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  1. Doitsuyama

    Kyujo update

    Yokozuna Musashimaru has not recovered in time from his cartilage surgery after Kyushu 2001 on the left wrist and Musashigawa oyakata announced his kyujo starting tomorrow. Kaiho will get a fusenhai win (and move 3-2 lifetime against the Yokozuna...).
  2. Doitsuyama

    Gloating over day 7

    Kotoseiya really is having a run in the Sumo Game. He is even having more points than my opponents had; my opponents had 63 points and he is clearly the only one in that region with 64 points. As I am not scoring too well this basho with 57 points I have to be lucky with a total of 3-5 so far, three tie-breaks and all won...
  3. Doitsuyama


    The letter in front of the number is a code in which country the note was printed. Sorry, but I didn't find a list of codes with corresponding countries in the net. Since all (not so many) notes in my wallet have the letter X, I assume X ist for "Made in Germany".
  4. Doitsuyama

    Finnish school system

    I read an article in my newspaper referring to the finnish school system: Another article is really funny: Sorry, both articles are in German. I would advise (especially) the finnish readers to try and read the second one to get a good laugh.
  5. Doitsuyama


    Well, I'll be banished from this forum if I tell the solution, but let me assure you that there is no cheat to trick you, just simple geometry...
  6. Doitsuyama

    Takanotsuru, a new version of toki ?

    I don't understand how one can possibly say that Toki and Takanotsuru have a similar style. I had the opportunity to watch some bouts of Takanotsuru in the stream from the NSK site and everyone would tell after two seconds at the latest that this is not Toki. Takanotsuru's style is very much yotsu-sumo, he is going for the belt at once; a move Toki wouldn't do whatsoever. In fact, the style between those two sekitori is as different as it can be...
  7. Doitsuyama

    Why oh why?

    Hmm, I'm not sure you got the point of my remark. I didn't mean that Germany is no team to worry about (it may be true though), but that Germany doesn't have to qualify as host country for 2006... So there won't be any qualification group with Germany.
  8. Doitsuyama

    Why oh why?

    Hello Yuichi, nice forum you are running so far. Only one comment for now: You won't have to worry about having Germany in the qualification group for 2006. I'm positively sure about that ;-)