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    Full Nagoya 2005 banzuke

    good day all, the posting of the entire banzuke in english is THE post that i most look forward to. thanks to all the translators!!! i try to track about 30 of the lower ranked rikishi. 5 of them have dropped and i'm not sure if they just changed shikona, or if they retired. any insight from the gurus out there would be appreciated. here they are: KITAKASUGA, from mongolia....last known rank Sd18w.... AZUMAO, from brazil....last known rank Sd34e.... SHINDO, from aomori....last known rank Sd58w.... KAISEIZAN, from aomori.....last known rank Sd84w.... NOGUCHIYAMA, from saitama......last known rank Jd117w.... thanks. -shimodahito
  2. shimodahito

    lower division matchups

    good day all, i'm planning on being in full day attendance on sunday and monday in osaka. is there any place i can get the lower division matchups for the day in english? i have seen them on the forum in the past, but am not sure who did it, or where they got it from. -shimodahito
  3. shimodahito

    lower division matchups

    good day doitsuyama, you are a guru. much thanks. tomorrow`s (monday) matchups would be great also. need anything from osaka? if not, when i return home i will get with you off the forum and send you something from mongolia. you rock! -shimodahito
  4. shimodahito

    hotels for haru

    good day all, thanks for the great tips. i'm travelling on a budget, so the cheaper the better. -shimodahito
  5. shimodahito

    hotels for haru

    good day all, a while back, there was a thread that had great hotel recommendations for the tokyo bashos. it included hotels that were cheap and close to the venue. i'm looking for some cheap, close recommendations for the haru basho. thanks. -shimodahito
  6. shimodahito

    hotels for haru

    good day all, i really am looking for some hot leads on cheap osaka hotels near the the municipal gymnasium. i'd like to spend a couple of days watching the haru basho. thanks. -shimodahito.
  7. shimodahito


    good day all, i'm starting to wonder if tochiazuma does better as a sekiwake. not counting tournaments that he withdrew or had absences, can anyone track down his record and compare his winning percentage as a sekiwake with his winning percentage as an ozeki? -shimodahito
  8. shimodahito

    Day 1 and 2 matchups-Makuuchi

    good day all, another all-mongolian matchup is kyukushuzan vs asasekiryu. and i believe this is there first ever matchup. amazing, considering they've both been in the maegashira ranks of makuuchi for a while. so what is the longest stretch of time that two rikishi (from different heyas) have been in makuuchi without meeting? can't wait for sunday to get here. -shimodahito
  9. shimodahito

    what would happen II

    good day all, question: let's say a fast-rising rikishi ranked high maegashira wins a yusho. because of his great record, the banzuke makers rank him at sekiwake. the next basho, the rikishi wins the yusho again.... his second consecutive yusho. what will his next rank be? and why? -shimodahito
  10. shimodahito

    Full 2004 Kyushu Banzuke

    much thanks, jonosuke. oonami and shima are off to a good start.
  11. shimodahito

    Full 2004 Kyushu Banzuke

    good day all, were there any shikona changes? i can't seem to find tochinonami (last jk1w) and shima (last jk40w). also did daibanjaku (last sd28w) retire? thanks. -shimodahito
  12. shimodahito

    BS site down

    good day all, i am leaving town for the weekend and won't be near a computer before tomorrow's deadline. so at the risk of giving my opponent an edge i must put my day 7 picks here, as i don't know who the gyogi is for the day. could someone please pass on to the BS makuuchi gyoji. with regrets, shimodahito 4 asashoryu 3 kyokushuzan 3 jumonji 2 chiyotaikai 2 wakanosato b1 aminishiki b2 hokutoriki b3 kakizoe b4 takamisakari b5 kyokutenho
  13. shimodahito

    Asa weds

    good day all, and a photo of one of the platters at the head table. the arrangement of the meat is the traditional mongolian way for important feasts. that's the head on the top facing away from the camera. -shimodahito
  14. shimodahito

    how to paste image

    good day all, i have some .jpg pix that i'd like to share with the forum. but my computer knowledge is limited and i can't figure out how to cut and paste them in the text of my message. the 'IMG' button asks for a URL link.....huh? and the 'browse' button allows me to find only one image from my hard drive, but only the file name, rather than the picture itself shows up when i use the 'preview post' button. a simple cut and paste doesn't seem to work either. H:\sumo\wedding\rikishi-1.JPG
  15. shimodahito

    Asa weds

    and these?
  16. shimodahito

    Asa weds

    and these?
  17. shimodahito

    Asa weds

    good day all, believe me, this rikishi was NOT familiar with the eagle dance. how about these blokes?
  18. shimodahito

    how to paste image

    thanks, but how do i insert more than 1 image per message. "PICTURE" text, text, text. "PICTURE" and how can i write some text after i insert the image? -
  19. shimodahito

    Asa weds

    good day all, and here's a shot of the rikishi doing his best performance of the eagle dance that mongolian wrestlers do before and after matches. can anyone identify who he is? -shimodahito
  20. shimodahito

