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  1. Anjoboshi

    Advice on Sekitori Oracle?

    From all the games I have been playing in the last 20 years, I can safely say that Sekitori Oracle is the only game where I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. :D (Me, every time I fill out the entry form for SO: *insert the "I have no idea what I I'm doing"-dog-meme*)
  2. Anjoboshi

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Not sure if I am doing something wrong or an error: When I do a Banzuke Query with 1 Basho, Juryo checkbox activated and 0 wins && 15 losses, Oki's result from last basho (Aki 2020) doesn't show up.
  3. Anjoboshi

    Games Bugs

    It seems that the site doesn't work right now (not possible to enter any picks).
  4. Anjoboshi

    Chaingang Gangbang

    Probably a leftover from last basho I would guess.
  5. Anjoboshi

    Chinagang- Mao asks what's going on ..

    Thank you! It was a difficult day. Intially I wanted to pick Chiyonokuni but then I realized that I had already chosen him on day 6 (I never pick a rikishi twice in a basho - thats the way I enjoy playing Chaingang most since this gives it an additional tactial aspect although it limits your choices a bit at the end of the basho too). I thought about taking Endo or Abi instead, but finally decided to pick Kotoyuki since Endo either manages to win or lose convincingly (and therefore I sometimes don't know what to expect - but I had a good feeling for that day that he will manage to win) and I had not seen enough bouts with Abi. Kotoyuki seemed to be an interesting choice despite not having any wins so far and being injured. It was risky but I decided to give this pick a try (although I immediately knew that I had lost at Chaingang when the initial charge after the tachi-ai was stopped and they were at the belts :D). I had a lot of fun making this pick therefore I regret nothing. Congratulations to Susanoo for a well deserved Yusho!
  6. Anjoboshi

    Juryo Game - remove ticker lines?

    I don't really read them, I can understand people can get annoyed by those ticker lines, but still, it's somehow part of the juryo game (in the sense of tradition) and probably also a little bit responsible why im playing the game! xD Therefore I voted "No".
  7. Anjoboshi

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Tochinowaka L: Aran
  8. Anjoboshi

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Aminishiki L: Kyokushuho
  9. Anjoboshi

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Kyokutenho L: Aran
  10. Anjoboshi

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Hokutokuni L: Takayasu
  11. Anjoboshi

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Yoshikaze L: Harumafuji
  12. Anjoboshi

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Tochinoshin L: Takayasu
  13. Anjoboshi

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (Myogiryu)

    Day 11: Kakuryu
  14. Anjoboshi

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    L: Takayasu W: Hokutokuni