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    Sumo, yoga, judging people, Japan, outsider music.


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    Harumafuji, Baruto, Takamisakari, Kitazakura
  1. Takamizakura

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Nagoya 2011

    +1. Thanks as always for your recaps!
  2. Takamizakura

    Takanoyama's training and diet

    Since I am a fervent fan of done deals, I assure you it is a done deal. No way Cock-eye with 9-6 on J4e comes before Takanoyama with a 10-5 on J5w, not even if it falls on a Sabbath. In any case, I'm pretty sure there will be 5 promotions (if not 6) and not four. We shall see.. That these two are bosom buddies on the current banzuke, it's still not too close to call? And I can't see who else will drop out of Makuuchi besides these ones. Who else did you have in mind? Kimurayama Tochinonada Takamisakari Takarafuji(?) Takanoyama was so close to winning this & going into a playoff with Myogiryu. Bummer. Maybe there'll be another scandal that'll give him another shot up.
  3. Takamizakura

    Rikishi Talk Day 1 - May 2011

    Thanks as always for the recaps/translations, especially for this inauspicious day.
  4. Takamizakura

    The 2011 May Ability Judgement Event

    I wonder if this distro method eliminates any likelihood of getting tickets from turning up on the day of the tournaments.
  5. As mentioned in this post both NHK's and Yomiuri's sumo magazines have called it quits. I got a refund cheque from London's Japan Centre bookshop for my Ozumo subscription, and will probably get the refund cheque for NHK's magazine in a few months' time. Boo-hoo to me for backing 2 wrong horses. As ilovesumo implied, this leaves Sha's Sumo magazine. Any word if it will (pardon the clich
  6. Takamizakura

    Asashouryuu-after intai preparations

    I was hoping that the rumours about him attending the Chelsea Flower Show would pick up steam this month, but no (Laughing...)
  7. Takamizakura

    Asahouryuu cries

    Insert Hakuho-doesn't-excel-at-everything shocker (Sign of approval...) At least he looked like he enjoyed Robo's antics throughly.
  8. Takamizakura

    Move along..

    After not visiting this forum for months, I've clearly missed something. B-)
  9. Takamizakura

    Harumafuji's blog

    Doubly rude, in fact. Slightly off-topic, but for the UK local elections, the UKIP have put up billboards with Winston Churchill giving the double-V like Harumafuji. Anyway, thanks for the blog translations!
  10. Takamizakura

    Sumo Documentary on BBC Four 2 Apr 2009

    BBC iPlayer is tricky w/proxies & IP masks because they use Geo-IP and only works with registered UK IPs. More here.
  11. Takamizakura

    Sumo Documentary on BBC Four 2 Apr 2009

    Now that it's aired, the doc is from 1994 narrated by a younger-sounding Stuart Atkin, and mostly features Mianoumi & Tokomitsu tokoyama. Good to see more sumo footage from the 90's.
  12. As part of the channel's Japan season: "Documentary about the prestigious world of sumo wrestling, in which aesthetics are considered as important as sheer strength. And the wrestler's hair is no exception to the rule, with traditional top knots being crafted daily by the tokoyama, or sumo hairdresser." For those unable to watch it on BBC's iPlayer, I should be able to record this and upload it somewhere--pls PM me if interested.
  13. Did anyone catch the last thing Hakuho said in Mongolian after accepting the NHK trophy? He was asked to explain what he said, in Japanese, but would be grateful if any Mongolian-speaking forum members could help with the original translation. Thanks in advance!
  14. Takamizakura

    Quotes from Day 15 - Haru 2009

    Mrs. Hakuho is one patient lady to wait 10 yusho & 2 kids before getting her reception. Mrs. Kotomitsuki lucked out in that department!
  15. Takamizakura

    Are there any Black Rikishi?

    If you're curious, straightening afros = "straight perm" or perm for short.