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  1. chabonowaka

    Bench World Cup 2014

    it's a good thing you're paying attention, it seems neither Daineko nor i are! i had communications with him about some troubles with his lineup, but i corrected him incorrectly. i think at this point i have to use drone rules to complete his lineup, but i am going to attempt to get his lineup just in case. deepest apologies to everyone, my gyoji'ing isn't off to a very hot start.
  2. chabonowaka

    Bench World Cup 2014

    and for heavens sake, group D people make sure i didn't get anything wrong!
  3. chabonowaka

    Bench World Cup 2014

    Refioji chabonowka here with your Group D Matchups: Daineko (Uruguay) vs Terarno (Costa Rica) Daineko: 1. Brazil, 2. Uruguay®, 3. USA©, 4. Switzerland, 5. South Korea, 6. Spain, 7. Italy, 8. Costa Rica, 9. Netherlands, 10. South Korea vs. Terarno: 1. Argentina©, 2. Colombia, 3. Switzerland, 4. Ghana, 5. Belgium, 6. Ivory Coast, 7. England, 8. Costa Rica®, 9. South Korea, 10. USA and Saruyama (England) vs Harumataikai (Italy) Saruyama: 1. Brazil, 2. Belgium, 3. Mexico, 4. Japan, 5. Nehterlands, 6. Ecuador, 7. Australia, 8. Iran, 9. Greece©, 10. England® vs. Harumataikai: 1. Colombia, 2. Germany, 3. South Korea©, 4. Ecuador, 5. England, 6. USA, 7. Ivory Coast, 8. Switzerland, 9. Italy®, 10. Iran Harumataikai comment: First match against Saruyama and his 'english' team. FORZA ITALIA even if I'm not so confident for their win against the english. Good luck to everyone and many thanks to the refiojis and to the rijicho for this game! refioji comment: i'm not really knowledgeable enough about World Cup to comment intelligently, so i'll just say that after my home country of the USA, the Uruguayan fellow at work has me pulling for them to win the whole thing. he has this whole spiel on the heritage of the World Cup and how other countries got good after stealing all the Uruguayans. it's really very heartfelt, so i go with it. good luck group D!
  4. chabonowaka

    Bench World Cup 2014

    looks like the going rate is 6 hours, so can group d (excepting harumataikai, who's already done) send me their lineups at least 6 hours in advance of the first match? also, i'm of course rooting for my home country of the usa, but also, i continue to have adopted uruguay from the uruguayan guy at work. also i'd like japan to do well. actually, are there any villains in world cup? i don't really know who to root against. i need a bad guy. who can be my bad guy?
  5. chabonowaka

    Bench World Cup 2014

    hi all! sorry about being slow about things. it's kind of what i do. i did want to follow up on Jejima's request for refiojis. he's right about it not being too terribly difficult. i mean, i've done it fairly successfully in the past, and i'm a moron. just ask my wife, she'll tell you. :) (i hope i don't overuse that joke.) seriously though, these games are always fun, and that newlywed fellow needs some assistance. and thanks Jezz for bringing this back!
  6. chabonowaka

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    and it was more than that, best as i could tell he intentionally jumped/fell on Takayasu pretty well after the bout was over. is there some sort of particular dislike or grudge there?
  7. chabonowaka

    Banzuke Surfing Nagoya 2012 (7th Wave)

    does it matter which of the wave messages i go to when i want to join? if this is the right place, i'm picking jk18w-Kaito - based solely on my daughter (known in Bench Sumo as Chibi_IMO) being a fan of the vocaloid singer(program?) called kaito.
  8. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012

