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  1. Raishu

    Corona and sumo

    I am missing a detail, which I haven't found neither here nor on other channels: Has Kotokantetsu asked for a normal kyujo (with the regular drop in rank) and was denied, or to stay away from the tournament out of fear to contract the virus and keep his rank like the ones already infected? If the latter was the case, a denial of kyujo doesn't come as a surprise. If he had handed in a regular kyujo notice for whatever injury, that would have also done the trick to stay away. Looks like he wanted to play with open cards and we have to respect his decision not to be part of the NSK anymore. Very weird scenario!!
  2. Raishu

    Retirees November 2020

    After the November basho, the following Rikishi are now retired: Former Sekitori: - Kotoshogiku - Gagamaru - Hitenryu ------------------------------------------------- Non-sekitori retirements: - Kotoseigo - Kihonoumi - Asahijo - Sasazaki - Wakaryusei - Uminishiki - Haruku - Taiga - Oju
  3. Raishu

    New Juryo - Hatsu 2021

    There are four promotions (translated shikona just guesses. I will edit this post, if neccessary): Shin-Juryo: Oho (王鵬) - former Naya (Otake-beya) Tohakuryu (東白龍) - former Shiraishi (Tamanoi-beya) Returnees: Yago (Oguruma-beya) Ryuko (Onoe-beya)
  4. Do we know whether he will become wakaimonogshira/sewanin (can't remember which post), or is he set to leave the NSK alltogether?
  5. Raishu

    Arashio Criticizes China

    That phenomena is called "language attrition" and can be observed quite often, when someone has left his/her native speaking environment for a longer period of time. Your example of the British man living in Spain prefectly fits the pattern. Especially children are more prone to forgetting about their first language, but basically, the amount of time is the major contributing factor overall. Hence, Sokokurai's preference of Japanese makes perfect sense, since he has been using this language primarily for the largest part of his life. Although there are several other Mongolian speaking Rikishi in Ozumo, we don't know a) how often he interacts with these guys and b) whether their encounters happen in groups where Japanese is predominant? It has also become a field of research: https://languageattrition.org/
  6. Raishu

    Preparations of the masses- November 2020

    I am almost 100% sure that the last unnamed Rikishi is probably Kainoryu from Tomozuna beya - currently ranked Ms21w. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=7130 https://tomozuna-beya.jp/about/makushita/
  7. Raishu

    Retired after Aki 2020

    Sounds plausible. I can't find the documentary anymore (probably got taken down?), but it highlighted Daigonishiki as the one responsible for chanko. A quick search shows that Akinomaki also named him as the chanko-ban here on the forum: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/38278-new-recruits-for-kyushu-2018/?page=2
  8. Raishu

    Retired after Aki 2020

    There goes the Takasago-beya chanko nabe chef. He had been in charge of the kitchen for years and would appear in documentaries (Asashoryu-days) to give information on how cooking was done in his heya.
  9. Raishu

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Going by memory, only this guy with three JK-Yushos under his belt comes to my mind: LINK EDIT: Seiyashi was quicker!
  10. Raishu

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Basic rule: A win improves your chances to climb higher, a loss doesn't do any harm (so a 4-4 is still technically a 4-3). This is what I learned in the past.
  11. Raishu

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    So, the question should be about form and not outcome, right? I know it is nitpcking, but it is somewhat funny to often read yusho predictions made by users within the first three days of the tournament, only for them to revise their view on day 8 (when day 3 leader has crumbled already) and dropping their day 8 pick on day 12 to commit themselves to the actual yusho winner. But all good here! This is just my personal take on this.
  12. Raishu

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    I think yusho winner predictions on day 2 are as worthy as the 1991 fleer baseball card set. ;-) I know it is fun to speculate, but I wouldn't give a thing on predictions made before day 11 or 12.
  13. Just out of curiousity, do you have any source to underline your assumption, that Kakuryu is planning to naturalize? I couldn't find any statement or whatsoever and has always been of the impression, that his future lies in Mongolia (especially with his family still living there).
  14. Raishu

    Shikihide beya troubles

    Generally a good idea. But with Shikihide, it's difficult. The stable is located in Ryugasaki, Ibaraki prefecture and thus is pretty far away from most of the heya in the Tokyo area. You would easily commute more than three hours each day. I assume, the majority of the oyakata have their apartments/houses near the heya to which they are attached and live there with their respective families. Since being a shisho is a full time job more or less, you must either a) move into Shikihide stable / find a second apartment closeby (which means living away from your family) or b) spend a good portion of time in trains and trams And now you have to find an oyakata who wants to do that. (+ teaching this special group like Akinomaki has already pointed out).
  15. Raishu

    Other Runaway rikishi

    (1) In a documentary about Kyokushuzan from the early 2000's, he mentioned that the okami-san was the key factor for the runaways to return to the heya. She also confirmed that. Reason to leave was the harsh training regime by Oshima oyakata. When she begged them to return with tears in her eyes, the Mongolians decided to follow ("We didn't want to make a woman cry"). If it's true or just a bit added drama ... who knows. (2) I guess, that's the documentary about Kyokutaisei.
  16. Raishu

    Are Abi's days numbered?

