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  1. CH-rikishi

    European Sumo Union Presidential Election

    Results: Bulgaria / France
  2. CH-rikishi

    European Sumo Union Presidential Election

    Personnaly I would go for Hungary / France
  3. CH-rikishi

    World Championships 2010 in Warsaw

    Hello all, From what I understood from the information sheets, everybody is in the same hotel (Hotel Centrum). According to Google maps this is 5.4 km from the Gymnasium where the championships are being held. And anyway transport between the two is free during the venue. After closer look at different information papers, I just noticed that this : "After received your response of
  4. CH-rikishi


    The IFS is not saying there is a particular problem with one location. Rather, the problem is international travel and the movement of people. this means that wherever the event might be held the problem is the same Now, that does not mean that I subscribe to their concerns, only that this is the interpretation of their message. I wonder also how much the global economic situation had to play in this decision... Strange too that there seems to be no problem with them sending wrestlers from all over the globe to the World Games in July !
  5. CH-rikishi


    I suggest that European countries who have money in their annuel budget that was earmarked for the World Championships, use it instead to bring more young people to the European Championships in August. Even if they are not top performers, it would be a big experience for them and would boost them to work harder....
  6. CH-rikishi

    European Sumo Championships, 2009

    Things are going full steam ahead to get everything ready for this year's European Sumo Championships. With the 10 extra categories decided last year, we will now be giving out no less than 44 european titles over the 3 days of competiton. We have creating an info-blog where you can go to find out all about time-tables for competitions, food, hotels, transport, who's coming, traveling around and general regional tourist information. the address is : The first infos are up more will be added in days to come. Hope to see a lot of you there, either on the dohyo or in the cheering crowds... CH-rikishi
  7. CH-rikishi

    European Sumo Championships, 2009

    For those who are interested here are the google earth coordinates of where the championships will be held. 46
  8. CH-rikishi

    Purchase of Mawashi

    Here is an interesting address: This company is in Poland and they were advertising during the europeen championships last june. On the ads we received they were selling mawashi for 45 Euros. The link shows that they sell sumo mats but as I am not fluent in Polish I haven't found the mawashi on their web site. maybe a mail to them will get more information. CH-rikishi
  9. CH-rikishi


    Hello all, Here is my inside view of the WSC 2008, (not in any particular order of time or importance) 1- Very pleased as I at last was able to put a face on my Irish-Japanese rival in the women's equality on dojo fight... (Lifting weights...) 2- Best sayonara meal I've participated in since Vicegrad European's in 2005 3- Very best AFTER sayonara party ever, (except maybe for the exactitude of some of the singing)... 4- Very WORST welcome party ever: team presentations were OK but local estonien songs sound like orcestrated slaughter houses... Now I know where Hollywood gets it's sound tracks for gore films !!! 5- Great lodgings: staying in Vinni in the hotel directly above the dojo where Baruto used to train (sort of a pilgrimage ! ) and free access to pool sauna training room great extra. 6- Finally got my world referee licence after 2 years. 7- Got to do the annoncements of men's and women's heavy and open categories because the Japanese where worried about Katrina voice going. (felt like walking into a shrine !) Overall a great experience which will be remembered for a long time. A few things I learnt or heard while there: - As replacement annoncer the kimarite were whispered to me by a japanese officiel whose job it was to decide which one it was! - The junior heavyweight japanese guy (the one with the orange mawashi) is going Ozumo next year. - Jaroslav Poriz is highly suspected of doping as when he was asked to provide a urine sample by the officiel japanese anti-doping control doctor, he violently hit out at the security guard at the door, ran out of the room, jumped into a car and drove off. The ISF and the ESU are getting the WADA (World Anti-Doping Associationt) to investigate. - The two junior russian wrestlers were annonced as absent after the ISF committee informed all nations that all medal winners and 40 other randomly selected wrestlers would undergo antidoping controls.
  10. CH-rikishi


    There isn't anything to worry about. In the officiel Papers from estonia, you just give them your arrival time and they will come and collect you from Tallinn Airport. See you all there CH-rikishi
  11. CH-rikishi

    Sumo - buttock slapping

    On a medical basis there is another possible explication: Suffering pain (self-inflicted or otherwise) causes release of endorphines from various glands near the brain. These are similar in molecular structure to Morphine and are a natural painkiller. Slapping one's butt causes this release just before fighting; therefore causing the whole body to become slightly numb and less sensitive to slaps and hits from the opponant. CH
  12. CH-rikishi

    Swiss Sumo Open 2008

    Hello out there, We are organising an Open Sumo Tournament in Renens, Switzerland (near Lausanne) on the 30th of August. The tournament is open to men and women, as well as boys and girls under 18. The weight categories will be those used in the World Championships in Estonia. As this is the only tournament for young people between Krotoszyn in June and Rakvere in October, we think that it would be a good trial tournament for under 18's. (For adults too...) We have sent copies of the information papers to all european officiel addresses, but unfortunately we didn't have e-mail addresses for other continents. If you would like to receive a copy of the information papers or for any other questions, please send us an e-mail. All the best, and hope to see you here in Switzerland. CH-rikishi
  13. CH-rikishi


    Hi Nishinoshima, Are you sure of your dates ? I received an ad from the Estoniens saying the world championships are on the 11th and 12th. CH-rikishi
  14. CH-rikishi


    Sorry mate if I offended, definetly not done intentionally. Having only spent twice 10 days in Japan for amasumo I clearly can't "see" certain things with a japanese culturel view-point. I suppose from the japanese angle the original question of "can women climb onto doyhos ?" is like saying "when will a man be able to become a geisha ?" It's not culturally conceivable...
  15. CH-rikishi


    And cook. And ban them from driving. I could live with that. The driving ban I could agree on as some drunk B**CH slamed into the back of my parked car over new year, but cooking... no way I'm a far better cook than my wife..... (modest me !) (maybe that's why I'm into amasumo rather than being a jockey) ... lol