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    Sumo Reference Updates

    I will announce the updates on the Sumo Reference site on this forum - I feel that's better than somewhere hidden on the site. Firstly I could correct a few errors found by Asashosakari and Randomitsuki. Next I want to thank Gans-san for sharing a lot of material which will be worked into the database, but it's so much it will last some months. Gochisozan also is providing me with a lot of missing lower division results in the Heisei era from his Sumo magazine archive. Of course Nishinoshima also is active and I received a fat letter with lots of material from him. It's so much, I actually could need help in entering all that new data. So, if there is another person or two insane dedicated enough to enter data into Excel sheets, I happily can throw loads of work at them. Ability to read kanji or at least hiragana is widening the range of possible tasks, but there actually also are enough tasks where only kanji for "east" and "west" must be distinguished or even less than this. Actually I can understand if no one wants to do that time-consuming job, but I'm accepting volunteers - just send a PM or email. Now what's new in the database since last week? I have added the missing juryo kimarite from 1974 to 1988 with some rare kimarite (like ipponzeoi, sabaori, gasshohineri etc) among them. There still are a lot more available from Haru 1956 to 1973 waiting to be entered. Then I was able to get the correct W-L records for Aki 1988 and Kyushu 1988. Until now these two full banzuke were entered from the banzuke itself (it was nice training to read the jonidan and jonokuchi shikona on the real banzuke), with the wins implicitly deduced from banzuke movement - naturally no distinction was possible between losses and absences, and final scores from intai rikishi were guessed with 0-0-7. Now everything is correct here. Some minor errors between Hatsu 1989 and Aki 1989 also were corrected and hoshitori added. And lastly I completed the records of Kitamayama's favorite oldest rikishi in Ozumo, Ichinoya.
  2. Doitsuyama

    Bench Sumo news

    The automation definitely can't handle 7 maegashira, it would be a big undertaking for that, starting with the database.
  3. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Seems like a typo, I corrected it to 93kg.
  4. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    What part of this is the surname?
  5. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

  6. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    Fixed. I had to delete 5 Sekitoto entries since almost all makuuchi bouts were changed. I kept the TTT entries since you pick only rikishi, not bouts, but be aware that the opponent may be different.
  7. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    It's fixed
  8. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    Sorry about that, I have no idea why it hanged. I entered these picks now.
  9. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Well, a LOT of readings without this sign are uncomfirmed as well. But in these cases there are other plausible readings, making it particularly unsure.
  10. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference

    Welcome back on the forum! Yes, I'm still maintaining Sumo Reference. Actually it wasn't really based on your seed as work on it started long before that but obviously the design got influenced a lot by this.
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    Trivia bits

    I should make some deliberate errors in the database, then I'd know if the newspapers get the stats from it.
  12. Doitsuyama