    Not so fast. I think the match finished 1:1 and Penalty Shootout is necessary. Hopefully, I didn't miss something. I think you forgot that Chabonowaka's chain broke at Slot #2 (Situation #7), and BOTH chains have to be reopened for scoring. At Slot #3 Jakusotsu scores a goal and the score becomes 1:1, and Chabonowaka's chain is broken for the second time at Slot #3. At Slot #4 Jakusotsu's chain remains unbroken, but he doesn't score a goal. At Slot #5 Jakusotsu's chain is broken for a second time and the GAME is OVER. We have to wait for Jejima's confirmation. Sorry if I am not right, and I am sorry if I am right as well. don't things only open back up in the event of a tie? i thought that if both chains are broken but the score is not tied, that's it, end of game. or that was it earlier in the game. if that changed for the later rounds, i missed that bit.
  9. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012

    ok, apologies for not doing this before, but here are the lineups for the matches i was gyojiing: Rannohana vs Achiyama: Rannohana: 1. spain 4 2. spain 5 3. italy 1 4. spain 3 5.spain 2 6. italy 3 7. spain 1 8 italy 2 9 italy 4 10 italy 5 Achiyama: 1. spain 2 2. spain 1 3. spain 5 4. spain 3 5 spain 4 and Mischashimaru vs Pitinosato: Mischashimaru: (droning) 1. spain 1 2. spain 2 3. spain 3 4. spain 4 5. spain 5 Pitinosato: 1. spain 2 2. spain 3 3. spain 1 4. spain 4 5. spain 5
  10. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012

    First, a nod toward Jakusotsu for a game well played, and thanks for defeating Asashosakari for me. Next, i'd like to thank Jejima for creating and running another interesting and fun game. also thanks to the gyojis, for trust me, that wasn't always an easy job. i would wonder if the trouble of automating this game for world cup 2014 would be worth the benefit that said automating would give. i've seen enough code in my time to understand how it would work, but not really enough to know how difficult or time consuming it would be to do it. but that's for another time. i'd like to take a lot of the credit for the win based on my vast wealth of football knowledge, except that i'm lacking a lot in the football knowledge department. i understand the game, and came to learn the tendencies of the teams involved, even though they didn't always perform as expected, but a football expert i am not. a lot of my victory is due to the bookmakers, as i watched them closely throughout the tournament, and also i got lucky a few times, especially early on with matchups working out in my favor. still, i did my best, and the results were quite positive. i thoroughly enjoyed the game, and do look forward to participating again in world cup 2014.
  11. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012- By Bench sumo rules--separate thread

    congratulations to Harinezumi, and thanks to Kintamayama for running this one. it was something of the calm, normal version of bench euro 2012, if you see what i mean. :)
  12. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012

    and i've calculated the matches i was gyoji-ing! the first match is for 7th place, and features Rannohana (Ukraine) vs. Achiyama (Greece). Rannohana has both teams active, while Achiyama has only the Spaniards on his squad. in the first slot, both players win, so no goal. in the second slot, Achiyama's spain (1) wins, but Rannohana's spain (5) does not, so goal for Achiyama! in the third slot, Rannohana took italy in the 1st section, and they lost, while Achiyama had spain (5). no goal, but Rannohana is out! chain broken! that seals the win for Achiyama, and he is unable to score in his last two slots, so the win is for Achiyama, 1-0! congratulations Achiyama! the second match is for the Bench Bowl! this one features Mischashimaru (Sweden) vs Pitinosato (Germany) well, this one has both players going with Spain only, so i think there is no way it can end with any other result than a shootout. so i will leave it to Jejima. (this is right, yes?) (also, should i, for posterity sake, post the lineups for my matches, even though it's late now?)
  13. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012

    my fault there, as i was waiting it out, hoping i would get a lineup from the last of my folks for whom i was gyoji-ing. i didn't see it come in, so if Mischashimaru put in a lineup, did you give it to someone else by mistake? or did i just miss it somehow? either way, i'm going to go and calculate the matches i was gyoji-ing now. (victory speech later, yay me!)
  14. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012

    hi all, for the record, i'm still waiting for lineups from Mischashimaru and Pitinosato for the final. match starts in 3 hours-ish. quick, get me your lineups! (i really need this match to be over so i can concentrate on getting my bench team together.) :)
  15. chabonowaka

    Bench Euro 2012

    Just so you know, Chabonowaka is also in the final of the Bench Sumo rule version. Well done!! thank you, sir! but i think it's more like well-lucked, than well done. this all hearkens back to something you said about the euro championships being a crap shoot. (also, you said something about italy winning it all, if i recall.)