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    Day 9 Pics - Aki 2007

    "Hey, you! In the fourth row with the chewing gum! I hope you brought enough for everyone!" Aminishiki poses for a manga panel, modelling both the standard smiley face and the sweatdrop.
  2. Kuroyama

    Rikishi Talk Day 9 Aki Basho 2007

    An old warhorse like Chiyotaikai knows exactly what the situation is even when he loses. This obviously has a lot to do with how he manages to stay on top even as he gets older. Nothing unexpected there, but I think it's pretty rare to see it illustrated so well with juxtaposed quotes like this.
  3. Kuroyama


    That was disappointing. It looked as though it had it and then his hand went down, for no reason I could see. He gave that one away.
  4. Kuroyama


    It's not easy to see nuances of expression on the streamer, but my impression was that Hakuho was perfectly impassive -- until after that big matta anyway -- that that Kisenosato was well and thoroughly intimidated almost from the start. It made me wonder if his refusal to actually get the bout going might have been genuine reluctance rather than tactics. I don't say that by way of excusing him, because that's not acceptable either. But as I said, it's hard to read faces with such a blocky picture. It was to watch sumo that finally pushed me over the edge and get broadband, but a clearer picture would be great. The trouble with the available options is that 1) I'm cheap; and 2) the English-language commentary gets on my nerves.
  5. Kuroyama


    I could be wrong, but it seemed to me that Hakuho has that shikiri stare working perfectly, and he had Kisenosato so ready to piss himself before the bout started that he couldn't get himself to move.
  6. Kuroyama

    Rikishi Talk Day 3 Aki Basho 2007

    fixed But "schooled" was correct. (or is this a suggestion?)
  7. Kuroyama

    The 97% of Ozumo

    It's the French. They can make dental floss sound sexy.
  8. Kuroyama

    Traditional Sumo Song

    They all have that chorus. Since the songs are usually composed for the occasion, if there's one in particular you have in mind you'll have to find out when it was performed.
  9. Kuroyama

    Sumo's origin as funerary game

    In cultures with some kind of "corn god" death and rebirth cycle -- yes. I don't know enough about Shinto to know if it's the case here.
  10. I have read in exactly one place of dubious reliability that under the name "suwu", sumo was first performed in Japan by the Chinese delegation to the funeral of Ingyō Tennō in the 400s. Might this be what Matsunami-san was referring to? Odd as it might seem to modern sensibilities, this would have been done as a mark of respect. For instance, in the Hellenic world it was customary for funeral games to be held during the observances for prominent, respected people as part of the religious ceremonies or to honor the athletic/military prowess of the deceased. This would have been something along the same lines, perhaps. But yeah, why no dohyo-iri from Hakuho at Kotozakura's funeral? It would seem the thing to have done.
  11. Kuroyama


    It wasn't until I looked Takanoyama up just now, having been put in mind of him by a mention in another thread, that I learned he's been in sumo for 6 years. I'd been assuming he hadn't been around all that long. To my relatively inexperienced eye his sumo seems at least as competent as more successful rikishi, as one might expect of a talented Western-style wrestler attracted to sumo. And he's still built like a Western-style wrestler, (who typically try to keep their weight down, not up) which means that regardless of technique he's so lightweight that he gets thrown all over the dohyo. How can someone live on a diet of chankonabe for 6 years and still be so small?
  12. Kuroyama

    Featured rikishi - Chiyotenzan

    But not, it seems, entirely undeserved. As the late, great Jimmy Durante put it, "Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down." You'd think sumotori would be conscious of this to some degree, since unless they make yokozuna they can always find themselves heading down.
  13. Kuroyama


    Hello Sumoforum! My name is Chris, and I'm rather a beginner to sumo but I'm enjoying it tremendously. I'd been attracted to the sport for a long time, but in the US information is not easy to come by, and after my initial interest I became too distracted by college and my own martial art (European-style fencing) to have much attention to spare for it. That was a very long time ago. Even after the Internet showed up I never even considered online sources for some reason until I happened upon some videos of recent sumo bouts on YouTube. That led me to look around, and the first place I found was... a certain other website. But I got into contact with Nishinoshima -- a name I recognized, since he'd posted many of the YouTube videos, and I've since been a customer of his -- and he gave me some links to a number of other places including this one. I've been lurking here ever since, and I have to thank all the local experts for their most informative posts. I've learned more here just from listening in than I ever could have somewhere else. At the moment I'm involved in a Wikipedia project to try to bring a semblance of order and credibility to the sumo-related articles there. As I'm very much not an expert and am still acquiring reference material (not reading Japanese is a hindrance) my contributions are mostly on the technical and editorial side. It's still a badly underpopulated project, in great need of people who know what they're talking about. So now that I'm posting I can actually ask a question when I want to know something instead of waiting for someone else to. Sweet!
  14. Kuroyama

