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  1. Kuroyama

    Banzuke for Aki 2019

    I've had my eye on Midorifuji ever since I saw him at keiko during my trip to watch the May 2017 basho, and I'm so glad that his hard work has come so close to paying off! Hope to see him in Juryo for November.
  2. Kuroyama

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    The database ("Sumo Reference" link on the forum's main page) has a list of kabu listing current occupants and owners. Kotoshogiku owns Hidenoyama, currently in use by Tenkaiho. I don't think anyone else on your list has a kabu, but they may have loaners lined up if they want to stay in the Kyokai. There does seem to be a vacant one available if anyone can grab it (Yamashina) but I don't know the politics of that one.
  3. Kuroyama

    Meiji era sumo on film

    You see that in a lot of sumo from around then, including what appear to be official basho. The entire dohyo was less well-packed. I suspect the change came with the construction of the first Kokugikan, moving competition indoors. The dust raised by fighting on a soft dirt surface would have become intolerable in short order.
  4. Kuroyama

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    His skill is not the issue. It pretty much never is with older rikishi.
  5. Kuroyama

    Ryogoku Area/Hotel Information

    I think it may be based on the type of room. I got one of their standard single rooms and none of them were non-smoking. Perhaps other types of rooms have non-smoking available.
  6. Kuroyama

    Ryogoku Area/Hotel Information

    I stayed at the Ryogoku View when I was there for the May basho a couple of years ago, and would recommend it. Here's my review on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/5QacxvdRj9Z59C3j7
  7. Kuroyama

    Silent Violence

    Roman has evidently withdrawn from the tournament. As a first guess, we may assume the NSK has been informed and is trying to keep it quiet for the duration of the basho.
  8. We can probably assume that incident has something to do with it, which would also tend to explain the lack of a normal kyujo announcement if they're trying to keep it quiet.
  9. Kuroyama

    Banzuke for Haru 2019

    Congratulations to Hattorizakura for his new career-high rank! After his victory last basho he has rocketed up to the stratospheric heights of Jonokuchi 15! Can he keep his streak going and get another win this time?
  10. Kuroyama

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    Fine, it's 20. Whatever. I was originally replying to speculation that it was 22-year-old Oju who was the victim. It's clear either way that he was not. Using 20, he's one the 3 rikishi in the heya not potentially the victim, not counting Sumidagawa himself.
  11. Kuroyama

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    Not anymore. https://www.japan-experience.com/to-know/visiting-japan/age-of-majority-in-japan-changed-to-18
  12. Kuroyama

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    Was the victim a "minor deshi" in the sense of being low-ranked, or in the sense of not yet a legal adult? If the latter, then there are three potential victims under age 18.
  13. Kuroyama

    Rikishi Status Hatsu 2019 - Final

    Yep. There was no doubt he'd been struggling with something.
  14. Kuroyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    The former, it seems. In January 1952, the 40th Yokozuna Azumafuji went kyujo on Day 8, then returned on Day 13 to beat the 41st Yokuzuna Chiyonoyama. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi_basho.aspx?r=3850&b=195201