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    Sumo Reference Updates

    I will announce the updates on the Sumo Reference site on this forum - I feel that's better than somewhere hidden on the site. Firstly I could correct a few errors found by Asashosakari and Randomitsuki. Next I want to thank Gans-san for sharing a lot of material which will be worked into the database, but it's so much it will last some months. Gochisozan also is providing me with a lot of missing lower division results in the Heisei era from his Sumo magazine archive. Of course Nishinoshima also is active and I received a fat letter with lots of material from him. It's so much, I actually could need help in entering all that new data. So, if there is another person or two insane dedicated enough to enter data into Excel sheets, I happily can throw loads of work at them. Ability to read kanji or at least hiragana is widening the range of possible tasks, but there actually also are enough tasks where only kanji for "east" and "west" must be distinguished or even less than this. Actually I can understand if no one wants to do that time-consuming job, but I'm accepting volunteers - just send a PM or email. Now what's new in the database since last week? I have added the missing juryo kimarite from 1974 to 1988 with some rare kimarite (like ipponzeoi, sabaori, gasshohineri etc) among them. There still are a lot more available from Haru 1956 to 1973 waiting to be entered. Then I was able to get the correct W-L records for Aki 1988 and Kyushu 1988. Until now these two full banzuke were entered from the banzuke itself (it was nice training to read the jonidan and jonokuchi shikona on the real banzuke), with the wins implicitly deduced from banzuke movement - naturally no distinction was possible between losses and absences, and final scores from intai rikishi were guessed with 0-0-7. Now everything is correct here. Some minor errors between Hatsu 1989 and Aki 1989 also were corrected and hoshitori added. And lastly I completed the records of Kitamayama's favorite oldest rikishi in Ozumo, Ichinoya.
  2. Doitsuyama

    Sumo db not updated yet?

    It is updated now.
  3. Doitsuyama

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Interestingly the first two out of the only four after 1950 had very short careers, and the third actually got a big lift by several people, including the second in that list.
  4. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    Ms1w Takerufuji lost on day 6 to Hakuyozan which was the first time he lost to a rikishi without university background. Before that his career record was 39-5 with all losses coming to university rikishi. I'm not sure how to put that into some kind of record, like most bouts to start the career without losing to a non-university rikishi, but it seemed remarkable to me.
  5. Doitsuyama

    John Gunning Re: The Ozeki Duo (sorry, Takakeisho)

    It is kind of amazing that the article didn't mention Takakeisho and Atamifuji.
  6. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I'm not sure what is wrong here?
  7. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    It had nothing to do with this kanji, I just somehow missed it. The names are updated, but weirdly the new kanji displays the same as the old kanji on the SumoDB website - if you copy it and paste somewhere else it is visible as new kanji. Probably it is a matter of the font, but I'm not sure how to fix this. Edit: I modified the website to use a different font-family if Japanese language is on and it displays correctly now. Not really happy with the result yet, but I will have another look later.
  8. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    It's not very often that the Juryo yusho winner has more wins than the makuuchi yusho winner, but it's not super rare as well as this basho was the 27th time in the 15 day era that it happened. But it is the first time that this happened two basho in a row as it already was the case in Hatsu 2023. And it's only the third time after Haru 1954 and Kyushu 2007 that not only one, but two Juryo rikishi had more wins than any Makuuchi rikishi. While I'm on this topic, last basho and this basho were the 5th and 6th time in the 15 day era that the Juryo yusho winner had two more wins than the makuuchi yusho winner and the first two times featuring 14 to 12 wins (Haru 2006, Kyushu 1961, Haru 1955 were 15-0 by future Ozeki and Kyushu 1996 had a 5 rikishi tie at 11-4 in Makuuchi).
  9. Doitsuyama

    Ajigawa beya born

    The kanji read Agoura, but apparently this means something very different from what you think it means. The "ou" in Japanese transcription means a long "o", there is nothing of the "u", while the "ou" in Agourar is an o and an u, something completely different.
  10. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    Well, I meant the other two besides Miyabiyama as he was mentioned in the post just above mine..
  11. Doitsuyama

    YDC Post Hatsu 2023

    You can't really count Miyagiyama as he became Yokozuna in 1922 with Osaka sumo which merged 1927 with the NSK.
  12. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    The other two are Wajima and Musoyama. Jokoryu came very close to do it from mae-zumo as he went 27-0 before losing the yusho decider from Ms15e.
  13. Doitsuyama

    Hakuho retires

    Hmm, a bintsuke perfume would be interesting, no?
  14. Doitsuyama

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Last time was Shimoda in Natsu 2006. The banzuke was crowded and so he didn't get promoted to Juryo. Sadly it turned out that he'll never got to the paid ranks.
  15. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Sure, that's enough, so I added it now. It's pretty similar to Miyabiyama after all.
  16. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Being a graduate is no requirement, just officially being in the sumo club of the university.
  17. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Ok, but do they have a sumo team and was he part of it? Being a graduate is no reason to include it in the DB, there were other graduates before where the university had no sumo team or the rikishi wasn't part of it. They do have a sumo team, so the question is if he was a member?
  18. Doitsuyama

    New recruits Kyushu 2022

    0-2 Kosei against 2-0 Kazenoumi and 0-3 Shokeima against 2-1 Kotosato? Switching Kosei and Kotosato would make standard mae-zumo pairings. Also you stated that only Kazenoumi is done at 3-0, but with your results Kotosato also would be done at 3-1. I guess we'll see today. Ok, I have to agree that the video is proof enough. Very weird match-making indeed.
  19. Doitsuyama

    New recruits Kyushu 2022

    Did you perhaps mix up Kosei and Kotosato here? 0-2 Kosei against 2-0 Kazenoumi is unusual for mae-zumo and Kotosato would also be finished at 3-1.
  20. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    This is only the second time that all makuuchi rikishi have a loss after day 4. The only other time was Kyushu 1969 and there were only 34 makuuchi rikishi back then.
  21. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    I didn't synch the four recruits from Aki properly with the Sumo Reference DB. Usually this gets fixed itself after a basho or two when this happens, but Kawazoe was already high up so it's tangentially related to his Ms15Td start.
  22. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    I fixed the Kawazoe bug, and added the 6 records to the DB.
  23. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    If you are not happy with my site, feel free to grab from the official NSK site. But be warned, you have absolutely no idea how often I had to change my code to adapt to changes on the NSK site.
  24. Doitsuyama

    What's so special about Hokuseiho?

    Yeah, the Japanese surely don't have such a national sport with long heritage to draw inspiration from. /s
  25. Doitsuyama

    Trivia bits

    This seems like a dangerous bet with Tsukahara threatening to get to Juryo pretty soon.