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  1. Raishu

    Tomokaze and Yago

    Yago and his knee problems have been a never ending story ... even before he joined the pros. During his days at Saitama Sakae high school he had injured his knees severely and needed rehabilitation. Not to mention he had to postpone his entry as Makushita Tsukedashi in 2017 when his knees gave him trouble again (wanted to join in March, started in May).
  2. Raishu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    JK 26W Takatsukasa's profile produces an error when you switch to the Japanese version. It says: 404 - File or directory not found. Observations regarding the KABU-section: Tateyama (ex-Homarefuji) is listed without an ichimon-affiliation - thus appears at the bottom of the list. And on a general note: The kabu-list still mentions Tatsunami-ichimon, which can be changed to Isegahama-ichimon.
  3. Raishu

    Takekaze Retires

    Final minutes of the hairsnipping ceremony. His son took part as well. Observations: Oguruma clearly having trouble to cut off the top knot. The yobidashi had to intervene and assist. I hope I am wrong here, but he doesn't look very healthy. Yoshikaze (Nakamura Oyakata) needed help to mount the dohyo. I guess his recovery from that nasty knee injury is still in progress - hopefully, he will get back to 100%. Since I don't know anything about the relationship between Take and Yoshi, I will not start to speculate ... but no handshake, no tapping on the shoulders, no warm words (unlike all other people from the sumo world, who took part). Interview
  4. Raishu

    Toyonoshima Soldiering On

    Interesting guess regarding the Goeido-Kurohimeyama-Sakaigawa connection. Would make perfect sense to me. The Toyonoshima situation leaves me puzzled as well. You have speculated about the Magaki share in the past (Tosayutaka only being the loaner and Toyonoshima the owner) and it seems to be the only plausbile scenario left. http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/12380-latest-kabu-babu-changes/?page=32 Eventhough listed as the owner, we can't be 100% certain that Tosayutaka is indeed the owner of the share. Magaki aside, perhaps Toyonoshima has something else in the making or simply can't afford to buy a share at the moment (money problems?? - but that's pure speculation).
  5. Raishu

    Sanyaku debutants in 2020

    Even when you set up a poll with anonynous votes? I can't see or click anything that makes names appear in the poll section.
  6. Raishu

    Sanyaku debutants in 2020

    Well, basho is over, poll is closed ... let's wrap it up a little bit. 9/14 voted for Meisei (me included, to be honest), but I am sure a few would revise their decision after seeing him fight with that nasty elbow injury. Withdrawal and a 1-7-7 record surely are a major blow to his potential rise to Sanyaku. If he really wants to be there by the end of the year, he'll need to heal up quickly and post great results after this disastrous Hatsu Basho. But we all know, that healing up in Ozumo is a tough thing to do. Yutakayama scores the second most votes (6/14) and has posted his second best Makuuchi result ever. So far, he has been ranked above M5 only once (scoring only three wins back then), so he still owes us proof, that he is capable of making the next step. But I can see why almost 50% of the participants voted for him - his sumo isn't that shabby, but he still lacks consistency. With many aging sekitori veterans on decline, he could be able to move up there within 2020. I am not fully convinced, but we shall see. Coming in third is Takanosho (4/14), who is a steady climber but has yet to reach the joi-ranks - also due to the injury he had suffered exactly one year ago. 7-8 from his career high rank isn't that bad, but surely doesn't fuel people's expectations concerning his rise to Sanyaku. Again, with the change of guards being in full progress, he might make it till the end of the year. But to overtake his elderly peers, he surely needs to bring a bit more. Aside from the rikishi mentioned above, everyone else has received three or less votes. And by looking at numbers and performances in the January tournament, I am sure Kiribiyama has made the list of a few more people now. A very good debut including a Fighting Spirit Prize surely adds to his resume and from all the Mongolian youngsters without a Sanyaku appearance so far, he surely looks like the most promising to get there first. I could review every rikishi from our list, but this would be too much for me to do right now - so that's it from me (plus, we have the "young generation threads" in Ozumo discussion, which are great stuff!) Thank you for your participation! (By the way, who was the funny guy that voted for Yago? )
  7. Raishu

    New Juryo for Haru 2020

    I have been following him more closely for years now (saw him as young deshi in a documentary) and if it wasn't for his injuries, he probably would have made Makuuchi already. I hope he can benefit from the change of guard right now and propel himself into the top division within a short period of time. I am hesitant to predict a future sanyaku appearance, but I expect him to become a Makuuchi regular sooner or later - and at only 24 years, there's still room for progress.
  8. Raishu

    Goeido to Retire

    Wow, that comes as a surprise. And once more, this name crosses ichimon lines (permanently?). From Isegahama over Tokitsukaze to Dewanoumi within 7 years ... nice. Additionally, a permanent move would mean Dewanoumi are able to strengthen their political status by one more constant vote.
  9. Raishu

    Goeido to Retire

    A quick look at the kabu situation in Dewanoumi-ichimon leads to my personal assumption that he will serve as Goeido oyakata for a short while until two shares will become available in May 2021 (Dekiyama and Matsuchiyama). My bet is on Dekiyama, due to the historical connection between Dewanoumi-beya and Sakaigawa-beya. He could buy Yamashina from the previous owner (retired ex-Onishiki), but that would mean trouble for his stablemate ex-Sadanofuji, who is currently using the kabu on loan. And making one of the loaners quit for the benefit of Goeido starting a loan himself simply appears odd to me.
  10. Raishu

    Arawashi intai

    I always had a soft spot for him, since we share birthdays together. Good luck for his future endeavors! Very likely the first of many sekitori or ex-sekitori retirements we will see this year.
  11. Raishu

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    He could switch to another kabu, as there are a few unused at the moment. Probably a matter of negotiation.
  12. Raishu

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    My bad then. But that one was quite easy to misunderstand.
  13. Raishu

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I am sorry, usually I don't bite back after a discussion has died down, but please stick to the truth: I did not address his performance over the last three bashos! Clearly, it was about Kakuryu's decline over the last three years. And again: if you can't perform up to Yokozuna standards, simply don't enter the basho (cite back problems as a reason and take your time to recover mentally). And that's it from me.
  14. Raishu

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Don't worry, I am pretty aware of Hakuho's results over the last years, so no surprises here. Since I was refering to the last three years of Kakuryu in my analysis, we should apply the same standard for Hakuho, should we? What we can see is, that he is on decline as well (no surprises here either, given his age and length of his career). Further, he barely posted 10-5's and 11-4's because he: a) captured the yusho with a better record, b) dropped out early enough to avoid a 10-5 finish or c) didn't even enter to avoid a feeble performance. Hence the impression, that Hakuho was doing better than Kakuryu. Additionally, looking at sheer yusho wins, the record is 6-3 in favor of Hakuho. When he starts to alternate between low double-digit results, in-basho withdrawals and pre-basho kyujo's with a yusho every 12-18 months, than my answer is a definite "YES!" I would agree to this statement. I think, this is what many perceive. And Morty surely is right, when he says Hakuho has more credit due to his success, reputation and legacy.
  15. Raishu

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    True. So let's wait and see what he will make out of it next time.