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  1. Doitsuyama

    Merry Christmas!

    Seasonal greetings from here too. I'll be away for a week or so now, so I'm also wishing an early happy new year to everyone.
  2. Doitsuyama

    New Poll

  3. I'm certainly not qualified to answer your question, but to my knowledge there actually aren't many showstars married to famous sumo-wrestlers. The sumo-wrestlers certainly seem to have an ability to catch some of the better-looking women, but showstars? I don't know... Certainly one reason may be that the wives of sumo-wrestlers are supposed to act as okamisan, when sumo-wrestlers open up their own stable after retiring from the active sport. This job as okamisan is requiring a lot of time and energy, at least this is my impression. So an active showstar doesn't seem to be the ideal match in the light of the long-term prospects.
  4. Doitsuyama

    What major change could make the NSK to reduce ...

    I too vote for "lack of traditional training methods". Manekineko was just saying what I thought. :-P
  5. Doitsuyama

    Talkin' bout re-live on Eurosport

    Just my two cents, especially to Hoshifransu: It seems to me that your doubts and angers about the "wrong" video replay leads into the wrong direction. I personally have no doubt at all that the technical equipment is sufficient enough to come to the correct conclusion that Asashoryu's hand touched the earth first. So I'm really sure that it is NOT a technical problem as you suggest. The shinpan certainly came to the decision for a tori-naoshi because they couldn't agree on whether Shimotori was "dead and out" first or Asashoryu touched earth first. And don't forget that there are five shinpan sitting with their eyes exactly at earth level. They are bound to see more and other things than the cameras are catching. The last point in defense of the shinpan: This could have been a wrong decision, no doubt. No doubt too, that it was a close decision. And where human being are judges (nothing else is possible, think of this), there always will be judgment "errors" (what is a judgment error? another philosophical question). Instead of judgment errors I rather like to speak of bad judgment; "error" and "wrong" are such final words, they could backfire quickly. "Bad" is better showing my own subjective stance.
  6. Doitsuyama

    Kimaritestats in 2002

    Thanks for this posting. I had a lot fun reading it, especially the part about the different hairstyles of Kasugao. (Laughing...)
  7. Doitsuyama

    Will asashoryu win the zensho?

    Hey, at least you guys have to give it to him that he got really close with a 14-1. This is also result which has gotten pretty seldom in the last couple years.
  8. Doitsuyama

    Kaio, chiyotaikai and kotomitsuki

    Just one addition: Chiyotaikai most certainly wasn't in third place last basho. To call his 10-5 finish behind 13-2 Musashimaru and three rikishi at 12-3 "third" is bad logic at best (no insult intended). And I agree, especially for Yokozuna promotion the middle basho of the last three basho is a very important one. So Chiyotaikai is out of the picture. Kaio's last basho had a fine 12-3 jun-yusho as result, but his problem is that he never really was leading the table (= competing for yusho). Kotomitsuki has the problem of a 7-8 make-koshi and last basho he was only Maegashira. So no chance for an Ozeki promotion. I even think a 12-3 now followed by a 10-5 in the next basho is maybe not enough (but two 11-4 could possibly be, because then there is no weak basho, like in Miyabiyama's case).
  9. Doitsuyama

    Kyushu 2002 yusho

    I think the safe tip would be Musashimaru, but I selected Chiyotaikai. Honestly - to me it is wide open between Musashimaru, Takanohana, Kaio, Chiyotaikai, Asashoryu and Tochiazuma. All six seem to be at a strong level.
  10. Doitsuyama

    Do you like escher's work?

    Count me in too as a big fan of M.C. The LEGO projects are really too good. Especially the way the made the stairway looking like going up in a circle in "Ascending and Descending" with LEGO is worth a look.
  11. Doitsuyama

    Kill the pop-ups, kill the pop-ups

    Why, my computer must be the next stable thing:
  12. Doitsuyama

    Who was the best ozeki since 1981?

    @Zentoryu: Since you'd like to modify the intention of the poll to include those Ozeki who eventually became Yokozuna, I wanted to state that in my opinion Asahifuji is not the best one. It just has to be Takanohana - hands down. Takanohana was during 11 basho ranked as Ozeki. He won five yusho in that span, two zensho yusho and three 14-1 yusho. Other than that he had a 13-2, a 12-3, 3 11-4 basho and one weak basho with 7-8. This just has to better than Asahifuji in every aspect. Ok, Asahifuji never was kadoban, but he was close several times with three 8-7 and two 9-6 (he was 18 basho ranked at Ozeki).
  13. Doitsuyama

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    I read that article with my very broken Japanese and you're right, he won all 11 leaving an "appeal of complete restoration". :-9 Please continue to post links for such articles. I know that they aren't too easy to find since Sumo nowadays isn't exactly flooding the sports sections of Japanese nespapers... (Eh?) Well, now I'm slowly trying to actually read those articles in an attempt to improve my Japanese reading "skills". (Xmas...)
  14. Doitsuyama

    Who was main responsible of Sumo boom in the 90s ?

