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  1. fmjs

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings

    You remind me of an old joke I heard years ago. A professor of a course on human relationships asked his classroom full of college students about the frequency of their having "relationships" with the opposite sex. Remember, now, this story is from many years ago. The BMOC football player immediately answered, "Every damn night." A good-looking, well-dressed fellow in the front row chimed in, "Couple of times a week. On weekends. Gottta study, too, you know." An anonymous-looking Joe College type in the middle of the room confided, "Every so often, Wherever I get lucky." All this time, a nerdy guy with glasses and a plaid shirt was giggling loudly and waving frantically in the back of the room. Finally, the professor called on him, "Okay, you back there, how often do you get it?" The pimply-faced geek replied, "Once every five years." The puzzled prof then asked, "Five years? Why are you so happy, then?" The geek was barely able to contain himself as he blurted out, "Tonight's the night!" Last night, clearly, was your night. You know the Guinness motto, right? GOOD things come to those who wait. Actually, I watch a large variety of sports and am hence guaranteed little spurts of delight on a regular basis. *guhur-hur*
  2. fmjs

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings

    Regarding Kotomitsuki's win... I think I might have died and gone to heaven. Honestly. Words cannot express my irrational joy.
  3. fmjs

    The Ozeki run for Yokozuna

    Wonderful pictures! I know little about photography, but I really love the warm colours you've achieved, as opposed to those stark 'flashbulb' shots I see on news sites. Thanks very much and gooooo Kotomitsuki!!
  4. fmjs

    Breaking News - Kotozakura

    What a bittersweet season it's been. -_-;; I hope Kotozakura will have a smooth journey to the next world. He was a real spark as a wrestler and a real father figure as a stablemaster. May his fighting ki be gifted to his stable sons, and may Sadogatake-beya take strength from this loss.
  5. fmjs

    Ozeki Promotion - Kotomitsuki

    Kotomitsuki is a whole different guy when he smiles. Happiness! (Laughing...) Go Kotomitsuki TEAM! And now they can eat the fish without reserve (unlike last time)!
  6. fmjs

    Day 15 Pics - Nagoya 2007

    That little girl must be screaming some heinous abuse at him, it's making Mickey's eyes water. (On the banzuke...)
  7. fmjs


    Woot! (Sorry, can't get any more cerebral for now)
  8. Can I just say in a non-sycophantic way that I really enjoy your little write-ups? I guess Chiyotaikai does pushups to keep fit and Mickey does the twist (Chubby Checker style).
  9. fmjs

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    Truly! (Showing respect...) (Clapping wildly...) (Showing respect...) (Clapping wildly...) (On the banzuke...) :-D I know I should quickly do a search of what wiser people have said, but I think this would make Mickey one of the oldest rikishi ever to make ozeki. If he can break one record, why not another? :) Although stringing together two yusho to get to big kahuna status ... difficult is an epic understatement. Can't let up now, GO GO GO MICKEY! Two more days of good sumo to go!
  10. Oro, that lovely blue photographer's flash on their legs has put me in the mood for a haiku. Blue glow like marsh gas Buoyant and ephemeral Twenty-seven, nil All I can say is, that is a perfectly executed landing technique by Mickey :D Tomorrow, Homasho - the day after, the world!
  11. fmjs

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

  12. fmjs

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    I think he might beat Asashoryu. It's a little feeling I have. Of course his knees will become like jelly and his focus will become like jelly and he will be toppled from the dohyo by Asa like a jelly baby. That's teh big feeling I have but I hope the bandwagon keeps on rolling. Now's as good a time as any to unseat Shoryu - indeed, there has been none better in years. Keep the fires of belief burning! :) Asashoryu has not become weaker by any means but he's definitely unsettled... which may allow for mistakes to occur. All we can do is bellow at the TV (or directly at the dohyo, for the lucky ones...) Sausage fingers crossed.
  13. fmjs

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    Never. Hakuho's a new yokozuna, he has a lot to prove and it's infinitely more lucrative for him to stack up wins than to keel over for a quick buck. Plus Mickey could get his wins off other people, so why would Hakuho do him the favour? I put the 'flying' down to simple momentum. Mickey has been going slightly to the side in a few of his bouts but never enough to declare it a henka. In fact it's tricky to pull off because someone striking you at full force could simply tip you off kilter. I think this slightly-off manoeuvre is partly behind his stack of wins; he now knows how to angle for the belt whilst absorbing his opponent's force. Just my flawed opinion. ^_^;; Us that have been on it a long time deserve company! :D ;)
  14. fmjs

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    HE CAN DO IT! HE CAN DO IT! (Clapping wildly...) (Holiday feeling...) (Showing respect...) (Clapping wildly...) (On the banzuke...) (Yusho winner...) *fists pumping ungraciously*
  15. fmjs

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    The inexorable force meets the immovable object? :) Hakuho will be oh-so-tough-to-beat, so I am not going to think about the result and will only think about the great sumo on display. Hakuho's learnt from Toyonoshima, oddly enough, not to treat his yokozuna status too casually, and Mickey's had his share of wins over Hakuho, so I expect to see two very serious, very good rikishi doing their best bouts and taking nothing for granted. My only worry is that Mickey will overextend himself in an attempt to beat a Yokozuna and injure himself. :( *prays otherwise* Injury at this stage would leave him vulnerable to Asashoryu in particular... Go go go Kotomitsuki!