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  1. Ex-Makuuchi Soutairyuu retires

    To include a Forum member (KotoViki) among those taking a snip. (from facebook, so unsure if everyone will be able to see it)
  2. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I think Tochinoshin will take the 2nd Sekiwake slot with Ichinojo taking K1e.
  3. å…ƒAsashoryu activities

    I saw a 15 min video posted on Facebook. It was a digest type of all the matches with only the matches (and a few replays). I would love link it here but I'm a compu-idiot. The originator was "Hula-Mongolia" if any of you would like to take a shot.
  4. Nah... They only financed the operation. The DPRK is definitely behind it.
  5. Damned North Koreans did it!
  6. Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    I'll believe it when I see the pics/video of his danpatsu....
  7. Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    Takakeisho, Onosho, Ura may have bright futures, but I think their height disadvantage will prevent them from having much success against Hak. (They still may rise on the banzuke, but they will rarely, if ever beat Hakuho). Tamawashi? Maybe once a year or so, but like you said, age is a factor. Ichinojo probably will never get his weight where it needs to be.. I thought Terunofuji was going to be the next great one, but like many others before him (like Baruto), injuries, injuries, injuries.... Of the ones you mentioned, Endo appears to be a possibility, but hasn't shown enough consistency to get there. Hokutofuji?? Ask me again around Nagoya time for a broader sample size, but maybe...
  8. Withe the intai of Harumafuji and it being unknown if Kisenosato or Kakuryu will ever heal enough before they join HMF on the danpatsu schedule, who if anyone will be able to challenge Hakuho?? (I only put Kakuryu in there because he is a yokozuna even though he's only beaten Hakuho six times in 45 bouts). It appears Mitakeumi, Onosho, Takakeisho and maybe a couple others have bright futures, but a couple of good basho doesn't a challenge make. We always have a few good sanyaku regulars and who's to say those three aren't the next round of Wakanosatos and Akinoshimas; good but not good enough. Asashoryu, Harumafuji and, more recently, Kisenosato have been able to face the GOAT on almost equal terms. I think we are going to go the next couple years with Hakuho winning 4 to 6 yusho a year until "the one" appears. With Chiyonofuji, Takanohana was "the one" and with Takanohana it was Asashoryu. Asashoryu never met "the one" due to his early intai, and Hakuho was already his equal and still climbing. Maybe the challenger will never show up and Hakuho will be forced to intai when he reaches the max age of 65? (He should have over 100 yusho by then)
  9. Makunouchi Yushos in 2018

    Hakuho - 4 Takayasu - 1 Mitakeumi - 1
  10. Takakeisho in 2018

    He'll spend 5 basho in Sanyaku Highest winning streak - 7 Sekiwake on Hatsu '19 banzuke (I picked him to be Ozeki in the Y/O poll but changed my mind for him and Onosho. More seasoning is needed)
  11. Hakuho in 2018

    4 Yusho (1 zensho) 69 Total (He'll sit out one basho and average 1 loss per tournament) 23 winning streak
  12. Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2019

    Hakuho Y Takayasu O Takakeisho Onosho O2 Mitakeumi I forgot to add Mitakeumi to the poll before I pressed "submit."
  13. Colonoscopy

    I'm scheduled to get my first colonoscopy at my next annual checkup (I'm turning 50) and after reading this, I don't know whether to be excited, relieved or terrified.
  14. YDC convenes-Kyushu 2017

    I imagine you saying this in Joe Pesci's voice. NSFW