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    Games Bugs

  2. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Thanks for all error reports, I think I have corrected the problems recently mentioned in this thread. And no, there will not be any API for direct access to the database.
  3. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    Yes, grabbing the banzuke was another pain as this page also was re-programmed with Ajax from the NSK web wizards. But I got it, and the GTB archive is up to date too:
  4. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    I wanted to send him a PM, but he don't receive them for whatever reason, so here it is: I reset the password for Hpulley (h******* to the password you gave the new user Hari (I don't know it, it's encoded in the database, I just copied it). If you also want to change email addresses, please let me know, I can change that too. But anybody, please don't use second accounts, multiple accounts cause me LOTS of headaches. So hopefully he reads it, I'll send a mail as well.
  5. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    Right, the auto-picker had to be kicked. Luckily for him his backup was Osunaarashi.
  6. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    Thanks to Frinkanohana's comment I got it working again. I tried it with this field already, but had to tweak it a bit more to make it work. Looks like it is up and running again.
  7. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    Well yeah, they changed the html zu embedded ajax, so the clicks on day or division don't need a page change, only the table is rewritten. Nice, and not really new for me to grab. Recreating the ajax requests is easy enough for me. Problem is, these requests only give empty results, so it is likely that there is a server-side check if the request is coming from the page or from external sources which is not nice. If there are people willing to enter the results into the database (and thankfully it looks like it), I can make this possible.
  8. Doitsuyama

    Games Bugs

    I corrected the database first and then investigated the sumogames, but no further corrections were necessary. Seems to me like results are there and picks are possible now. Sorry for the delay but I didn't see this earlier.
  9. Doitsuyama

    Which yokozuna/ozeki will be the last one standing?

    Look at the date of the poll, and you will hopefully understand why Terunofuji isn't there and doesn't even now making any sense because it's about this "generation".
  10. Doitsuyama

    Games Talk Nagoya 2016

    Ok, the Hoshitori Yokozunae aren't doing their job lately, and I installed a simple rule for intai: Less than 45 wins in the last six basho leads to intai (absences count as 7 wins). And yes, this can mean intai with a kachi-koshi, these are yokozuna after all. Itachiyama intaied anyway by missing the last four basho, but the new rule forced intai for Norizo, Ekigozan and Kintaro as well. The remaining five yokozuna actually stay there only on behalf of the two oldest basho in which all were kachi-koshi. Since then they had a few notable scores but mainly fell apart, so the next few basho might see more intai coming as the mark to 45 wins is 3 wins for Flohru, 5 wins for Sukubidubidu, 7 wins for Oskanohana and even 9 wins for Doitsuyama; only Kintamayama is safe for next basho. On a more positive (?) note, Mmikasazuma and especially Nomadwolf had convincing ozeki runs, making it 16 ozeki now as the sole kadoban ozeki Bill saved his rank with the jun-yusho. You can see the new Hoshitori banzuke here:
  11. Doitsuyama

    Do you wanNa go yachting with me 2016?

    I think the confirmation mail issue is resolved now.
  12. Doitsuyama

    Basho Talk - Natsu Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    You mean the Chiyonofuji who was in low makuuchi / juryo at 28 years? While Kisenosato reached Makuuchi shortly after his 18th birthday and never looked back? Even if Kisenosato improves at this stage, a comparison with Chiyonofuji forbids itself, as Kisenosato in reality is in the age record lists for young age.
  13. Doitsuyama

    Basho Talk - Natsu Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    As to Kise's yokozuna run, my feeling is that a yusho 13-2, or a non-yusho 14-1 including a win over Hakuho will be marginally OK for promotion. But a non-yusho 14-1 without beating Hakuho (allowing Hakuho going 15-0) will probably not OK. No, a non-yusho 14-1 will not result in a promotion. After Futahaguro they will probably never ever promote a rikishi to yokozuna without a single career yusho. Expecially because he is Japanese - imagine the pressure on him to "finally win a yusho" after even getting a yokozuna promotion. Nope, not happening. A 13-2 yusho after a 13-2 jun-yusho might just happen - after Goeido's ozeki promotion anything is possible, just not a yokozuna promotion without a yusho.
  14. Doitsuyama


    Hmm, "try to enter", what happened? And regarding the auto-pick, there are lots of autopicks formulas in the DB, the most recent from yesterday (so it seems to work), but none for Gawasukotto. Actually, I wonder why you didn't enter one formula by now after this mail?
  15. Doitsuyama

    Makushita Game Natsu 2016

    shumitto and shimodahito are now added to the banzuke and show up in the standings.
  16. Doitsuyama

    May I interest you with some GTB?

    Although I'd be quite happy with a 44-29 kachi-koshi instead of my ordinary 7-8, the W-L record column on the archive page needs fixing when you have a moment. :-)Fixed. And it was 44--29 of course, not 44-29. ;-)
  17. Doitsuyama

    May I interest you with some GTB?

    The GTB archive is up to date now. As you can see in the selecton stats, the guesses were pretty much all over place in the whole maegashira ranks. Most lucky rikishi were apparently Osunaarashi and Takarafuji as few players expected them to land that high.On the other end Mitakeumi and Daieisho were rather unlucky as only ten players each expected them to rank so low on the new banzuke.
  18. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

  19. Doitsuyama

    New recruits for Haru 2016

    What coincidence - that's exactly why I wrote last Japanese-born Yokozuna in another thread. If I can think about this surely a Japanese newspaper should be aware too. P.S.: If Francis can change his shusshin to a Japanese shusshin, he indeed frees another foreigner slot. It's all about the shusshin.
  20. Doitsuyama

    Haru 2016 Rikishi Status - Final

    Huh? Shinshunishiki. Roll it about your mouth and feel the childishness flow through you. Well, Nishinoshima probably doesn't feel it (and so didn't I) because it's a long u in shu, so Shin-shuu-nishiki. Doesn't roll all that funny. Now, Takayoshitoshi...
  21. You lost me here. While I see your general point, what's the logic in this? Kotoshogiku can well be this 13-2 yusho winner by your logic, no? And a 13-2 yusho would of course be good enough for promotion, as this means two consecutive yusho. Even 12-3 would be good to go, he can proudly follow the example of the last Japanese-born yokozuna with this.
  22. Hakuho had the fewest kensho on the bout among the three yokozuna (11 for him, 13 for Kakutyu, 18 for musubi-no-ichiban Harumafuji). I wonder if that ever happpened before? I think I found the reason for Hakuho being so angry, seeing fewer sponsor flags than ever before... ;-)
  23. Doitsuyama

    New recruits for Haru 2016

    That struck me as weird, too. There are loads of 1998-born high schoolers in the 1997/98 lot, but yeah, no 2001 guys in the even larger 00/01 middle school lot.Maybe a new age cutoff was introduced in the Japanese school system ten years ago? I guess we shall see.
  24. Doitsuyama

    UDH Haru Basho 2016

    And he is on a mission to destroy us...