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  1. Washuyama

    LA in 08

    I think the LA Sports Arena was where the Jungyo was held during 1976. Back then, a couple of LA Rams were put up against a Makushita rikishi. ( The Rams didn't fare so well). Yokozuna Wajima won the two day basho...
  2. Washuyama

    Win a Hakuho clearfile

    Ms59e... Either that or they think he'll be too successful in Makushita and promote him directly to J13w....
  3. Washuyama

    Ozumo Saikyo Ketteisen 2007

    Hakuho took the title in today's one-day tournament by defeating Roho by yorikiri in the final. In the useless knowledge department, Haukho was sporting a new brown mawashi while Miyabiyama was wearing a orangish-red one...
  4. Washuyama

    Ozumo Saikyo Ketteisen 2007

    That's lightyears ahead of what it does to Japanese texts. ;-) I know... I just loved the "fur coat" part.. :)
  5. Washuyama

    Ozumo Saikyo Ketteisen 2007

    You gotta love Babelfish... Here is their translation of the first paragraph: Yokodzuna Khakukho won the one-day tournament, organized on the fur coat of the Tokyo palace Of "kokugikana" by the association of bag together with the newspaper "To khoti simbun". After conquering in the finale of Russian phoenix Rokho, white phoenix earned 2,5 million yen (about 23 000 dollars). (I am not worthy...)
  6. Washuyama

    Tokitsukaze Beya History

    Trying to get this topic back to the original question... I don't have the knowledge to comment on early Tokitsukaze, however during the mid-70's and early-80's, when ex-Yutakayama was oyakata, they were one of the stronger heya. Stronger in this case meaning number of sekitori. Without doing alot of research, they commonly had 5 or more sekitori during this period. Solid sekitori like Kurama, Yutakayama (current Minato,) Oshio, Taniarashi, Ogata/Amanoyama, Oyutaka, even the recent ex-Tokitsukaze, Futatsuryu. They didn't have the stranglehold on the sanyaku ranks like Futagoyama(Wakanohana II, Takanohana I), Hanakago (Wajima, Kaiketsu), Mihogoseki(Kitanoumi, Masuiyama II), Dewanoumi (Mienoumi, Washuyama), Takasago (Asashio, Takamiyama) and Tatsunami (Asashikuni, Kurohimiyama). I really don't know what all of this means other than Tokitsukaze has been very good and building successful rikishi....
  7. Who, do you suppose, will make the final cut on Tokitsuumi's mage during the danpatsu?? :-)
  8. You're right... It was Eddie singing Billy... Then again I may have been thinking of Sgt. Schultz from "Hogan's Heroes" Sorry :-)
  9. Wasn't it Eddie Murphy who said: "Nuf-fing from nuf-fing leaves nuf-fing?" ;-)
  10. Washuyama

    A question about shikona

    I know prestigious shikona are "awarded" to deserving rikishi, but are there certain ones that will never be owned again because of their "greatness" (Kitanoumi, Taiho, Chiyonofuji, etc...?) I know we've discussed Mickey possibly taking the name Kotozakura, just wondering about the "big" names...
  11. You mentioned Azumazeki already has a successor lined up... Who?? Takamisakari, I'm guessing (?) Also, is Dejima (being former Ozeki) allowed to a jun-toshiyori? (3-yr)
  12. Washuyama

    Charity Sumo Tournament

    Does anyone have any info on the charity sumo tournament that is going to held Sat 6 Oct? I assume you will be able to buy tickets the actual day of the tourney, or would it be a pre-order only thing??? If any of you guys have been to these in years past and could share some info, it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Washuyama

    Charity Sumo Tournament

    Upon further review it was just his obi that had his name on it...
  14. Found this in the March 1976 issue of Sumo World... Current Oshima Oyakata... Just thought it was kinda on-topic..
  15. Washuyama

    Charity Sumo Tournament

    Actually that's where I saw it first... Just wanted to try and find a little more info before I spent two hours on the train only to find out it's sold out... (Shaking head...) Guess what?? I spent two hours on the train only to see a big "Sold Out" sign on the KK ticket window... :-O Oh well, I spent about 4 hours "rikishi spotting..." It was enjoyable in its own right. Except for the Asahi TV crew trying to interview every Makuuchi rikishi... I'm assuming over the Tokitsukaze issue. On another note, I thought I read on some thread rikishi don't usually wear yukata with their own name on it.. supposed to be in bad taste or something. Today Wakanoho had his own shikona emblazoned all over himself.
  16. Washuyama

    Charity Sumo Tournament

    Actually that's where I saw it first... Just wanted to try and find a little more info before I spent two hours on the train only to find out it's sold out... (In a state of confusion...)
  17. ... and in Tokitsukaze's case, his sumo wasn't even that good. I remember him when he was active... One of the largest in Makuuchi at the time... His sumo was what you would expect by looking at him now.... slow & sloppy... even less than mediocre.
  18. Wow.... After reading this thread, I'm kinda hungry... (Holiday feeling...)
  19. Washuyama


    He has very little strength and no mobility. The only thing he seems to have going for him is his mass. If he loses that, he will drop to jonokuchi like a rock. I was figuring if he could/would lose the weight, he would gain strength and mobility. I think at 400 lbs, he would still have the size advantage over 95% of his opponents. His sumo now reminds me a little of Konishiki's last couple years... Too big to win. In Sally's earlier years (150-200 lbs lighter) he was almost a Yokozuna. Not trying to draw too close a comparison between Sally and Orora, not even close. My point is there is such a thing as being too big. Lose the weight + increased keiko = better chance of success...
  20. Washuyama


    If what ilovesumo says is true (and I don't doubt you at all,) I must say he picked the right profession. What other career choice could someone of that size make? At least in sumo he's a giant among other giants.... I wish Kitanoumi would put him on a diet. I would like to see what he could do if he lost 100 pounds (or 100kg for that matter) ...
  21. Another thing to think about... If Tokitsukaze beya is dissolved, whether renamed or not, what will become of the Tokitsukaze Ichimon name? Will it go away as well or will one of the other heya in the group assume "command" of the ichimon?
  22. Washuyama

    Mage-less Ichihara

    Since we're talking hair, I thought this was interesting... found here: http://library.thinkquest.org/29486/chiyotaikai.html Ozeki Chiyotaikai as a youth practiced Karate, and was involved with a street gang. When he showed up on the steps of Kokone Beya with his hair dyed blond, Kokone Oyakata told him to come back when he was more suited for Sumo. A few minutes later, he came back with his head shaved. I've seen pics and video of those days. It wasn't just blond... It was a super mullet, Joe Dirt style...
  23. If those are the facts, it doesn't look too good for Tokitsukaze... I'm not an expert on Japanese law, but sounds like Involuntary Manslaughter along with Conspiracy...
  24. Washuyama

    Asa in hot water-thread 2

    Does anybody else think it's funny that the heading for the story is "Soccer." SOCCER Asashoryu says he is well again Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 07:09 EDT ULAN BATOR
  25. Washuyama

    Mage-less Ichihara

    As I turn back the mental clock, Nagaoka (current Takasago) was also mage-less upon Juryo debut. I can't remember but I still don't think he had one when he entered Makuuchi...