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  1. Chinagang- Mao asks what's going on ..

    Thank you! It was a difficult day. Intially I wanted to pick Chiyonokuni but then I realized that I had already chosen him on day 6 (I never pick a rikishi twice in a basho - thats the way I enjoy playing Chaingang most since this gives it an additional tactial aspect although it limits your choices a bit at the end of the basho too). I thought about taking Endo or Abi instead, but finally decided to pick Kotoyuki since Endo either manages to win or lose convincingly (and therefore I sometimes don't know what to expect - but I had a good feeling for that day that he will manage to win) and I had not seen enough bouts with Abi. Kotoyuki seemed to be an interesting choice despite not having any wins so far and being injured. It was risky but I decided to give this pick a try (although I immediately knew that I had lost at Chaingang when the initial charge after the tachi-ai was stopped and they were at the belts :D). I had a lot of fun making this pick therefore I regret nothing. Congratulations to Susanoo for a well deserved Yusho!
  2. Juryo Game - remove ticker lines?

    I don't really read them, I can understand people can get annoyed by those ticker lines, but still, it's somehow part of the juryo game (in the sense of tradition) and probably also a little bit responsible why im playing the game! xD Therefore I voted "No".
  3. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Tochinowaka L: Aran
  4. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Aminishiki L: Kyokushuho
  5. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Kyokutenho L: Aran
  6. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Hokutokuni L: Takayasu
  7. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Yoshikaze L: Harumafuji
  8. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Tochinoshin L: Takayasu
  9. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (Myogiryu)

    Day 11: Kakuryu
  10. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    L: Takayasu W: Hokutokuni
  11. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (Myogiryu)

    Day 10: Kisenosato
  12. 13 years and counting.......

    Congrats! :)
  13. New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Daido L: Takayasu
  14. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (Myogiryu)

    Day 9: Kisenosato