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    Aki Basho 2002

  2. Doitsuyama

    Tomozuna's son

    Joe Kuroda wrote on the SML ("Rikishi Talk - Day 3"): Kaio ----- (Trying to hide a shock of the death of his oyakata's son) I especially felt I had to win today. (On hearing Tomozuna oyakata felt badly as he could not spend any time at the heya's training sessions while taking care of his sick son) I knew I had to be strong for the younger rikishis and need to do more as the leader. * Tomozuna Oyakata's second son, Hideaki Nishino, passed away of an illness on September 10.
  3. Doitsuyama

    Basketball surprise

  4. Doitsuyama

    Rikishi's mensurations

    The Kyokai has well hidden pages, see here: Tochitaiga Nakanokuni Tokitenku Uno Tani Yoshimi Here you can see real name, birth date, height and weight. If you remove the "/eng" part in the beginning of the path you'll get the Japanese page and can admire all the kanji with the same information.
  5. Doitsuyama

    Banzuke Topics page now up

    These four rikishi and Tochiazuma have kosho status granted. The kyujo-page of the Kyokai website had this information both in Japanese and English; unfortunately this page is removed with the publication of the new banzuke. As I have learnt this by now I save this page after termination of the basho to be able to look after those facts. Btw, does someone know if it has happened that a rikishi with kosho status actually has entered the basho?
  6. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Flash Games

    I took up your challenge, and you're right, it wasn't easy, but see here: By the way, this game is a simple, but good one, a bit like Pacman.
  7. Doitsuyama

    Sumo Flash Games

    You could be right - this one is really crazy. Here is my bait to competition, just the fourth game, so it should be easy for you to beat. ;)
  8. Doitsuyama

    Sumo injuries

    A small correction to the record of Takamisakari. I'll let the white and black stars speak instead of words: 200009 M7w
  9. Doitsuyama

    Takatoriki's senshuraku

    I believe the playoffs should indeed be after the Juryo bouts. Just be aware that the whole schedule is half an hour earlier than usual on senshuraku. I'm not so over-excited because I have forgotten the last time with a working stream on senshuraku. We'll see (or not).
  10. Doitsuyama

    Will Musashimaru win again ?

    I would love to calculate my odds, but I don't have so much time at hand right now. I just estimate now that Musashimaru probably still is clear favorite ahead of Chiyotaikai and Asahoryu, then Tochaizuma. After this there should be a bigger gap to Kotomitsuki and then an even bigger gap. Tochinonada shows good sumo so far, but yusho candidate? No way... Then I'd say Buyuzan has better chances with his very strong oshi-zumo so far. If he gets on a roll and with his low rank there could be something in it for him, but very unlikely.
  11. Doitsuyama

    Kotomitsuki suffering the Sadogatake-decease?

    Well, I just think it is too early to judge a morphing from Kotomitsuki to Kotonowaka just after this bout against Takanonami. I saw this match and have to say that in my opinion Takanonami had the better stance throughout the bout. So I didn't have the impression of Kotomitsuki causing the standstill. With Kotonowaka this is regularly the case. And as Kotoseiya said, you just missed out on Kotonishiki, one of the fastest rikishi in his time. As oyakata have said in interviews, there is not too much they can transfer to the rikishi from their own former fighting style. It's rather the abilities of the rikishi which determine it. Now why are their so many 30-year-plus Koto's out there getting stronger instead of weaker? Maybe Sadogatake is able to continuously motivate them to fight at top level. Motivating is the job of the trainer once the technics are refined enough. Futagoyama surely doesn't seem to make a good job here nowadays... :-P
  12. Doitsuyama

