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  1. kedevash

    Amuru intai

    Great to finally see a Russian rikishi go intai by his own. Not because of force intai like Roho, his bro' Hakurozan and Wakanoho. I think all because of marijuana related things. For Aran i think he left Japan because of some problems with the mafia. Amuru overcame a lot of adversity during his career. He was not huge, had some bad legs injury but he managed to fight in Makuuchi for almost 10 basho. Congrats' to him and i wish him good for his next career.
  2. kedevash

    Doreen Simmons' Passing

    Very sad news. We lost someone unique here. A alive open book of sumo. I met her during a basho abd she shared me a lot of knowledge. Rest in peace from france, you will be miss.
  3. kedevash

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Do you think it is possible to have the height and weight of the rikishi update again? Since 2014 there is no updates. I find it very interesting as you can see the evolution of the rikishi's body. Thank you!
  4. The problem is that Shikimori Inosuke is still 58. So there is 7 more years for him at the top of the Gyoji crew. This is a long time for a "trouble maker gyoji" to deal with. The next in line Kandayu is also 58.
  5. kedevash

    New recruits for Hatsu 2018

    I don't think Naya is a sumo you can consider "fat". With his very sucessfull school career, he had build a solid sumo body. With his size (188 cm) his 166kg don't seem too much. He will for sure grow in height so he can go until 180kg no problems. I agree. There is too much huge rikishi. A lot can slim down and be better like Ichinojo, Chiyotairyu, Kaisei, Terunofuji, Kagayaki, Daiamami... There are getting too big to be agile and the risk of injury increase at the same time. Just look at what did Harumafuji and now Chiyoshoma, Arawashi and co. You can be a sucessfull rikishi with less than 170 kg. Hope some Oyokata will notice it...
  6. Nice piece of work as always Mikawa. Big thanks ! As you i think Terasawa deserve the college rikishi of the year award. Just by his regularity. KIzaki is a close call too.
  7. kedevash

    Kakuryu Intai Speculation

    Kakuryu HAS to deliver if he is Healthy. but how long does the Kyokai will wait for him to compete as he has to do... If he enters the basho i will have to stay in the Yusho race until mid-second week around 11 - 12 days at least. I think...
  8. kedevash

    Preparations of the masses- Hatsu 2018

    If it's a MCL or ACL related injury ( i think it was ) the normal procedure is that you have to wait for the swelling to disapear before undergoing surgery. For MCL or ACL it takes between one and 2 months. So i'm not surprised that the surgery took place at the end of november.
  9. kedevash

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2018

    Ryuden is the first makuuchi rikishi from Yamanashi since 30 years. The last one was Onohana who spend 1 basho in march 1988. The others notables rikishi was sekiwake Fujizakura (73 basho in the 70's and Komusubi Fujinishiki (59 basho, one yusho) in the 60's
  10. kedevash

    Izutsu in 2018

    I went by multiple times next to Izutsu Beya on my way to Dewanoumi or Kasugano Beya nearby, i never heard a sound of keiko. When i first went to Japan, i followed Kakuryu from Izutsu Beya to Tokitsukaze where he trains almost every time. I think the other rikishi go to degeiko in daily basis too.
  11. kedevash

    Tomozuna beya new kanban

    This is a new location or is it still the same place?
  12. kedevash

    Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    I usually don't talk a lot in this forum. I read a lot but because i'm not so good in English i tend to read only. But i have to share my thoughts about this case. I think that the NSK has to evolve. And rather sooner than later before it becomes to be messier that it already is. They have to evolve about how they deal with the rikishi. This guys are adults. They fight everyday in a though environement. And They barely have time for themelves in a normal situation (scandal free). The amount of public activities + hon-basho + jungyo is really huge. They are put on a lot of pressure. For them with the results and for the NSK with their general behaviour and image they reflect to the public. The rules are getting even thougher after the scandal during the fuyu jungyo with curfew ect... For me they really have to lighten the load they put especially on the sekitori. The society evolves, and the sumo has to evolve to some degree too. I know this is sumo and this is Japan so it is all complicated but we arrive to the point that i think some scandals will emerge again. This guys are doing a violent sport that include quite a lot of violence so of course sometimes they are going wild outside the doyo. The pressure they are put on has to go out in some manner. The problem is that it was a Yokozuna was involve and a Oyokata reported the fact to the world. When we saw what Hakuho did during the hon-basho. The matta scandal, the violent type of sumo he fights, the Yusho interview and the Banzai ( personnaly the last 3 i don't think there is a problem.). I think Hakuho is under so much pressure that even him can behave "badly". He is a Yokozuna the last 10 years. For a long time he was alone taking all the responsability of the rank. Even now with 3 others Yokozuna he has to do all by himself. One is going intai after this miss, and the two others are injured or doing badly. Once again it's up to him to do it all. He reached a point that maybe it too much to him to endure. And what is doing the NSK. They sanctionned him for January and half of February. I don't understand them... So for me they really have to be lighter on the rikishi. And i'm sure all will be going better. I think too that more shin-deshi will come to sumo. I hope i was understandable...
  13. kedevash

    Amateur Sumo main competitions

    Ok thanks for the reply ! I just create a post with the makushita and sandanme tsukedashi for 2017.
  14. Here is the recipient of the makushita and sandanme tsukedashi of this year. Makushita 15 Saigo Tomihiro (Tottori Gov) => Amateur Yokozuna (+ 2nd All Japan Corporate and Best 4 at Kokutai) Nakashima Nozomi (Nichidai (4th) => College Yokozuna Shiroyama Seira (Toyo 2nd) = > Kokutai champion (+ Best 4 All Japan College) Kurokawa Soichiro (Aisin) => Corporate Yokozuna (+ Best 4 Kokutai and Best8 All Japan ) Sandanme 100 (in Italic => None college wrestler) Kizaki Shinnosuke (Nichidai 4th) => Best 4 All Japan Furukawa Takahiro (Nichidai 4th) => Best 4 All Japan + Best 8 All Japan College Motobayashi Genki? (Kindai 3rd) => 2nd All Japan College Deruderubayaru (Nittaidai 1st) => Best 4 All Japan College Hiroo ??? (Nichidai 3rd) => Best 8 All Japan College Higo Ryuta (Kindai 4th) => Best 8 All Japan College Nakajima Ryosuke (Toyo 3rd) => Best 8 All Japan College Miwa Hayato (Niigata) => 2nd All Japan 2017 Murayama Taiyo (Niigata) => Best 8 All Japan + Best 8 Kokutai Nishikata Wataru (Tochigi) => Best 8 All Japan Yoshida Keisuke (Aisin) => Best 8 All Japan + Best 4 Corporate Miyashita Haruya (Fukui) => 2nd Kokutai Kazusako Akiteru?? (Kochi) => Best 8 Kokutai Tomita Genki (Wakayama) => Best 8 Kokutai Takahashi Osamu (Nagasaki) => Best 8 Kokutai Sasaki Kodai (?) => Best 4 Corporate Haga Shoma (Ibaraki) => Best 8 Corporate Yurube Keisuke (Ehime) => Best 8 Corporate Iwami ??? (?) => Best 8 Corporate