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  1. Koukai

    Banzuke for Haru 2018

    Did Takanoiwa intai?
  2. Koukai

    Hatsu 2016 Rikishi Status - Day 15 MIA

    Is Wakakeisho going to retire?
  3. Koukai

    Persistence Watch - 2015 edition

    Azumayama still didn't make kachikoshi in jonokuchi
  4. Koukai

    Canadian Sumo Hope

    What's the meaning of this shikona?
  5. Koukai

    Sumo Reference Updates

    http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi_basho.aspx?r=12072&b=201411 Shouldn't it be a sqaure in a brown line (for fusen)?
  6. Koukai

    Video Stream - Availability

    no sumo on above posted channel.... Sumo is broadcasted in UBS Global :(
  7. Koukai

    Fun Sumo and sumoufun youtube channels

    which bashos do you missing? and what containing your collection?
  8. Koukai

    From twitter-the "Who am I" quiz!

  9. Koukai

    Rikishi Status Nagoya 2014 - Final

    What happened to him?
  10. Koukai

    Sumo Reference Updates

    NSK site officially chanched Oshu's name to Karoyan Ando http://www.sumo.or.jp/en/sumo_data/rikishi/profile?id=2510
  11. The kimarite section was gone :(
  12. Koukai

    Nagoya 2013 Banzuke, all divisions

    What happened to him?
  13. Koukai

    Retirees after Hatsu 2013

    There is no heya. Nishonosheki heya was closed after Hatsu and all three rikishi retited.
  14. Koukai

    Sekitori with collegiate sumo experience

    Thanks. Very interesting.