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  1. I would guess it has a lot to do with who does up their mage on the day of the measurement.
  2. Kuroyama

    A Wrestling question for you

    I'd suggest "fake" is the wrong word. @Randomitsuki 's "worked" is better. What you're seeing in a pro wrestling ring is really happening. What it is not (with the occasional rare exception; look up "shoot" in this context) is an actual competition. And these days, there's little pretense about it.
  3. Kuroyama

    Wall of Boxes!

    Just watch to the end. You won't regret it
  4. Kuroyama

    General Corona Banter

    http://www.siaarti.it/SiteAssets/News/COVID19 - documenti SIAARTI/SIAARTI - Covid19 - Raccomandazioni di etica clinica.pdf I do note that these are just recommendations and I can't find any confirmation that implementation has yet been necessary. (Clear confirmation, anyway. A few quotes in this article seem to imply that it's being done, but they might be hypotheticals that didn't come across properly in translation.) Let's hope it won't be. It still serves as a cautionary tale for the US, which has fewer hospital beds and doctors per capita than Italy, and where many communities are underserved with both.
  5. Kuroyama

    General Corona Banter

    It's worth noting that one reason this has hit Italy so hard is that they have an older population than the rest of Europe on average, also older than China. (Median age of population for China vs. Italy is 38.4 vs. 46.) The average age of Italian victims is 81, even given the high mortality rate. They also don't have China's flexibility to erect new facilities on an emergency basis, and don't have the industrial capacity to ramp up production of supplies as does China. The health care system in Italy is now in a state of collapse, and they're having to triage patients, frankly leaving many to die in favor of saving those who can be saved. This is also greatly increasing the mortality rate. Note too that even according to China, as of 20 February the mortality rate in Wuhan was 5.8%, much closer to Italy's. The 3.8% figure was nationwide. So to an extent, comparing mortality rates between the two countries is apples and oranges. Different populations, different situations. South Korea, which has been extremely proactive in testing and treatment, has a mortality rate of less than 1%.
  6. Kuroyama

    Corona and sumo

    From the article: I think we can now say, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that disease is not caused by evil spirits.
  7. Kuroyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Or maybe more injuries, without a nice, soft cushion of senior citizens to break their fall.
  8. Kuroyama

    Corona and sumo

    Would or should? Under the rules, if he has a fever and wanted to go kyujo he'd have to fake nothing. The fever alone would force his withdrawal, and it would not go undetected under the regimen they'll be using. He's more likely to take an antipyretic if he's doing well, the fever is truly mild, and wants to avoid kyujo at all costs.
  9. Kuroyama

    General Corona Banter

    There isn't really a question. The main difference between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu is that it's not a flu. Influenza is caused by a different sort of virus. As far as whether a global pandemic will result, it appears to be highly contagious in the same way a cold or flu might be and can be carried asymptomatically for a week or longer. Individuals can be spreading the disease well before they're aware they're infected. As we've seen in Wuhan, once it reaches a population it's capable of infecting numbers of people on an exponential trend. This is not inevitable, I think, and transmission can be substantially reduced by ordinary hygiene such as regular hand washing, but it would be foolish to pretend there's no risk.
  10. Kuroyama

    Corona and sumo

    It wouldn't. But they could hold a perfunctory basho at the Kokugikan with no audience and without the extra expense of an out-of-town venue, travel, and lodging.
  11. Kuroyama

    Sumo myths

    Given his size, he's still pretty mountainous. So Yama-moto-Yamamotoyama.
  12. Kuroyama

    Enho - predictions?

    Enho has been improving every basho. I would agree with the MK predictions if I expected him to stand still, but I don't. 9-6 in March.
  13. Kuroyama

    Sumo myths

    I'm sure most will recognize the ex-sekitori, but just in case, that's Yamamotoyama in his post-NSK career.
  14. Kuroyama

    Wakaichiro has retired

    I guess he saw no hope of making sekitori one day? I hope the experience was valuable for him, that he does well in the future.
  15. Kuroyama

    When does sumo end

    A chanko restaurant in New York?