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  1. Koneko

    Best bout of 2008

    OMG yes. This is the sort of bout you show to those of your friends who just don't get it, and they'll nod and say "okay, I understand what you mean".
  2. Koneko

    Tomozuna Beya

    Little Kainokura who struggled to get out of Jonokuchi is now at Jd45. Has he been lucky or is he shaping up faster than I thought he would? Anyway, I'm very proud of my adoptee. (Clapping wildly...) Hoping for another KK from him - not too big, mind, slow and steady is best. One day at the time, one leg in front of the other, nothing he can't handle. Gambatte, kid! Work hard, sleep well, and enjoy life. I love following these young kids. When the scandals run my enthusiasm down, I read about these boys and the enjoyment comes back. Following them has become an important part of sumo now. Thank you, Martina.
  3. Maybe they aren't lying. I mean, there are other ways to get it in your system - using it in food, or liqour. I can imagine them being over at Waka's place - or anywhere else, for that matter - and having a plate of delicious cookies placed before them. "Hey guys, try these." Well, it is possible...
  4. Koneko


    9-6 Hatakikomi No Day 13 Aminishiki No 4 M9e
  5. Koneko

    Adoptee Report

    Hehe, I wanted to adopt Homarefuji last march, but Asojima beat me to it. Gotta be quicker. As for Kainokura, it started out so well but it didn't last - ended up with MK, 3-4. He's still just a kid though, and I'm an optimist with all the time in the world to spare. We'll both work hard to improve ourselves, methinks. (And he can juggle, how cool is that?) (Shaking head...)
  6. Hehe, same here Fujisan. Body language would do just fine, or flag semaphore for that matter...'cos it would mean I was in Japan. (Clapping wildly...) Okay, sorry for spamming. Please continue!
  7. Koneko

    Sumo - buttock slapping

    Clears the mind and sharpens the senses, I'd say. To help them consentrate and take their minds off the crowd. Also, it feels good and looks matcho, which is a plus. It draws the ladies' attention (many nice butts in ozumo). Superstition perhaps, as well as a habit - for luck, can't hurt, besides everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't I?
  8. Koneko

    Asasekiryu interview

    Some heyas you can visit to watch keiko, but I read sometime last year that Takasago had closed for visitors. Think it was right before or during the trouble Asashoryu had last year so they might have opened it again, but if so I haven't heard about it. You might have to know someone in the heya personally. Would've been interesting, so if others have more information I'd like to hear it too.
  9. Koneko

    Data Stream - Haru 08

    I'm getting the loop... (I am not worthy...) Please, let them get this fixed somehow. Been sitting up all bloody night just to watch this!
  10. Koneko

    Osh out

    He was crying? If so, who's to say he's crying from physical pain? To me the guy looks like he's depressed; he doesn't seem to find any joy in his sumo, and the way he stated that you don't make friends in sumo is quite telling I think. Japan can be tough on foreigners - maybe he's tired of it all, lonely and miserable, but uncertain about what's expecting him if he should be a "quitter" and go home. Would explain his results too, we all know that he can if he really wants to... (I am going off-topic...) We have people here who's been to the heya many times - what is their impression?
  11. Koneko


    Yes. Kakizoe didn't stop quickly enough and Sakaizawa stumbled back and off the dohyo IIRC - he was limping quite heavily as he got back up. (Blurry images and me half-dead from lack of sleep, I was convinced he'd broken his leg...) Poor Kakizoe was visibly upset about it all. (Neener, neener...) Hope Sakaizawa isn't too badly hurt - any news about his condition?
  12. Koneko

    Quotes from Day 4 - Haru 2008

    Sure. Now, what are the usual advice for a painfully shy guy to meet a woman? "Talk to one of the girls at work, see if there's any chemistry between you." How many women work at the heya? "Get your friends to introduce you to someone." Maybe Ushiomaru has a sister or a sister-in-law? And the last desperate advice, "get your mom to set you up with a nice girl from your city." From what I've read about his mom...no, not going there, I'm sure she's swell. "Go out and get drunk," seems to be as good an advice as any. The guy's famous, and you'd think that would help but I don't think it does - add to that his somewhat quirky nature and the threat of becoming an okamisan somewhere down the line, and you'd need a very special lady to cope with all that. I agree with ILS, the subject of love sort of drowns in all the fuss. Like the best you can hope for is mutual sympathy. (Though I guess that's not so bad.) And the more everyone keeps talking about it, the worse it's going to get. Leave the guy alone and he might just work it out for himself.
  13. Koneko

    Kaio and the kotenage

    Old threads are always interesting. :) Found this discussion from 2006.
  14. Koneko


    I guess the good thing about living in a 35 m2 flat is that one never gets to hoard lots of unnecessary stuff. This cute little jacket my son wore as a toddler? Nowhere to put it, it has to go. The coffeetable after grandma? Ain't room, give it to the charity shop. Doesn't make for a very sentimental lifestyle.
  15. Koneko

    Sumo manga drawing contest

    Well, I've got the talent but no manga ink pen, we should team up. I'll draw and you'll provide moral support and pick me up from the pub after my bouts of existential angst. Ah, weltschmertz! Now all we need is a green card.