    Well, it's impossible that Kirinoumi of Sumo-gaming named himself after the Makushita-Kirinoumi. That's because he was the first one of the two with this shikona :-0 The real Kirinoumi shanged his shikona to the current one after the Sumo-gaming Kirinoumi already was there. To Hoshif(u)ransu: this won't be a shikona, as well as Doitsuyama, because Furansu and Doitsu are Katakana, and this probably won't ever be seen in a shikona (except for the small katakana ke, which is read ga, as in SadoGAtake and the katakana no). Of course there could be Kanji used as phonetic substitutes, but that's not so likely.
  15. Doitsuyama

    Do you believe in a new World exhibition in 2005 ?

    I have a bit more of information scanned from the book Grand Sumo Fully Illustrated, see here: Overseas Performances. I recommend strongly to view it at 100%, then the text is pretty good legible. In addition to the list of Hoshifransu there seemingly were also tours to Spain and Germany (D
  16. Doitsuyama

    Kotomitsuki won tournament

    200.000 yen? This are barely 2.000 Euro, so I checked the source. The prize money is given as "200 man en". "Man" is the normal Japanese unit for larger numbers as "thousand" is for Westerners. But the twist is that "man" isn't thousand but ten thousand... so the prize money was 2.000.000 yen. Btw, thanks a lot for your reports and the links to the sources; it is just amazing how many of the kanji are recognizable now for me, one year after beginning from the scratch. Try it, totally new horizons are opening this way. :-) Just be warned, it will twist your brain crenellations into unforeseen structures. :-)
  17. Doitsuyama

    Who do you think will be back in Makuuchi in '03 ?

    I voted for Yotsukasa. He looked to be quite well recovered in the bouts I could see in the stream last basho, and he rather easily got promoted to Juryo again. At 29 years I think his natural potential should still be at least that of a low Maegashira, so eventually he should make a visit next year. Another one with a good chance is Wakakosho, who will be in high Juryo already next basho. I didn't vote him, because I think he is not so strong as Yotsukasa is. Possibly the candidate isn't Yotsukasa but Daizen as a simple kachi-koshi next basho could suffice with some banzuke luck. But I don't see him as Makuuchi potential anymore. Of course Hayateumi, Towanoyama and possibly Sentoryu have more strength than Yotsukasa but they all have a long time to go until they are recovered, if ever. I believe Hayateumi suffered an ACL injury last basho, right? (Has there been a operation so far?) So he should return to the dohyo in March possibly with a make-koshi in Makushita like Takamisakari did... I could see Towanoyama in the stream last basho and he looked quite weak. And Sentoryu - just tell me, how could he go 5-2 in the first basho after his injury (after a 5-0 start) and 2-5 with two months more recovery time?
  18. Doitsuyama

    Takanosato a great yokozuna ?

    If this is a picture from the Makuuchi dohyo-iri, then it is probably from January 1979 as Takanosato was M12w and Terunoyama was Maku-jiri at M13w. But in theory it could also be a picture from the Juryo dohyo-iri of March 1979 as both went 5-10 in January and were J2e and J3e respectively in March. Takanosato won the Juryo yusho with 11-4 in March while Terunoyama went 8-7 and took the Juryo yusho in May with 12-3. Ah, all those facts...
  19. Doitsuyama


    That's a good question. I have seen him now several times on the web stream, with more losses than wins I think. Still it is not so easy for me to answer your question. Let me say that he hasn't really specialized on a style yet. He is rather trying to win with force, be it oshi or yotsu. His technical abilities surely can be improved.
  20. Doitsuyama

    Kotomitsuki is back!?

    @Emphyrio: Don't get fooled from Kotoseiya. Kotoseiya-san is a hardcore-supporter for Sadogatake-beya, and everytime he says something not overly optimistic regarding rikishi belonging to Sadogatake-beya, this is just pure self-protection. :-/
  21. Doitsuyama

    Long bout

    I think you mean a bout in Juryo one or two days ago. It escapes me right now which one it was (Senshuyama-Takanotsuru?). It was neither matta nor mizu-iri, but two subsequent tori-naoshi.
  22. Doitsuyama

    Intai rumour

    Yes, Minatofuji, see above. :-)
  23. Doitsuyama

    Intai rumour

    On the SML it even was already reported that Minatofuji doesn't have to worry about Jun-toshiyori terms as he outright got the Tatsutagawa myoseki (back?) from Shikishima. Shikishima switches to (vacant?) Fujigamine myoseki. Anyone more knowledgeable than me about this stuff can tell more about the Fujigamine myoseki? (Chiyozakura, Yubiquitoyama?)
  24. Doitsuyama

    Intai rumour

    At least this year has produced a Super Banzuke Yokozuna... ok, back to the regular broadcast...