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  1. Washuyama

    Sumo or not Sumo?

    And never underestimate the scent of bintsuke!
  2. Washuyama

    Trivia bits

    Or 2024.
  3. Washuyama

    Trump coming to the basho

    As with most arguments involving politics/religion: opinions are like butt holes-everyone has one and they all stink.
  4. Washuyama

    Trump coming to the basho

    As an American, I was very proud to see my president involved in the sport I love! I just wish I was still in Japan to see it live.
  5. Washuyama

    Trivia bits

    Also July 1976 (Mienoumi, Kaiketsu & Daiju).
  6. Washuyama

    Ex-Kurohimeyama passes away

    A few... But the number shrinks all too often...
  7. Washuyama

    Ex-Kurohimeyama passes away

    Sad for me that the rikishi from my youth are passing away. "He-Me" beat all the Y/O in his day (even Taiho once) .
  8. Washuyama

    New recruits for Haru 2019

    I like this kid already!!
  9. Washuyama

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    And THAT caused a lot of controversy in this forum back then.
  10. Washuyama

    Kisenosato intai

    Such is sumo... Were it not for injuries, who's to say Kise would've even made it to Yokozuna? Yokozunas Baruto and Terunofuji would still be dominating!
  11. Washuyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Shhhhh.... Only 42 more to go!!
  12. Washuyama

    Lower-division Leaderboard Hatsu Basho 2019

    I sure wish the NSK would pair these two against each other. Seems like an intriguing match-up...
  13. Washuyama

    Yokozuna new tsuna

    The Dohyo-iri just doesn't look right to me when the yokozuna isn't wearing an oicho-mage.
  14. Washuyama

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2018

    Reminds me of the "Takamiyama-Tamakiyama" matchup back in the '70s.
  15. Washuyama

    Wajima in memoriam gallery

    Man, these brought back ALOT of memories of my childhood. I encourage you all to look up Wajima's bouts with Kitanoumi and Takanohana. I know I've seen a few on YT. They were always epic fights! On a personal note, I last saw Wajima a few years ago (at Baruto's Ozeki promotion party) and was too star-struck to go up and greet him. I just made eye contact from about 20 ft away and bowed in respect.
  16. Washuyama

    Oct 19 Final Jeopardy Question

    "A low center of gravity is a key to success in this sport with moves including gaburi-yori & uwate-dashinage" Anyone have any guesses on the answer??
  17. Washuyama

    Wajima passes.

    Very sad news. When I was a kid He was the king of sumo. This poster was on my wall back then: ( Not a great pic, but it has been folded away for 40+ years now)
  18. Washuyama

    Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    I was kind of hoping this thread was going to fade away....
  19. Washuyama

    Harumafuji danpatsushiki

    For those of us that are Nihon-go challenged, would someone be so kind to translate HMF message given on the dohyo when he was wearing his tux? Thanks in advance...
  20. Washuyama

    Day After pics overview Aki 2018

    "I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip hop..."
  21. Washuyama

    Videos Aki 2018 - Promo and Days 1-15

    Great (or old) minds think alike...
  22. Washuyama

    Videos Aki 2018 - Promo and Days 1-15

    Probably done as a congrats on Enho's Juryo kachi-koshi.
  23. Washuyama

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I would pay good money to see Gagamaru run through a buffet!