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  1. Washuyama

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    I think she one dated Manti Te'o the American football player...
  2. Washuyama

    New ozeki Kirishima

    And here I was going to mention the typo in the thread title. Never even dawned on me he would be getting a new shikona. Congrats to Ozeki Kirishima!!
  3. Washuyama

    Sanctuary Netflix Series

    I saw ex-Masutoo in a couple of background scenes. In one episode, he was in the Juryo(?) dohyo-iri as a rikishi with a Poland susshin (didn't catch the shikona). Later on he was dohyo side waiting on his match.
  4. Washuyama

    Kaisei Intai

    I got to meet him soon after he was announced as shin-juryo. Really nice guy. I wish him the best.
  5. Washuyama

    Sumo obituaries

    Maybe as a yokozuna, he wasn't as successful as we're used to, but the joi a the time was extremely talented. With injuries and the emergence of Chiyonofuji, success would have been hard for anyone. Disclaimer: I was a HUGE fan of his when he still held the shikona Wakamisugi. The mawashi I'm wearing in my avatar is purple because he wore purple. I even had "WAKAMISUGI" written on my home-made kesho mawashi (made out of a paper bag with a crayola drawn Mt Fuji on it.)
  6. Washuyama

    Retirements after Natsu 2022

    I remember meeting Fukamiyama when he was a shin-deshi. He wasn't too impressive then but that could be due to the fact he was still adjusting to the sumo lifestyle. Actually, I'm suprised he lasted 12 years.
  7. Well, not really. But my favorite collectible card game just announced a new special card set featuring characters from the video game "Street Fighter." While I usually don't get excited about these special card sets, I will be procuring this one on principle alone:
  8. I'm only two hours away from Birmingham and am hoping to attend at least one day, if not both.
  9. Washuyama

    2022 World Games

    Woo-Hoo!!! Finally I can get to see live sumo again. Never been a follower of amasumo, but since Birmingham is only a two-hour drive, I'll take what I can get!
  10. Washuyama

    What we do in our off-time

    BTW, a Black Lotus sold at auction, earlier this year, for $500,000.
  11. Washuyama

    What we do in our off-time

    No,but I did have a couple Gaea's Cradles which I didn't sell... My only regret is I didn't keep one of each of the cards I did sell. I wasn't planning on playing again, but going through all the old cards gave me "the itch" again.
  12. Washuyama

    What we do in our off-time

    During lock down, I picked up an old hobby again from my younger days: A collectible card game called Magic:the Gathering. I played back in the 90s and something made me dig out my footlocker full of old cards. I was curious to find out the value of some of my cards and started going through them on a card pricing website. I was amazed to find out many of these individual cards are mow worth hundreds of dollars. I sold some to a local game store for $3500. That has financed me getting back into it and going to the store every week to play. It's kind of strange, though as I'm 30+ years older than anyone else there as this store is across the street from one of the biggest universities in the state.
  13. Washuyama

    Tamanoumi pics overview

    I saw that too but figured since when the NHK announcers talk to/about him it sounds like they're saying Kitanoumi anyway. I guess they're interchangeable.
  14. Washuyama

    Hakuho retires

    I impressed... A well written article about sumo in western press. It doesn't happen often.
  15. I never would've pegged you as a "Home Fry." Welcome to the club!