    SalaryCap Sumo Aki Basho 2019

    Golynohana asked me to fetch the picks from the database, so in theory all results are available for you. Of course he will update when he's back. So here's the complete data: Achiyama Kakuryu 10 Achiyama Goeido 9 Achiyama Tochinoshin 8 Achiyama Aoiyama 7 Achiyama Onosho 6 Achiyama Enho 5 Achiyama Takagenji 4 andonishiki Kakuryu 10 andonishiki Hakuho 9 andonishiki Mitakeumi 8 andonishiki Myogiryu 7 andonishiki Ishiura 6 andonishiki Takarafuji 5 Andoreasu Hakuho 10 Andoreasu Kakuryu 9 Andoreasu Mitakeumi 8 Andoreasu Hokutofuji 7 Andoreasu Goeido 6 Andrasoyamawaka2 Hakuho 10 Andrasoyamawaka2 Kakuryu 9 Andrasoyamawaka2 Goeido 8 Andrasoyamawaka2 Mitakeumi 7 Andrasoyamawaka2 Abi 6 Asapedroryu Kotoshogiku 10 Asapedroryu Yutakayama 9 Asapedroryu Kotoyuki 8 Asapedroryu Takagenji 7 Asapedroryu Tsurugisho 6 Asapedroryu Tochinoshin 5 Asapedroryu Enho 4 Asapedroryu Ishiura 3 Asapedroryu Daishoho 2 Asapedroryu Azumaryu 1 Asashosakari Kakuryu 10 Asashosakari Hakuho 9 Asashosakari Endo 8 Asashosakari Tochiozan 7 Asashosakari Meisei 6 Asashosakari Tsurugisho 5 Athenayama Kakuryu 10 Athenayama Yutakayama 9 Athenayama Takagenji 8 Athenayama Tomokaze 7 Athenayama Tsurugisho 6 Athenayama Toyonoshima 5 Athenayama Azumaryu 4 Athenayama Kagayaki 3 Athenayama Enho 2 chishafuwaku Kakuryu 10 chishafuwaku Hakuho 9 chishafuwaku Hokutofuji 8 chishafuwaku Tomokaze 7 chishafuwaku Enho 6 chishafuwaku Yutakayama 5 DeRosa Hakuho 10 DeRosa Mitakeumi 9 DeRosa Takakeisho 8 DeRosa Onosho 7 DeRosa Takagenji 6 DeRosa Yutakayama 5 Flohru Hakuho 10 Flohru Goeido 9 Flohru Hokutofuji 8 Flohru Mitakeumi 7 Flohru Yutakayama 6 Flohru Meisei 5 Frinkanohana Hakuho 10 Frinkanohana Kakuryu 9 Frinkanohana Daishoho 8 Frinkanohana Takagenji 7 Frinkanohana Toyonoshima 6 Frinkanohana Ishiura 5 Frinkanohana Yutakayama 4 Frinkanohana Azumaryu 3 fujisan Kakuryu 10 fujisan Goeido 9 fujisan Ichinojo 8 fujisan Tochinoshin 7 fujisan Onosho 6 fujisan Tochiozan 5 Gaijingai Hakuho 10 Gaijingai Mitakeumi 9 Gaijingai Abi 8 Gaijingai Endo 7 Gaijingai Yutakayama 6 Gaijingai Takagenji 5 Gaijingai Azumaryu 4 Gansekiiiwa Hakuho 10 Gansekiiiwa Kakuryu 9 Gansekiiiwa Goeido 8 Gansekiiiwa Yutakayama 7 Gansekiiiwa Onosho 6 Gansekiiiwa Daishoho 5 Ganzohnesushi Hakuho 10 Ganzohnesushi Kakuryu 9 Ganzohnesushi Mitakeumi 8 Ganzohnesushi Tochinoshin 7 Ganzohnesushi Tochiozan 6 Ganzohnesushi Kagayaki 5 Gibuten Hakuho 10 Gibuten Kakuryu 9 Gibuten Kotoshogiku 8 Gibuten Meisei 7 Gibuten Shodai 6 Gibuten Yutakayama 5 Golynohana Hakuho 10 Golynohana Kakuryu 9 Golynohana Mitakeumi 8 Golynohana Goeido 7 Golynohana Takagenji 6 Golynohana Yutakayama 5 GONZABUROW Hakuho 10 GONZABUROW Mitakeumi 9 GONZABUROW Hokutofuji 8 GONZABUROW Onosho 7 GONZABUROW Meisei 6 GONZABUROW Kagayaki 5 Gurowake Hakuho 10 Gurowake Kakuryu 9 Gurowake Kotoshogiku 8 Gurowake Goeido 7 Gurowake Kotoyuki 6 Gurowake Yutakayama 5 Haidouzo Kakuryu 10 Haidouzo Kotoshogiku 9 Haidouzo Chiyotairyu 8 Haidouzo Nishikigi 7 Haidouzo Tsurugisho 6 Haidouzo Toyonoshima 5 Haidouzo Kotoyuki 4 Haidouzo Takagenji 3 Hakase Hakuho 10 Hakase Tochinoshin 9 Hakase Mitakeumi 8 Hakase Ichinojo 7 Hakase Terutsuyoshi 6 Hakase Tsurugisho 5 Hironoumi Hakuho 10 Hironoumi Kakuryu 9 Hironoumi Mitakeumi 8 Hironoumi Takakeisho 7 Hironoumi Enho 6 Kaiowaka Hakuho 10 Kaiowaka Kakuryu 9 Kaiowaka Goeido 8 Kaiowaka Onosho 7 Kaiowaka Tochiozan 6 kamogawa Kakuryu 10 kamogawa Tamawashi 9 kamogawa Mitakeumi 8 kamogawa Enho 7 kamogawa Hokutofuji 6 kamogawa Terutsuyoshi 5 Kasamatsuri Kakuryu 10 Kasamatsuri Tochinoshin 9 Kasamatsuri Tomokaze 8 Kasamatsuri Yutakayama 7 Kasamatsuri Ishiura 6 Kasamatsuri Enho 5 Kasamatsuri Tsurugisho 4 