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  1. Harumafuji scandal

    During the forum meetup you instigated for this past May, by the good offices of @rhyen I was able to observe one of the briefer basho-day keiko at Isegahama, and among the younger guys Midorifuji quoted here really impressed me for his work ethic and the energy he put in. He's a smaller rikishi, and no doubt he did benefit quite a bit from Harumafuji's experience doing "small man" sumo. I've been keeping an eye on him since and was happy to see he got his KK at Ms46 this time around -- an incremental improvement for him, since he was MK from the same rank a couple of basho ago. I hope this situation isn't going to derail his progress.
  2. Harumafuji scandal

    Memories are short, and the thread has scrolled all the way to the third page by now. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Harumafuji scandal

    I wonder if this was just the last straw for Harumafuji. Perhaps if he was sure he had a further 4-5 years at the top of sumo he might have fought any calls to retire. But despite his recent yusho, he's dealing with, at least, two painful elbows that have been severely hampering his sumo. His last performance was dismal. He may have felt that even if things worked out for the best and he was able to remain in sumo for now, retirement was on the horizon anyway. You know that Takanoiwa is Mongolian, right?
  4. Colonoscopy

    Oh dear. Well, at least you now have built-in flotation.
  5. Colonoscopy

    I don't know about terrifying, but you certainly don't want to be far from a toilet at any point that day. The aftermath is interesting. They pump you full of air so they have room to look around. Nothing is more satisfying than the post-colonoscopy fart. And since they squirt blue dye up there for contrast, so anything remaining red will stand out better -- this is why they want you to keep away from red-colored liquids while you're emptying out -- you'll poop blue for the next day or so.
  6. New Juryo for Hatsu 2018

    If it were chosen after "Aqua Team Hunger Force", that would be stupid.
  7. Harumafuji scandal

    According to the Doitsubase, Takanoiwa did upset Hakuho in January of this year, a basho in which Hakuho ultimately went 11-4 and which was won by Kisenosato. In fact, this was Hakuho's 3rd loss of the basho and it occurred on Day 14, so it handed the yusho to Kisenosato (13-1 at the time) rendering his own victory over Hakuho on Day 15 dramatic, but unnecessary. This was the only bout they fought. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query_bout.aspx?show_form=0&shikona1=Takanoiwa&shikona2=Hakuho Takanoiwa has fought Harumafuji twice, losing both times. Harumafuji had an additional fusen win against Takanoiwa in May. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query_bout.aspx?show_form=0&shikona1=Takanoiwa&shikona2=Harumafuji
  8. Harumafuji scandal

    It's moot now, but just what the hell are we looking at here? Those are staples, not stitches. Some of them are on top of the hair; I've never heard of hair being stapled into a wound. And just how is this consistent with the putative fracture at the base of his skull? Something's amiss here.
  9. YDC convenes-Kyushu 2017

    Or perhaps he understands the problem perfectly well and knows there's much less to it than meets the eye.
  10. Harumafuji scandal

    To whom? The NSK? Probably not, at least not without a lawsuit if they felt Takanohana was violating some bylaw or other by interfering with internal disciplinary proceedings.
  11. A fresh oyakata can't expect to be elected to rijicho right off the bat regardless. He will have at least a decade or so to develop an image and followers as an oyakata before he tosses his hat into that particular ring.
  12. Harumafuji scandal

    Kinda like... well, pus, actually.
  13. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Aminishiki is in tears after getting his KK.
  14. Harumafuji scandal

    The only shocking thing I've learned with absolute certainty from this thread is that Takanohana is the sort of man who would wear a fanny pack with a 3-piece suit. And that, I'm afraid, is unforgivable.
  15. I defy anyone to be the GOAT at anything, be acknowledged as such by thousands of people and the national press, and NOT develop an attitude that's at least a little dubious at least some of the time.