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    2022 Collegiate Sumo

    Usuhbayar Demidjamts. According to some Facebook post he is a son of a yet another Mongolian Grand Champion Usuhbayar Gelegjamts. If it is true he comes from very famous wrestling family. His grand grand father “Buur” Jamyan is also a Grand Champion from 1920th. Nicknamed “Buur”, which is male camel, for his tall stature. Picture of his father and Grand-grand father. Btw, His uncle is also a State Falcon in Mongolian wrestling, in picture behind the champ.
  2. BuBa

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    The times are changing. I used to call Hakuho the “vanilla” yokozuna, it seems nowadays he is the main villain lol. As much as I wanted Teru to win and Hakuho “hand” him the reigns, the determination to win after all these 44 championships is very impressive. Congrats to Hakuho on his 45th.
  3. BuBa

    New NSK council with Sadaharu Oh

    I for one completely understand their desire to preserve the sumo traditions as pure as possible. What I don't understand is scapegoating the foreign-born rikishis for all the ills of the sport and at the same time allowing them to enter the sumo. If becoming a "true" Japanese is only possible by being born there, a logical or consistent thing to do here is to ban foreigners from sumo. Problem solved.
  4. There are some familiar faces in the crowd :).
  5. Congratulations to comeback kid!
  6. BuBa

    Kakuryu to Retire

    I would like to join the chorus of well wishers. I should admit that his ascension to the rank of yokozuna was a big surprise for me back then. But as the saying goes in Mongolian wrestling, rank begets power, so he did. I look forward for his oyakata carrier. 4th Mongolian oyakata if I am not wrong, who would have thought. Well done Anand.
  7. BuBa

    Asa's quiz.

    Asa posted this on his twitter acc. Question is, why they do this.
  8. BuBa

    Day 15 pics Hatsu 2016

    Great pics, there is so much joy in them. His wife looks like the happiest of them all :).
  9. A good day for Ozumo. Congrats to Kotoshogiku.
  10. BuBa

    Preparations of the Y/O - November 2015

    I understand the desire from you, sumo fans, but it is not going to happen. His popularity is not what it used to be, he needs go up the ranks in one of the parties. Realistically, there are to many obstacles. And i am not sure he wants to pursue a politlcal carrier. Ps, one very esteemed wrestler tried already in last elections, failed badly.
  11. BuBa

    Preparations of the Y/O - November 2015

    This is baffling. What makes you think he could become a president. Do you guys know about mongolian politics something that i don't know. Please enlighten me.
  12. BuBa

    Preparations of the Y/O - November 2015

    Will happen.Just because i like you, don't bet a steak on this one.
  13. BuBa

    The Best and Worst Yokozuna

    Easy one, Asashoryu is the best hands down.
  14. Whats is the word in english eh... Witch hunt, yes.
  15. But still the pool of wrestlers is big and there are not many avenues for them. If you consider the fact that Mongolians don't do particularly well in heavy weight classes of wrestling or judo, then sumo will still be an attractive option for many. The real impact would be an increase in regular earnings of traditional Buh wrestlers, which I don't think will happen anytime soon. So unless NSK puts a ban there will be willing recruits, I guess. Myself for example, I would have preferred to have Hakuho and Asa remained in Buh.