Kasamatsuri Toyonoshima 3 Kasamatsuri Kotoyuki 2 Kishikaisei Hakuho 10 Kishikaisei Kakuryu 9 Kishikaisei Goeido 8 Kishikaisei Meisei 7 Kishikaisei Takagenji 6 Kishikaisei Tsurugisho 5 Kitakachiyama Hakuho 10 Kitakachiyama Kakuryu 9 Kitakachiyama Mitakeumi 8 Kitakachiyama Ichinojo 7 Kitakachiyama Onosho 6 Kobashi Hakuho 10 Kobashi Ichinojo 9 Kobashi Hokutofuji 8 Kobashi Mitakeumi 7 Kobashi Daishoho 6 Kobashi Azumaryu 5 Konosato Kakuryu 10 Konosato Hakuho 9 Konosato Mitakeumi 8 Konosato Yutakayama 7 Konosato Tochiozan 6 Konosato Tomokaze 5 Kotononami Kakuryu 10 Kotononami Asanoyama 9 Kotononami Mitakeumi 8 Kotononami Onosho 7 Kotononami Nishikigi 6 Kotononami Ishiura 5 Kotononami Yutakayama 4 Kurofuji Hakuho 10 Kurofuji Kakuryu 9 Kurofuji Ichinojo 8 Kurofuji Mitakeumi 7 Kurofuji Tochinoshin 6 kuroimori Kakuryu 10 kuroimori Tamawashi 9 kuroimori Tomokaze 8 kuroimori Endo 7 kuroimori Takagenji 6 kuroimori Hokutofuji 5 Mmikasazuma Kakuryu 10 Mmikasazuma Tamawashi 9 Mmikasazuma Mitakeumi 8 Mmikasazuma Goeido 7 Mmikasazuma Yutakayama 6 Mmikasazuma Onosho 5 Nantonoyama Kakuryu 10 Nantonoyama Hakuho 9 Nantonoyama Mitakeumi 8 Nantonoyama Ryuden 7 Nantonoyama Enho 6 Nantonoyama Tsurugisho 5 Neko Kakuryu 10 Neko Hakuho 9 Neko Goeido 8 Neko Mitakeumi 7 Neko Ryuden 6 Oskahanada Kakuryu 10 Oskahanada Onosho 9 Oskahanada Mitakeumi 8 Oskahanada Okinoumi 7 Oskahanada Hokutofuji 6 Oskahanada Yutakayama 5 Oskahanada Daishoho 4 pandaazuma Hakuho 10 pandaazuma Kakuryu 9 pandaazuma Goeido 8 pandaazuma Meisei 7 pandaazuma Yutakayama 6 pandaazuma Enho 5 Profomisakari Kakuryu 10 Profomisakari Ichinojo 9 Profomisakari Tochinoshin 8 Profomisakari Hokutofuji 7 Profomisakari Tomokaze 6 Profomisakari Shodai 5 reeeen Hakuho 10 reeeen Tsurugisho 9 reeeen Kakuryu 8 reeeen Tochinoshin 7 reeeen Tamawashi 6 reeeen Kotoyuki 5 Ruziklao Hakuho 10 Ruziklao Kakuryu 9 Ruziklao Mitakeumi 8 Ruziklao Enho 7 Ruziklao Tsurugisho 6 Ruziklao Ishiura 5 Ruziklao Azumaryu 4 Sakura Hakuho 10 Sakura Kakuryu 9 Sakura Kotoshogiku 8 Sakura Mitakeumi 7 Sakura Kagayaki 6 Sakura Yutakayama 5 ScreechingOwl Hakuho 10 ScreechingOwl Kakuryu 9 ScreechingOwl Mitakeumi 8 ScreechingOwl Yutakayama 7 ScreechingOwl Onosho 6 ScreechingOwl Nishikigi 5 Sebunshu Hakuho 10 Sebunshu Kakuryu 9 Sebunshu Tamawashi 8 Sebunshu Mitakeumi 7 Sebunshu Onosho 6 Shatsume Hakuho 10 Shatsume Kakuryu 9 Shatsume Mitakeumi 8 Shatsume Okinoumi 7 Shatsume Takarafuji 6 Shatsume Yutakayama 5 Susanoo Hakuho 10 Susanoo Mitakeumi 9 Susanoo Endo 8 Susanoo Shodai 7 Susanoo Abi 6 Susanoo Yutakayama 5 Taka Hakuho 10 Taka Kakuryu 9 Taka Mitakeumi 8 Taka Meisei 7 Taka Onosho 6 Taka Yutakayama 5 Tenshinhan Hakuho 10 Tenshinhan Kakuryu 9 Tenshinhan Mitakeumi 8 Tenshinhan Tochinoshin 7 Tenshinhan Onosho 6 Tenshinhan Enho 5 Torafujii Hakuho 10 Torafujii Kakuryu 9 Torafujii Takakeisho 8 Torafujii Tochinoshin 7 Torafujii Onosho 6 Tsuchinoninjin Hakuho 10 Tsuchinoninjin Kakuryu 9 Tsuchinoninjin Goeido 8 Tsuchinoninjin Toyonoshima 7 Tsuchinoninjin Azumaryu 6 Tsuchinoninjin Ishiura 5 Tsuchinoninjin Tsurugisho 4 Unkonoyama Hakuho 10 Unkonoyama Kakuryu 9 Unkonoyama Tamawashi 8 Unkonoyama Meisei 7 Unkonoyama Tsurugisho 6 Unkonoyama Yutakayama 5 Wamahada Kakuryu 10 Wamahada Hakuho 9 Wamahada Ichinojo 8 Wamahada Tomokaze 7 Wamahada Sadanoumi 6 wolfgangho Hakuho 10 wolfgangho Mitakeumi 9 wolfgangho Endo 8 wolfgangho Enho 7 wolfgangho Hokutofuji 6 wolfgangho Tsurugisho 5 Yamiumi Yutakayama 8 Yamiumi Toyonoshima 7 Yamiumi Endo 6 Yamiumi Ryuden 5 Yamiumi Kotoshogiku 4 Yamiumi Takarafuji 3 Yamiumi Aoiyama 2 Yamiumi Azumaryu 1
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    GTB Aki Basho 2019 - 98 entries , and RESULTS!!