    One basho suspension and/or final warning. Oyakata receiving a salary cut for x months due to lack of guidance. My personal guess.
  17. Raishu

    Rock bands...

    This happens when you attend BRIT School and start fooling around with instruments. Super interesting band and the drummer (Morgan Simpson) can easily become one of the most influential modern drummers in the 2020s. + I cant imagine how they will sound in 10 years, but they are combining spoken short stories and music at the moment.
  18. Raishu

    Corona and sumo

    ?? The current Naruto-beya is located in the Sumida ward. They shouldn't have any trouble at all regarding distances. If you mean the old Naruto-beya (run by the late Takanosato) that is now Tagonoura-beya you would be right, since this stable once had its headquarters in Chiba as well, before the current shisho moved it to Tokyo as Tagonoura stable.
  19. Raishu

    Nakagawa-beya closed down - next scandal

    Well, a high-profile professional career doesn't automatically mean you'll be a good trainer. But the answer to this is quite easy: He was the affiliated oyakata at Oitekaze (that temporarily hosted the Kasugayama-beya rikishi), hence there the connection. IIRC, the people in Kawasaki (where Nakagawa is located) also petitioned for the stable to stay in their neighbourhood, so the NSK wanted and needed a "volunteer" to take over in that particular prefecture.
  20. Raishu

    Tomokaze and Yago

    Yago and his knee problems have been a never ending story ... even before he joined the pros. During his days at Saitama Sakae high school he had injured his knees severely and needed rehabilitation. Not to mention he had to postpone his entry as Makushita Tsukedashi in 2017 when his knees gave him trouble again (wanted to join in March, started in May).
  21. Raishu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    JK 26W Takatsukasa's profile produces an error when you switch to the Japanese version. It says: 404 - File or directory not found. Observations regarding the KABU-section: Tateyama (ex-Homarefuji) is listed without an ichimon-affiliation - thus appears at the bottom of the list. And on a general note: The kabu-list still mentions Tatsunami-ichimon, which can be changed to Isegahama-ichimon.
  22. Raishu

    Takekaze Retires

    Final minutes of the hairsnipping ceremony. His son took part as well. Observations: Oguruma clearly having trouble to cut off the top knot. The yobidashi had to intervene and assist. I hope I am wrong here, but he doesn't look very healthy. Yoshikaze (Nakamura Oyakata) needed help to mount the dohyo. I guess his recovery from that nasty knee injury is still in progress - hopefully, he will get back to 100%. Since I don't know anything about the relationship between Take and Yoshi, I will not start to speculate ... but no handshake, no tapping on the shoulders, no warm words (unlike all other people from the sumo world, who took part). Interview
  23. Raishu

    Toyonoshima Soldiering On

    Interesting guess regarding the Goeido-Kurohimeyama-Sakaigawa connection. Would make perfect sense to me. The Toyonoshima situation leaves me puzzled as well. You have speculated about the Magaki share in the past (Tosayutaka only being the loaner and Toyonoshima the owner) and it seems to be the only plausbile scenario left. http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/12380-latest-kabu-babu-changes/?page=32 Eventhough listed as the owner, we can't be 100% certain that Tosayutaka is indeed the owner of the share. Magaki aside, perhaps Toyonoshima has something else in the making or simply can't afford to buy a share at the moment (money problems?? - but that's pure speculation).
  24. Raishu

    Sanyaku debutants in 2020

    Hello there, I like polls. So I thought, "Why not posting a poll?". And here it is. The subject's pretty random - to be honest - but IMO a good one for guesses and debates. Who will make his sanyaku debut in 2020? I've done some sort of preselection and decided on a group of roughly 20 rikishi - likely ones, mainstays and unlikely ones included. I have purposely left out veterans over 30y and very mediocre mainstays without a debut (the likes of Tokushoryu, Sokokurai, Nishikigi, Daishomaru among others), since I don't regard them as potential candidates here. If you think otherwise, select "other" and post a comment. Tomokaze is not on the list, since his injury will sideline him for a longer period of time. Further, you won't find any rikishi from Makushita and below (I know we have guys like Naya or Roga), so again: select "other" and comment. The poll will close automatically (hopefully!) after the basho has concluded. Happy new year!
  25. Raishu

    Sanyaku debutants in 2020

    Even when you set up a poll with anonynous votes? I can't see or click anything that makes names appear in the poll section.