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  1. Terunoumi

    Help with a banzuke

    Thank you very much for the very informative post, Buckton-san. I really appreciate it.
  2. Terunoumi

    Help with a banzuke

    Thank you very much for your post, Orion-san. From what you and kuroimori-san wrote it seems then that this particular banzuke was an offer to someone from Michinoku Oyakata, right? I have no intention of selling this banzuke, since banzukes are one of my collection ozumo items, but does that mean that this particular banzuke has added value, as compared to the regular banzukes? Would this be considered a special collector's item? Many thanks in advance, Terunoumi
  3. Terunoumi

    Help with a banzuke

    Thank you again, kuroimori-san.
  4. Terunoumi

    Help with a banzuke

    Thank you for the quick reply, kuroimori-san. Let me just ask you two more things: does that mean this was a banzuke issued to Michinoku beya? If so, does it add special value to this particular banzuke?
  5. Terunoumi

    Help with a banzuke

    Hello everybody, Since I don't speak, read or write Japanese I'd like to ask for your help regarding one annotation on a banzuke I came across. I think this is the banzuke from the 1999 Aki Basho (not sure, though) and the annotation is located on the right side of the banzuke. Can someone please tell me what this annotation is about? Is this some special type of banzuke? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Terunoumi

    First post

    Hello all. The purpose of this post is simply to gain permission to change my account settings. Sorry to disturb you.