    The worst pizza in the world

    This was a friend of mine who was taking an extended tour several months long through a number of Chinese provinces and Mongolia. As it's common wisdom that the versions of East Asian ethnic foods we get in the US isn't much like what's eaten in East Asia, he thought he'd see if the reverse was true. For this experiment he had to select a Western dish that he might reasonably expect to find represented just about anywhere, and pizza was his choice. So whenever he found himself in an urban center, he made an effort to sample the local pizza. Ulaanbataar had the worst of all of them. That which he was served there consisted of: A soggy flatbread Spread with tomato ketchup from a squeeze bottle Topped with Cheez Whiz, or the locally equivalent processed-cheese-food-in-a-spray-can Served cold. Neither mutton nor mayonnaise could have made it any worse, IMO.
  15. Kuroyama


    Isn't that what Mr. Roarke used to say on Fantasy Island when some guests arrived who were about to learn some particularly pithy life lessons? (Shaking head...)
  16. Kuroyama

    first reactions to Asa's suspension

    What a thread to start off with! I suppose I should post to the intro thread in a while, but I'm finally giving in to temptation on this one. Pity he was excused from jungyo for a physical injury then. It's plain that whatever "treatment" he's been getting in Mongolia hasn't been doing him much good. His elbow hasn't been getting any better from soaking it in a hot spring -- things which, by the way, Japan has in abundance. Most likely he needs surgery and proper physical therapy for it. If he was smart, he'd take the opportunity afforded him by his suspension and take care of it for a change instead of just soaking it in hot water. You can't say he hasn't been allowed ample time in Mongolia. He's there almost every time between basho. Lots of people have emotional problems yet are still able to keep their commitments and obligations. So he's emotionally stable enough to fight in honbasho for two weeks at a time in front of sometimes hostile crowds, but cannot stand around and be there for the fans. This is just a silly excuse. A truly "outgoing" person wouldn't mind it in the least, and nothing in a yokozuna's code of behavior prevents him having fun in public, or with the fans. (Hell, even the Tenno smiles in public these days.) Asashoryu lives in a strict routine? Asashoryu lives in a strict routine? How on earth do you expect to be taken seriously when you say things like that? He's the least restricted rikishi in all of sumo, both in terms of those restrictions traditionally imposed on his lifestyle, and in his personal behavior. He lives in his own house. He has a wife. He comes and goes from the heya more or less as he pleases. He makes a metric buttload of money -- maybe not an obscenely high amount in Japan or in America (especially for a top sports figure) but a very nice chunk of change in Mongolia, I think, and far above average in either Japan or America. I'm sorry, but as someone with genuine, serious problems in his life, I look at Asashoryu's "pressure" and laugh. If all I had to deal with was such pressure, I'd be a contented man. Somehow a lifestyle that no foreign yokozuna until how has had such a problem with, including the Americans, let alone the Japanese, and which shows no sign of bothering Hakuho any, is "inhumane". No. At the pinnacle of that sport is when you can say one is finally entitled to humane treatment for the first time. Below sekitori rank... now that's inhumane. Then he should stay home sick, not go work for someone else on that day. Any employer would be rightly aggrieved over such behavior. Then he should have been seeking proper medical treatment for it instead of placing himself in a situation where 1) he could easily have worsened his injury, and 2) was bound to cause a public scandal. Let's face it, the Kyokai could have handled the situation better, and Takasago-oyakata certainly made a mess of things, but Asashoryu isn't making the situation any better when it is very much in his power to. I don't dislike Asa. He's a great wrestler, and has a presence in the dohyo both for fighting and for the dohyo-iri that's awesome to see. No one wants this. But let's not pretend he's faultless here. Skipping out on a basho is serious enough, but doing that means that he's also depriving himself of possible rewards, so there's an element in doing that where it's not entirely self-serving. But in skipping the jungyo without, it appears, good reason, while appearing in an exhibition event for another sport in another country -- any thoughtful person would realize that the fans would take it personally. And no one around him has been doing him any good either. Incidentally, Mongolia may be a nice place to visit in many ways, but I have it from a reliable source that Ulaanbataar has the worst pizza in the world.