    Ongoing Eurosport coverage

    Where do you have the Kokkai info from? As of the supplement in the "Sumo" magazine 2002.05 he is listed as 187,5 cm and 145 kg. And I had the chance to see him in the stream once (I believe) and he looked just like that - tall and muscular, but not fat at all, like Kyokutenho. Roho is 193 cm and 130 kg, while his almost two years younger brother is 189 cm and 126 kg. The third new Russian Amuru is 192 cm and 91 kg; he gets 19 in August. Possibly the commentator meant Orora? This 19 year old Russian had his Hatsu dohyo two years ago, he was 189 cm and 190 kg. Now he is 192 cm and 192 kg, but he isn't going anywhere on the banzuke. With 47 wins and 44 losses he is in upper Jonidan now.
  13. Doitsuyama

    Germans frighten me

    Well, I think it's rather a question of numbers. There are only two countries with a large participation in Sumo games, USA and Germany. In the last Sekitoto 35 players registered for USA (+ some Americans for other flags) and 23 for Germany. So it's only normal, that many of the strong players are from those two countries too. The only exception I can see is the GTB game. Here really are some "freaks" who take more time than "normal" for this game; Hamanoyama and Feginowaka I know for sure, with Kurausu I don't know how much time he is investing. Gernobono and myself are doing it on a low-time basis (30 mins max), so we aren't "freaks". ;) To clear potential questions in the light of the surge of German Sumo Forum members to the top of the GTB game: I am pretty sure that no information about the guessed banzuke is exchanged between the Forum members besides some chatting.
  14. Doitsuyama

    Nagoya Basho 2002 Banzuke

    I don't understand how you can make out any unfairnesses to specific groups of rikishi. If anything I think that a Minatofuji demotion would have been unfair because he won the "Makushita-Juryo exchange bout" on Senshuraku against Tomikaze while Towanoyama lost to Kotokanyu (if I remember the opponents right). In the case of Sentoryu you really must be kidding. It is tragic for sure, but it is quite obvious that any rikishi in his place would have gotten the same demotion with a 0-0-7 without kosho status. The only really curious thing in the new banzuke is Kyokutenho's placement behind Kotomitsuki, Toki and Takanonami. He should have been ahead of all three, especially ahead of Takanonami, based on previous banzuke. Hamanoyama, Feginowaka and Kurausu are saying the same in the German forum, so I'm not alone here. But I don't believe this happened because Kyokutenho is Mongolian.
  15. Doitsuyama

    Who will win the World Cup ?

    Wow! I was convinced to see Brazil as clear leader, but 3 of 3 voted for Germany before I gave Brazil a vote... I don't understand it, I've heard a lot of people talking now that Brazil has a weak defense. But it seems that few people admit that their offense is by far the strongest of all teams. Even if Belgium had got the goal from Wilmots, I'm convinced they would have lost as England lost despite scoring the first goal. This tournament is reminding me of 1958 in Sweden. The host country in the semi finals against Germany. They won and clearly lost the final to Brazil... So I'm predicting South Korea 1-0 Germany and Brazil 2-1 Turkey. Finals (in Japan) will be a clear thing for Brazil, 3-0. The consolation for me will be that Germany will have the host country advantage in four years; by then the young players like Kehl, Frings, Metzelder, Klose, Ballack and Deisler will be a lot better and Kahn could still be playing...
  16. Doitsuyama