    You can actually answer this question yourself, the links on the shikona show all picks.
  14. Doitsuyama

    GTB Aki Basho 2019 - 98 entries , and RESULTS!!

    Here are the GTB selection stats, as always interesting stuff.
  15. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    In general I'm following the shikona on which is the official site after all. Their kanji shikona also are used for matching the rikishi in the banzuke and torikumi grabbers so diverting from the official variation makes for awkward extra coding. I still might make these changes at a later date.
  16. Doitsuyama

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2019 Looks like a few placements were... controversial...
  17. Doitsuyama

    Banzuke for Natsu 2019

  18. Doitsuyama

    2019 Haru - Kimarite Statistics

    I always thought ketaguri is kicking the leg while kekaeshi has longer contact, and the difference has nothing to do with time into the bout.
  19. Doitsuyama

    New recruits for Haru 2019

    @AsashosakariDumb question... I have added day 2 to day 5 results to the database now, the basho scores also are as of day 5. Are day 6 to day 9 summaries planned?
  20. Doitsuyama

    New recruits for Haru 2019

    I would very much like to point out that both Haru 1993 and Haru 2019 have exactly 20 recruits at 18 years or older. The huge difference is completely among those younger than 18 years.
  21. Doitsuyama

    Banzuke for Haru 2019

    Thanks for listing the first name changes, I added them to the DB. Here I saw that I still had Ryu for Hayatonishiki. Do you have the kanji for Yuki available?
  22. Doitsuyama

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    That's true. The torikumi sometimes have sources day by day, in that case it's most likely 100% correct. Often I had only the hoshitori-hyo as source, here the torikumi is simply reconstructed going by standard rules.
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    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Speaking about Hakuho's allegedly dwindling dominance, did anyone notice that he is arguably on a 28 win streak right now?
  24. Doitsuyama

    Winter jungyo 2018

    It's kinda unbelievable now, but these four (together with Kotooshu) were Ozeki together during Hakuho's time as Ozeki from Natsu 2006 to Natsu 2007... when Tochiazuma retired before Natsu 2007, Hakuho decided to leave Ozeki as well, going one higher. Almost twelve years as Yokozuna now, that's long ago.
  25. Doitsuyama

    Question Concerning Rank

    Nowadays Makuuchi is fixed to 42 rikishi (40 before that), but it used to be more flexible depending on needs for promotions/demotions/retirements etc.