    Asa weds

    good day all, it was a long day for asa and tamir. i'm not sure how their morning went, but the actual ceremony started at 5 pm outside in the back yard of the mongolian president's residence with drums beating. they both rode in on horses, dismounted, and walked to a large cauldron that was about 10 meters in front of the head table. they stirred the airag, filled some cups and offered drinks to their parents that were already seated at the head table. the whole time this was going on, contortionists were bending and twisting; and the three bands were playing (the mongolian national symphony, the national folk orchestra, and the national military band). both were dressed in traditional mongolian attire. then they sat and speeches and good wishes were given as dinner was served to the approximateley 300 guests. dolgorsuren, asa's father, gave a speech and toast. dinner continued as the national song and dance ensemble performed, symbolic gifts of a bow and arrow were presented to asa (he set the arrow and stretched the bow, aiming to the nearby mountains, but did not shoot); and a mori khuur, which is a square, cello-looking instrument with a wooden carved horse-head on the top was also presented. famous player batchuluun, played a song with the instrument before giving it to asa (asa sat down and attempted to pluck out a tune.....which got a big laugh from the guests). more dinner, more songs, more entertainment including a mongolian fashion show. this is when a light rain started falling. guest and head tables had canopies over the top, but the musicians were left without cover. selected guests, including the japanese ambassador, gave public congratulatory wishes. then asa (who had changed during the fashion show) performed a dohyo-ri ceremony. afterwards, 15 mongolian wrestlers plus 1 rikishi from asa's stable held a mongolian wrestling tournament. the rikishi was eliminated in the first round. the rain was heaviest during the last rounds of the tournament, then it quit. more words from tamir's and asa's fathers, then asa and tamir gave a speech of thanks to all who attended. he was in tears for parts of the speech. then more music and singers performed as the couple went around to each table and personally thanked every guest that attended. tamir was impressive. i think she is very smart and sincere. when she thanked the guests (most of whom she didn't even know)....she really meant it. more speeches from guests, more dancing from the ensemble, and more folk and opera singers. finally, kisses were given to the parents and the horses arrived to take them away. that was half the evening. can someone list all the participants in the dohyo-ri?
  21. shimodahito


    good day all, speaking of choking..... (and i haven't had a chance to search all the posts to see if someone else mentioned this)..... during the asa-hoku playoff, i really think i heard the yobidashi singing "chiiiiiyoooo...hokuuutoooriiiiiiiiiiiikiiiiiiii" when he anounced the west side. he started singing chiyotaikai. did anyone else catch that? -shimodahito
  22. shimodahito

    most consecutive kachi-koshi

    good day all, does anyone know how i can find the list of top 10 rikishi for most consecutive kachi-koshi tournaments. i think musashimaru has the record with 52, but i'm interested in who #2 through #10 are, and if there are any active rikishi on the list. thanks. -shimodahito
  23. shimodahito

    most consecutive kachi-koshi

    good day all, asashosakari...THANKS....that's a fantastic web site. the reason i asked the question was because i read that in this tournament a lower division rikishi had set the record for most consecutive make-koshi bashos. -shimodahito
  24. shimodahito

    day 15: kasuganishiki vs kaiho

    good day all, did anyone watch this bout? kasuga was backing kaiho up, and kaiho--assuming he was going to lose--gave up and relaxed....but did NOT step out of the ring. kasuga on the other hand--assuming he would win after kaiho relaxed--kept walking forward and stepped out of the ring. even on the replay, i noticed it. kasuganishiki's foot touched well ahead of kaiho.... but the gyoji gave kasuga the win....there was no mono-ii. i'm not sure if dale has the replay, but i'd like to know if anyone else noticed this. -shimodahito by the way....what a great basho. in ulaanbaatar, every car radio had the matches on, two TV stations, and NHK for cable owners. you could hear cars honking the day asa jr. beat kokkai, and the day he beat kaio. and again when asa sr. beat chiyo.
  25. shimodahito

    gaijin pioneers

    good day all, before i make my request, i just want to say that moti's web page sparked my curiosity on this topic. i'm trying to get a photo of the first gaijin (foreign) rikishis from each represented country. sort of a who's who of imported rikishi pioneers. i'd also like a short (paragraph or two) brief on their career highlights, notable events during their life, real name, hometown, and maybe how they got involved with sumo enough to make the trip to japan. if they are no longer in sumo, i'd like to know how/why they left. getting pictures and info of the ones that never really moved up the banzuke will be the hardest part. here's my guess on who was the first. argentina - hoshitango or hoshiandesu? brazil - wakaazuma or ikemori (kuniazuma)? bulgaria - kotosho canada - kototenka (i've got enough info and pix on him) china - nakao? czech republic - takanoyama georgia - kokkai (i've got the picture) kazakstan - i've got to wait until the new kid gets on a banzuke......moti will need a new color for his home page :) korea - kimu (kasugao)? if so, i've got the picture. there may be controversy here because there may have been japanese of korean descent or japanese born in korea before. let's just stick with the first korean from korea....and then maybe add some footnotes. mongolia - kyokushuzan (i've got enough info and pix on him) peru - nagai russia - orora tonga - minaminoshima and hisanoumi united states - takamiyama (i've got enough info and pix on him) western samoa - nankairyu (i've got enough info and pix on him) i'd also like to know about wakanami yoshimitsu from karafuto (sakhalin). he made it to M19 sometime between 1935 and 1942. was he the first from karafuto? is yokozuna taiho from hokkaido or sakhalin? is sumo still popular on sakhalin? or better yet, was it ever popular? maybe wakanami was just a rare exception. finally, were these two japanese, or ainu? thanks. shimodahito.