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  1. During lock down, I picked up an old hobby again from my younger days: A collectible card game called Magic:the Gathering.  I played  back in the 90s and something made me dig out my footlocker full of old cards.  I was curious to find out the value of some of my cards and started going through them on a card pricing website.  I was amazed to find out many of these individual cards are mow worth hundreds of dollars.  I sold some to a local game store for $3500.  That has financed me getting back into it and going to the store every week to play.  It's kind of strange, though as I'm 30+ years older than anyone else there as this store is across the street from one of the biggest universities in the state.  

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  2. 4 hours ago, Saburo said:

    Dumb question but... when's the tsuna-uchi? Used to be the day after the JSA reps came to visit. Is it postponed due to Olympic fever?

    I was wondering that myself.  For some reason I have always enjoyed seeing the pictures/videos of current and retired Yokozuna teaching the newest member of the fraternity how to do the dohyo-iri.  The first one I remember seeing was Wakanohana I and Wajima teaching Wakanohana II back in 1978.

  3. 6 hours ago, sumojoann said:

    Araiwa (Cal Martin), the American former rikishi who has posted here on SF, was in the same heya as Wajima.  Araiwa hated Wajima but it was partly because Wajima was better at sumo than he was and Waima made it look easy.  However, Araiwa said that Wajima whined about every little thing.  I can't recall the details but one time it was about his own finger.  I think he had a small cut on it and made a big deal about it which disgusted Araiwa.

    Obviously, I have a different perspective than Araiwa, but I can honestly say I never missed watching a Makuuchi bout during my time in Japan. (I even quit playing little league baseball because practice was held between 4-6 pm and I refused to miss sumo.) I stand by my opinion, but it's just that: my opinion.  

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  4. 57 minutes ago, Yaochozuna said:

    Wajima possibly, from the footage I have seen

    I never thought of him as fierce but maybe that's because I always thought of Kitanoumi as the fierce one.   I considered Wajima as more mellow.

  5. I feel privileged to have witnessed a couple things this basho:  1) The reemergence of the greatest to ever don a mawashi and 2) (IMHO) the greatest comeback in professional sports history.  

    I would love to see Hakuho hang on for a few more basho in the hopes of witnessing the maturation of Yokozuna Terunofuji.  Also to see a few awesome yotsu battles between the two of them.  Unless Hakuho actually believes he can't beat Teru on the mawashi, I don't think we'll see the tactics he used here again.