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  1. TheBlueberryBull

    A little help

    Thanks a lot! Check your e-mail soon.
  2. TheBlueberryBull

    A little help

    Yeah, I know steroids are detrimental. I have never taken them, nor will I ever. Whenever I ask about anything like this, it's implied that it's completely natural. Thanks for reinforcing that, though.
  3. TheBlueberryBull

    A little help

    I'm 17.
  4. TheBlueberryBull

    A little help

    I'm based in New Jersey, and I was thinking that, initially, I would just aim for 135-140 pounds. By the way, do you think I should try to put on fat? I understand its potential value to me as a sumo wrestler, but what do you think?
  5. TheBlueberryBull


    Nice ones, all. Thanks everyone for your kind welcome!
  6. TheBlueberryBull

    A little help

    I hope this is the right forum for this. If not, let me know. I recently joined a small local sumo wrestling group, and I go for lessons about three times a week. I have the following questions: 1. I am pretty small, weighing in at only 120 pounds, very thin. Do you know of a good workout/weightlifting routine I could do to boost my muscle size? Also, should I be eating a protein supplement? 2. I also want to balance out the muscle gain with a fairly significant fat gain. I cannot obtain the ingredients to chankonabe, but can you tell me what foods (good foods, not junk foods) would be good in helping me gain fat? I'm curious about these things because I want to be a better wrestler.
  7. TheBlueberryBull


    Hello, everyone! The name is Rob; I'm 17 and live in NJ. I started doing basic amateur sumo classes a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy it. It's a lot of fun. Glad to be here!