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  1. does any forum member has photos of Fudoyama- the younger brother of Kyokutenhou- who retired already in mawashi during keiko (fully body shot)? i would be very thankfull...
  2. hoshi

    Mongolian trip

    "which is managed and run by Asashouryuu's relatives.. hmmm.......................... " What's wrong with that? This is nothing new everbody in Mongolia knows that. Asa bought it some time ago in order to do something for sumo in his home country. Finally he was able to bring the jungyo to Ulan Bator. (almost and hopefully) Before him Shuzan was trying and did not succeed. Now you know what Shuzans intenions are. He was also arguing very unobjective like "I don't know if it's correct to have a dohyo and all this holy sumo sport in a former circus where cats and dogs were appearing..." or he also mentioned "nobody will be in Ulan Bator at that time, everybody is on vacation in the countryside..." The fact is opposite- 1st of September is school beginn and winter is close in Mongolia, so even everybody is back in town. The situation in Mongolia is more that calm since weeks. Could one of our forum members in Mongolia confirm that please? Naadam celebrations (national holidays) passed smooth and free of trouble. It is not said that there will be new elections. And even if it is not said that there will be unrest again. This was a drunken mob who just used the situation of the demonstrations and dissatisfaction about the results of the election to riot. The climate of the journalists in Nagoya is Thanks God quite mistrusty to what Shuzan said. Finally: Is that the right way to held it out with an old enmity? Who is the mourner of this? All Mongolian people who really deserved a jungyo and where in a big anticipation. If this jungyo will be cancelled it will be called "Mongolia was unable to organise a jungyo"
  3. hoshi

    Gay mayor of Berlin

    Come on mark, stop picking on ilovesumo. If you are taking for yourself of beeing very exact and precise in your profession as a journalist you shouldn't have named the rumors from yesterday about the Mongolian jungyo as "canceled". But back to the topic mayor of Berlin- he seems to have a favour for sumo because Shu told me once he was invited by him to visit Berlin.
  4. hoshi

    August-Mongolian Jungyo

    This is the website of the Mongolian Jungyo: http://www.mongolbasho.mn/ unfortunately only in Mongolian language. Maybe a good opportunity to proof your Mongolian (Sign of approval...) I was told in Japan they started to sell the tickets. The website says the tickets are available at the box office of the ASA circus but not if they started to sell...
  5. hoshi

    SFM 19

    Would be a pleasure for Kainowaka, I think. (A fearful rikishi...) And as Mr. B. likes Asashoryu so much, let him step in the ring as well :-D. well, for the beginning we can offer Kyokutenzan (Dribbling...)
  6. hoshi

    SFM 19

    Reading the article in the SFM about so called sumo groupies I asked myself what the intention of this article is. EB -who ever this might be MB?- is talking in a very abusive way about people who didn't harm him. Just because you come from outward in the morning to join a keiko doesn't make you to a groupie. And trying to get in contact with the rikishi doesnt mean you are bordering them. So why is he complaining about this kind of verve to a sport he loves too? I never heard a single rikishi talking bad about his fans. Having audience during the keiko makes them even trying harder. Every rikishi no matter of his ranking deserves this kind of admiration and especially the lower ranked guys are happy about any kind of interest. If there wouldn
  7. hoshi

    another makuuchi debut in nagoya

    sorry for this lousy english. of course he climbed up...
  8. I am happy to announce that Koryu climped up the banzuke to makuuchi. He is busy these days preparing his shinumaku party which is to be held on June 22nd.
  9. hoshi

    a new mongolian in makuuchi

    Poor Hakubas knee was injured so he could not really train since last summer. Nevertheless he is now in Makuuchi. I guess this is what you call talent? Here a draft of Hakubas summunuki- I hope you like it.
  10. hoshi

    Sweets not manly?

    At Oshimas there are no restrictions concerning sweets. Chocolate is always more than welcome and even a one pound chocolate bar looks small in Tenhou's hands...
  11. hoshi


    I know it is a bit late but here are some pics taken at the event. There are only a few because the lightning conditions were difficult...
  12. hoshi

    Just wanted to say "hello"

    "Even though I started trying to learn some Georgian his reply was that we should just speak Japanese.. " Dear Ilovetochinoshin! You should continue learning Georgian language!!! This is one of the most tenderly sounding languages I've ever heard. I was in Georgia several times for business reasons and I immediately felt in love. Everything is adorable there- countryside, food, music and especially the people and their humour. Incidently you can impress Tochinoshin with your new language skills- Kokkai was really surprised when I met him in Tokyo and spoke a few phrases in Georgian. Take care- Georgian men are adorable Machos :-(
  13. hoshi

    Asasekiryu interview

    you should look for asasekiryu at the golf courses around Tokyo or at car exhibitions- this are some of his hobbies. both rikishi had russian language at school but they don't speak it well. asashoryu likes to say some phrases in english and he is interested in learning english but you can not say they speak english...
  14. hoshi

    a new mongolian in makuuchi

    I hope it is ok that I was posting it although it is not official yet. He told me himself yesterday.
  15. Hakuba made it into makuuchi. Congratulations!