statement from the beya for us, Fay! It's really awing to read. (Holiday feeling...)
  8. Mainokaze

    Summer Jungyo Notes

    Thank-you, everyone, for sharing the pics and updates. I was curious how the Jungyo was doing. (On the banzuke...)
  9. Mainokaze


    Thank-you again for the welcomes! Washuyama. you have to post those pics sometime! It sounds cute! (And tasty! (On the banzuke...) ) Kaiguma - thank-you for the link! I loved the pictures of the sumo wedding cake!
  10. Mainokaze

    Asa in hot water again?

    I'm really tired of reading the excuse that what Asa did was alright because it was for a charity event. I think the phrase "Two wrongs don't make a right." is appropriate here. It doesn't matter if it was for a charity event or not. He was injured, and excused himself from the jungyo. He should have excused himself from this event as well. Those defending him who say his injuries didn't stop him from playing soccer seem to be forgetting his back injury. Injured backs are painful! Running with one must have hurt, and a friend with a bad back said she's not surprised he fell trying to play soccer with such an injury. He probably made both injuries worse and lengthened the time needed for his recovery. His decision to do the event was bad both professionally and personally. He was injured and should have been recooperating, not participating in a sports event.
  11. Mainokaze


    Thank-you for the warm welcomes! Everyone's talking about the cake-decorating! Too bad there aren't enough sumo fans in my area to decorate a cake with rikishi or anything sumo-related, huh? If I ever get a chance to do one, I'll be sure to post pictures!
  12. Mainokaze

    Ozeki Promotion - Kotomitsuki

    Thank-you for sharing the pictures! I'm really glad Kotomitsuki won that promotion! This means I get to come back to sumo just in time to watch his first basho as ozeki. (Sign of disapproval...)
  13. Mainokaze


    Yah, I think I was still going under Mainomi the last time I posted on this board... Still, I was active in the Sumo Game and Seki-tori Toto until mid-late last year. And then I promptly disappeared off the face of the Sumo On-line world. Sorry about that. For those who've never heard of me (Which is probably most everybody), I've been a sumo fan since '97 - when I caught a piece of a tournament on ESPN. I'm a professional cake decorator by trade, and I live in the western US. I first participated in the Sumo Game and Seki-tori Toto as Mainomi, though I later changed my shikona to Mainokaze. (In an attempt to better my luck which failed. LOL) I've been absent from Sumo for a year - and WOW - I sure missed alot! Hello, everyone! (Sign of disapproval...)