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  1. Washuyama

    2022 World Games

    Woo-Hoo!!! Finally I can get to see live sumo again. Never been a follower of amasumo, but since Birmingham is only a two-hour drive, I'll take what I can get!
  2. Washuyama

    What we do in our off-time

    BTW, a Black Lotus sold at auction, earlier this year, for $500,000.
  3. Washuyama

    What we do in our off-time

    No,but I did have a couple Gaea's Cradles which I didn't sell... My only regret is I didn't keep one of each of the cards I did sell. I wasn't planning on playing again, but going through all the old cards gave me "the itch" again.
  4. Washuyama

    What we do in our off-time

    During lock down, I picked up an old hobby again from my younger days: A collectible card game called Magic:the Gathering. I played back in the 90s and something made me dig out my footlocker full of old cards. I was curious to find out the value of some of my cards and started going through them on a card pricing website. I was amazed to find out many of these individual cards are mow worth hundreds of dollars. I sold some to a local game store for $3500. That has financed me getting back into it and going to the store every week to play. It's kind of strange, though as I'm 30+ years older than anyone else there as this store is across the street from one of the biggest universities in the state.
  5. Washuyama

    Tamanoumi pics overview

    I saw that too but figured since when the NHK announcers talk to/about him it sounds like they're saying Kitanoumi anyway. I guess they're interchangeable.
  6. Washuyama

    Hakuho retires

    I impressed... A well written article about sumo in western press. It doesn't happen often.
  7. I never would've pegged you as a "Home Fry." Welcome to the club!
  8. Washuyama

    Colorizing old sumo photographs

    I don't know, but he does look familiar for some reason.
  9. Washuyama

    Colorizing old sumo photographs

    Just for gee-whiz, that's Aobajo behind Taiho's left elbow.
  10. Washuyama

    Banzuke for Aki 2021

    Takagenji's spot? Just guessing.
  11. Washuyama

    Classic Sumo Video

    There were 18 Shikimori Inosuke before him...
  12. Washuyama

    Hokuseiho - Shot at a record?

    I know what you meant, but this is what came to mind...
  13. Washuyama

    Terunofuji is the 73rd Yokozuna.

    I was wondering that myself. For some reason I have always enjoyed seeing the pictures/videos of current and retired Yokozuna teaching the newest member of the fraternity how to do the dohyo-iri. The first one I remember seeing was Wakanohana I and Wajima teaching Wakanohana II back in 1978.
  14. Washuyama

    Ring entrance of the Mageshira ranks + Taiho

    I loved the old Kuramae KK. Iremember hanging outside the shitaku-beya telling each rikishi "gambatte" as they headed towards the hanamichi.
  15. Washuyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Obviously, I have a different perspective than Araiwa, but I can honestly say I never missed watching a Makuuchi bout during my time in Japan. (I even quit playing little league baseball because practice was held between 4-6 pm and I refused to miss sumo.) I stand by my opinion, but it's just that: my opinion.
  16. Washuyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    I never thought of him as fierce but maybe that's because I always thought of Kitanoumi as the fierce one. I considered Wajima as more mellow.
  17. Washuyama

    Takagenji Caught Smoking Weed

    That's why I added the "?"... I couldn't remember if it was for weed or yaocho..
  18. Washuyama

    Takagenji Caught Smoking Weed

  19. Washuyama

    Nagoya Yusho Predictions?

    I wasn't too far off.
  20. Washuyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    I feel privileged to have witnessed a couple things this basho: 1) The reemergence of the greatest to ever don a mawashi and 2) (IMHO) the greatest comeback in professional sports history. I would love to see Hakuho hang on for a few more basho in the hopes of witnessing the maturation of Yokozuna Terunofuji. Also to see a few awesome yotsu battles between the two of them. Unless Hakuho actually believes he can't beat Teru on the mawashi, I don't think we'll see the tactics he used here again.
  21. Washuyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

  22. Washuyama

    Lower-division Torikumi Nagoya Basho 2021

  23. Washuyama

    Nagoya Yusho Predictions?

    Yeah... I really underestimated Terunofuji's genkiness.
  24. Washuyama

    Lower-division Torikumi Nagoya Basho 2021

    Does that mean he's getting (dare I say) better? If he does get this KK, he'll get close to his career high rank.
  25. Washuyama

    Lower-division Torikumi Nagoya Basho 2021

    Look at Moriurara going for his first KK in two years.