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  1. Raishu

    Ajigawa beya?

    Just on a quick side note: On my sheets, I have Takarafuji linked with the Kiriyama stock - currently used by Asahisho on loan. The share itself has had its links with the old and new Isegahama stable, so I would assume that Takarafuji's future can be divided from the current Ajigawa/Isegahma situation.
  2. I always perceived that oyakata decide for themselves whether they want to continue or not.... regardless of their former role or position. Let's not forget a sanyo is also cheaper in salary than a regular employed oyakata, so it's probably in the NSK's financial interest as well. Regarding kabu succesion I would rather calculate with 70 than 65 years as retirement age from now on. Even ill-healthed guys like Araiso and Oguruma stay on ... I expected them to go into well deserved retirement, but no. I voiced this once before: I am rather surprised that the rikishi-kai has never addressed this important topic because it makes career planning after intai severely complicated and puts more guys on hot seats than neccessary.
  3. Raishu

    Heya moves

    So these must be the premises that belonged to the OG Azumazeki beya (run by Takamiyama). I think the ones in Katsushika (where Ushiomaru set the heya after the shisho's retirement) are now used by Futagoyama beya, IIRC.
  4. Raishu

    New recruits Haru 2022

    Thanks for your reply. I thought so too, that numbers might be published around the rescheduled event.
  5. Raishu

    New recruits Haru 2022

    I assume that means no official numbers until then or have they been published already? I couldn't find anything online.
  6. Raishu

    Kyokushuuhou retires

    I fondly remember the well-staffed "Future Yokozuna Kyokushuho bandwagon" here on the forum (any of these members still active btw?). Many had high hopes for him, but his journey up the ranks ended at Maegashira 4. Sure enough, his sekitori career can be labelled a success overall, but I would have expected at least one Sanyaku appearance. As far as we know, he hasn't acquired Japanese citizenship and will leave the NSK. Good luck to him!
  7. Well, it's just an interpretation from my part, but you could see very reserved behaviour from both of them during Takekaze's danpatsushiki when Nakamura had his turn with the scissors. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b5Wzvmz3oxM&feature=youtu.be While Oshiogawa had handshakes, shoulder taps and nice words with basically all of the attendees, well ... with Nakamura, there was only frozen air. But as I said, pure speculation...
  8. Raishu

    Pokemon collabs with Sumo

    Going by facial expression, I'd definitely say Snubull.
  9. Raishu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    It looks like Kagamio's heya change hasn't been acknowledged in the database (maybe due to him being banzuke gai?). http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=2929 Ryusei's data (the second survivor of the now defunct Kagamiyama beya) seem to be fine.
  10. Raishu

    Araiso-heya branch out

    Well, first of all, you simply need some deshi to kickstart your heya generally. After its establishment, Araiso will still have plenty of time to gather real prospects at his stable. For example, Kise oyakata also took some - let's say mediocre - rikishi with him, before he turned his heya into a university grad powerhouse years later. It doesn't really matter what Araiso is doing now as long as his stable will prosper in the long run, IMO
  11. Raishu

    Ikioi retires

    Just on a quick side note: Regardless whether we know anything about Ikioi's potential desire to become a stablemaster, the fastest way for him to get in charge of a heya would be to take over Kagamiyama-beya in 2023. Same ichimon and apparently an Isenoumi-offspring-stable ... a takeover which would preserve the heya's historic lifeline in a way. And let's be honest: Taking over Kagamiyama is basically a start from scratch with just two remaining riskihi (who might retire alongside their shisho) and one affiliated oyakata.
  12. Raishu

    Araiso-heya branch out

    I am also surprised to see a deshi following him, who has basically joined Ozumo one basho after Araiso-oyakata himself. I guess they have naturally bonded over time, probably also due to the fact, that Adachi served as Kise's tsukebito for many years. And Tagonoura won't lose a rikishi with much room for improvement, since Adachi is already 35 years of age. Good luck to the new shisho!!
  13. Excellent post!! That one should probably pinned somewhere, as it provides all necceassary information on how kabu acquistion worked/works in the NSK. Speaking of money trades and whether they still occur or not, I would throw my guess into the ring and claim they still happen and will continue to happen. Eventhough the NSK assigns the successor of a myoseki now, I can't imagine the oyakata in charge to shoot themselves in the foot and abolish money trades entirely, since they themselves had to pay millions of yen to receive their elder stock in the past. In a way, these kabu also serve as an additional retirement fund for former rikshi, since you can expect a nice money boost from selling a kabu and pretty much polish up your last years financially. I would imagine it the following way (but be aware this is just pure guessing without having clear facts on the matter). Oyakata X reaches 65 (or 70) and has to consider leaving the NSK. X gets into contact with the administration and asks, who has applied to receive his elder stock Z. NSK tells X, that rikishi Y wants to acquire Z and is the destined successor to the stock. X reaches out to Y and tells him, he will support his desire to acquire elder stock Z and both start to negotiate private payments on a certain sum (maybe a monthly rate), which will not be reflected on any official accounting of the NSK whatsoever. X and Y come to an agreement. X reaches back to the NSK and approves that he will leave the NSK for good and supports the appointment of Y as a new oyakata. This concept is also insprired by the fact, that rikishi can still loan a kabu from other rikishi. Why would we need to claim a former sekitori borrowed the kabu from the actual shareholder, when the certificates had to be given back to the NSK? Maybe I am wrong here, but I would consider a rikishi to be the "owner" of a kabu, when he is officially assigned to carry the name. Tricky indeed! As a public interest coorperation, they probably handle (or have to handle) things as described above officially, but I can't imagine 105 investors (they are basically investors to me ) to throw away millions of yen voluntarily, that once had to be payed for the stock.
  14. Raishu

    Next Most Likely Branch-out

    Lol, as if someone has followed our discussion here. So Yoshikaze has become the number contender for the Oguruma-name or what?
  15. Raishu

    Next Most Likely Branch-out

    Interesting topic. I'd say Akinomaki's analysis is pretty good and reflects my thoughts on potential branch-outs, aside from what he has summarized concerning recent media reports (Araiso, Oshiogawa, Nakamura, Hidenoyama). Overall, opening a new stable often depends on whether a rikishi sees a chance to take over his home stable (or another one), or wants to face the challenge to build from scratch. Kasugano e.g., he will turn 60 next year and ex-Tochiozan is still pretty young. A takeover at the age of ~40y. would still give him two and a half decades to lead one of the most prestigous heya out there (unless guys like Tochinonada or Tochinohana have already received the promise for a takeover). Same could be said about Takekuma (Sakaigawa shares the same age as Kasugano) - but as an ex-Ozeki, he might go independent (as seems to be the norm with many rikishi, who have reached the top two ranks). Onogawa has to be erased from the list, since he simply doesn't qualify for a branch-out (minimum sixty Makuuchi basho). Regarding Kakuryu: Michinoku will turn 65 in 2024. IMHO, he can take the opportunity to learn from ex-Kirishima the next years and then take over smoothly, when the shisho will reach the mandatory retirement age (maybe renaming the heya Izutsu-beya, since it is a branch-off from Kakuryu's ex-stable). On a general note: I have voiced the opinion several times, that I hope for less branch-outs, since we already have enough stables out there (some of them being super small and barely providing a fruitful training environment - Kagamiyama or Kataonami come to mind). Aside from the already named rikishi, I can't see who might branch-out in the near future ... so I will just wait and see.