    World Cup 2002

    My central observation is that the European teams are superior so far. Many people are waiting for the emergence of strong teams from Africa or Asia, and the percentage of European teams allowed to the World Cup is ever decreasing, but what is happening? Senegal survived a late scare from Uruguay and is hardly a championship contender. Nigeria is out with one draw scored. Kamerun is out (deservedly, they were weaker than Ireland against Arabia, Germany and even in the direct match-up). Tunesia is still in the race (in a weak group, I might say), but probably will fail against Japan. South Africa has luck with its group with a non-contender in Slovenia. Even they could still fail with a loss to Spain and a win of Paraguay against Slovenia. Well, I don't see a strong opponent for Germany with either South Africa or Paraguay. But Germany can lose or win each game... No words to Saudi Arabia and China. Japan and South Corea are strong, but clearly are feeding off a lot of their home team advantage. They wouldn't be that good in another country. South Corea even has to fear the failing as they still have to face Portugal; their group is stronger then the Japanese one. South America: Ecuador and Paraguay have to win a game and hope for the right result in the other game. Uruguay is out losing to Denmark, Argentina is out (ok, Argentina probably is stronger than the European teams of England and Sweden, but they didn't prove it on the field). Brazil might be the only team advancing from South America... They got a nice "confidence building" group, so a lot is possible for them. Surprisingly the CONCACAF teams are holding strong with USA, Costa Rica and Mexico able to qualify on their own after two games. They might beat South America in the number of surviving teams after the group stage. Well, this might sound, as I am convinced that the European teams are simply the strongest, but they couldn't really convince me either... but they are successful. Six of eight qualified teams so far are from Europe with Senegal and Brazil. What's up with France? No one can really explain their failure. Some months ago they pummeled Germany in a friendly test match and won... I think they were simply arrogant and not fighting like it is necessary against any team in a World Cup. They were playing like they already were qualified against Denmark and not like they needed a 2-0 win, just going through the motions... They clearly were missing the last two years going through real matches with fighting opponents due to being automtically qualified as champions.
  17. Doitsuyama

    New sekitori announced

    You are right of course, I have the same data here with me... I was fooled by the Kyokai site which states that Tochitenko's highest rank was Ms8... Shows me not to trust too much what the site tells.
  18. Doitsuyama

    New sekitori announced

    Well, it's difficult to tell. The Kanji in question can be read Muko and Mukai. So I thought that Kitazakura fought under his real name, which is quite the norm. I think it is rather unusual to take his real name in Kanji as Shikona with a different reading; so maybe there is an error on the Kyokai page... So I still rather think the name is Mukai, not Muko, because the shikona are always accompanied with readings in Hiragana, so they should be far less error prone than the readings of the real names, which can be quite the task even for native Japanese.
  19. Doitsuyama

    New sekitori announced

    I believe it should be Mukai, not Muko according to Masumi Abe. Look here: Well, there is some danger. Makushita Tochitenko got a 4-3 at Ms9 last basho, so he is getting closer. If he should manage to get into Juryo, he would easily surpass Kotokanyu as his Hatsu dohyo was Haru 1982, more than 20 years ago! That would be a record hard to beat. He got 35 at February, 19th... His highest rank until now has been Makushita 8 in Natsu 1998.
  20. Doitsuyama

    Will Sumo ever become an international sport ?

    Nice article, but a bit too much on the negative side. It is a bit tweaking the facts to illustrate only the own viewpoint. Of course no word is said about Takanohana, who obviously was Sumo's golden boy since mae-zumo. He was poised to set all records and thus take popularity of Sumo to new heights. And yet he had to wait for the Yokozuna promotion until achieving two consecutive zensho yusho, with seven yusho in total before getting promoted to Yokozuna. This of course is more than the five yusho of Musashimaru... It is true that the five yusho at Ozeki level are a record, shared with Takanohana, but Takanohana had two more yusho below the Ozeki rank.
  21. Doitsuyama

    Rejuvenated rikishi!

    I welcome your comments wholeheartedly as ever. My views: Kyokush
  22. Doitsuyama

    Natsu Basho 2002

    I voted for Musashimaru because he simply was the strongest rikishi lately and I didn't hear of an injury... As to going on quotes here are my (pre-basho) y
  23. Doitsuyama

    New Sumo Game Idea Part II

    The numbers from Makususuchi for points gained and lost aren't corresponding to an ELO-based system at all. They are just following a linear function to the rating difference... See how a correct formula could look like here: How does the rating formula work? For example rating differences from Yokozuna down to Juryojiri you could get a feel by looking at my ratings of Sekitori since 1989: Doitsuyama's Osumo ratings in Heisei (since 1989)